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Top 10 Richest Instagram Kids

VO: MW WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
Script written by Savannah Sher These instagram kids are so rich and they don’t mind showing off their wealth—we mean, their parent’s wealth for the most part. Perhaps you already follow these kids. Chase Zimmerman, Christopher Lourdes, Morgan Stewart, Emir Bahadir, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dorothy Wang, EJ Johnson, and EJ Johnson are just some of the richest instagram kids in the world.

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Top 10 Richest Instagram Kids

Get ready because these humble brags are going to be out of control. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Richest Instagram Kids.
For this list, we’re looking at the most conspicuously wealthy young people on the social media platform.

#10: Chase Zimmerman

According to Chase Zimmerman’s Insta bio, he is an “Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist” which means that unlike many others on our list today, his fortune is at least partially self-made. Chase shows his 141 thousand followers lots of shots of his two favorite things: cars and watches. If you’re an expert like he is, you’ll be able to identify that he must have a lot of cash if he can afford all this stuff. He also posts many inspirational quotes. Who knows, maybe if you follow his advice you’ll become a financial success like him!

#9: Evan Luthra

Our next entry is another hugely successful entrepreneur, who gave a TED talk at the age of 17. Steve Jobs worked as Luthra’s mentor, taking the young app designer under his wing and helping him fulfill his potential. His insta feed features photos of his world travels on what looks to be his own private jet. He’s also not afraid to show pictures of him partying, displaying a “work hard, play hard” (or as he puts its “Work Smart - Party Harder) mentality. Each of his posts is accompanied by quotes about success that tell you that you can achieve what he has with the right amount of dedication.

#8: Kane Lim

Going under the Instagram moniker @Kanelk_k, Kane Lim originally hails from Singapore and comes from some serious money. He has also gone on to make his own millions though, after studying fashion at an unspecified university in California. His page is filled with all the luxury fashion you could dream of, from Cartier jewelry to Burberry bags to Gucci python jackets and other such high end items. He also shows off pics from his international travels, always looking dapper wherever he happens to be in the world.

#7: Mark-Francis Vandelli

As the heir to his mother, Diane Boulting-Casserley Vandelli’s, fortune, Mark-Francis was born into extreme wealth. He made a name for himself on the UK reality show “Made in Chelsea” even after his parents reportedly threatened to disown him if he appeared on television. In the years since entering the world of reality tv, he has not only become a successful businessman, model and editor for Insider magazine, but has managed to reconcile with his family too! The socialite’s Instagram page shows off his posh lifestyle, from elegant dinner parties to shoots from his modelling gigs. He’s always surrounded by equally rich and beautiful people, providing ample eye candy for his 400 thousand followers.

#6: EJ Johnson

With over 625 thousand followers, basketball player Magic Johnson’s son, who is also named Earvin, is slowly but steadily building up a social media following to rival his iconic father’s. In 2013, EJ came out publicly as being gay, and since then has let his true personality shine online. He shows off his fabulous and glamorous life on his feed, wearing incredible outfits that would make anyone jealous. In 2014, EJ became a series regular on E’s popular show “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” before getting his own spin-off series. Though both shows have since ended, EJ continues to kill it in the fashion game, and on insta as well.

#5: Dorothy Wang

Our next pick is also a star of “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and was considered one of Instagram’s first famous rich kids. Her father, businessman Roger Wang, is worth $3.7 billion according to Forbes, and Dorothy herself is reportedly worth a cool $10 million. While her money initially came from her parents, she’s definitely inherited an entrepreneurial spirit as well, given that she marketed her way onto a reality show and has started her own jewelry line. Dorothy really lives the luxe life, and you’ll love following along.

#4: Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Better known as “Fazza”, this popular instagram star is Crown Prince of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. His father’s net worth fluctuates, but it’s been placed anywhere between $6 and $18 billion in recent years, so that gives you an indication of the type of money we’re talking here. Fazza’s life is pretty unbelievable, full of exotic animals, extreme sports and of course lavish travel. In addition to that however, Fazza shares with his over 5.5 million instagram followers his love of photography, poetry, horseback riding and family. If you’re interested in the lifestyle of Dubai’s wealthiest elite, you won’t want to miss a post.

#3: Morgan Stewart

Though she has traded in her old @boobsandloubs instagram handle for the more mature @morganstewart, her account remains as fabulous and fashionable as ever. Herb Stewart, the famous architect, is Morgan’s father so we know exactly where her money comes from. Stewart and her hubby Brendan Fitzpatrick both appeared on “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” alongside some of the other members of our list but Morgan’s following puts the others to shame. Her 1.1 million followers can enjoy gorgeous fashions, pretty lifestyle pics and of course a lot of pics of her in athletic wear and bikinis.

#2: Emir Bahadir

Emir Bahadir represents the fourth generation in a family of Turkish real estate tycoons but has gone on to make his own millions with companies like BHDR and Bahadiring. He wants to show you how true luxury is done right and is not in the least bit ashamed of the level of wealth he has. His page features private jets, glamorous galas, beautiful women and his own modelling shots. Emir’s first name translates in Arabic to mean “Prince” so yeah, his lifestyle isn’t exactly surprising.

#1: Christopher Lourdes

There’s being wealthy, then there’s being totally flagrant with the money you have. Christopher Lourdes falls solidly into the second camp, not caring about the haters who accuse him of being a little too showy about his disposable cash, what with the photos of literal piles of money and keys to a dozen different luxury cars. Some others on our list today put a little bit of effort into appearing modest and showing that they’re #blessed, but this guy couldn’t be any less interested in whether people think he’s bragging excessively.

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