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Top 10 Hottest Movie Bad Boys

VO: EB WRITTEN BY: Sadie Perkins
Top 10 Hottest Movie Bad Boys Subscribe: Shop: https://shop.WatchMojo.comcollections/msmojo-merchandise Script written by Sadie Perkins These are the hottest bad boys in movies! We’ve included the characters from movies such as Rebel without a cause, Grease, Step Up, Cry-Baby, Dreamgirls, Fight club, Star Wars, The Breakfast Club, Drive, A Streetcar Named Desire, Cruel Intentions and Romeo+Juliet! Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: Instagram:

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Top 10 Hottest Movie Bad Boys

These sinful studs from the silver screen broke the rules and our hearts without breaking a sweat. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hottest Movie Bad Boys.

For this list, we’ve looked at the most heart-palpitating ruffians from the big screen - but we’re leaving the villains out. Our picks must possess some bad characteristics, but have at least one redeeming quality that would make them attractive. Of course, that quality could be their looks...

#10: Romeo Montague
“Romeo + Juliet” (1996)

Romeo, oh Romeo, why can’t thou catch a break? Surrounded by a raging inter-family feud and pursuing a forbidden love affair, Romeo has to deal with his fair share of issues. In between the fighting between the Capulets and the Montagues, his charm, charisma, and passion manage to steal the heart of Juliet. With the nasty habit of breaking into parties, fighting in the streets, and stealing kisses that could get him into some serious trouble, Romeo is the man your mother warned you about. In this case, literally.

#9: Sebastian Valmont
“Cruel Intentions” (1999)

Though we can all agree that there are more than a few moments in this movie that made us want to give Sebastian a smack - he still managed to make our knees weak. A notorious womanizer and not afraid to manipulate others to get what he wants, Sebastian constantly see-saws between major jerk and teenage heartthrob. Thankfully, between between his back-and-forth behaviour and the complicated situation with his step-sister, Sebastian’s true love for Annette manage to shine through in the end. Too little, too late - but just enough to redeem him to us.

#8: Stanley Kowalski
“A Streetcar Named Desire” (1951)

Constantly brooding in the background with his tight tee-shirt and signature smolder, Stanley helped set the standard for Hollywood bad boys. Suspicious of his wife’s sister from the moment she arrives, Stanley is gruff, blunt, and borderline rude as he questions her intentions and even her sanity. Though his fiery temper and at times crude actions lead Stella to eventually leave him, Stanley’s quintessential bad boy attitude and bulging muscles make him hard not to swoon over. Who says that black and white films don’t have their share of sexy bad boys?

#7: The Driver
“Drive” (2011)

It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Never given a name, the mystery surrounding the Driver is enough to get interests piqued and pulses racing. Whether he’s working on his car, dealing with the Mob, or being the getaway driver, the Driver is a man of many talents and few words. Only ever showing real emotion around Irene and her son, his hidden softer side manages to overshadow his more criminalistic tendencies. As the cherry on top, he’s got Ryan Gosling’s face - how can we resist?

#6: Patrick Verona
“10 Things I Hate About You” (1999)

Patrick’s road to redemption didn’t exactly start honorably, but it certainly ended up in the right place. Offering to date Kat just to make some quick cash, his cocky and macho-male attitude did nothing to impress his future lady friend.After switching up his approach to include a little more romance, Patrick’s efforts to woo Kat finally start to pay off. Taking care of Kat in some tricky situations and proving he’s not just a hard to handle misfit, Patrick manages to cement himself as the rebellious teenage boyfriend every high school girl dreams about.

#5: John Bender
“The Breakfast Club” (1985)

It’s tough to be a more stereotypical ruffian than John Bender. Confrontational and overtly aggressive to anyone who looks at him wrong, Bender gives off the rebel vibe from the minute he walks into detention. Over the course of the group’s 8 hours together, Bender actually manages to come out of his shell and genuinely bond with the others, through some heated fights and emotional confessions. In one of his crowning moments, he and Claire even share an-oh-so gentle kiss after they’re finally released from detention. Pardon us while our knees buckle.

#4: Tyler Durden
“Fight Club” (1999)

The first rule of Tyler Durden? We talk all about Tyler Durden. The aggressive and anarchist alter-ego of”Fight Club”’s Narrator, Tyler is a man that just wants to watch the world burn. Raging against consumerism and the soul-sucking existence that most people live, Tyler takes what he wants when he wants. Rocking some major Brad Pitt sex appeal and a dangerous amount of charisma, Tyler’s bad to the bone. His wicked good looks and unforgettable ideals were enough to get audiences hooked - even if in the end, he never truly existed at all.

#3: Han Solo
The “Star Wars” Franchise

Who says we only have to lust over men here on Earth? The crafty smuggler and pilot of the Millennium Falcon has charmed viewers throughout the Star Wars series with his wit, rugged good looks, and of course, his one-liners. Though Han was initially cautious about joining the fight against the Empire, his morals eventually shine through. Watching his interactions with Leia evolve from crude flirtations to real, true love, we can see that whatever Han might say otherwise - deep down, he’s got a heart of gold.

#2: Danny Zuko
“Grease” (1978)

If you like black leather and slicked back hair, Danny is your man. Acting tough and cool around the rest of his friends in order to keep up his greaser reputation, all it takes is Sandy to show up for him to start sweet talking. But when she’s not around, it doesn’t take much to set off Danny’s temper and get him swinging. Despite his gangster buddies and his questionable reputation, Danny’s crooked smile, boyish charm, and general good nature make it hard to blame Sandy for falling for him.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Curtis Taylor Jr.
“Dreamgirls” (2006)

Tyler Gage
“Step Up” (2006)

Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker
“Cry-Baby” (1990)

#1: Jim Stark
“Rebel Without A Cause” (1955)

A troubled soul with a face that’s been immortalized in the halls of bad boy history, Jim was one of the originals. Living in the angst and drama of youth and facing frustration with his parents at home, Jim is a pressure-cooker of teenage emotions. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time on more than one occasion, all Jim truly wants is a peaceful life with Judy and his friends. We can relate to Jim’s longing for the simple life, and can’t help but admire his chiseled features - which is enough to grant him the top spot on our list.

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