Top 10 Best Supernatural Characters
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Top 10 Best Supernatural Characters

Top 10 Supernatural Characters

Carry on, my wayward sons. Welcome to MsMojo and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top ten characters from “Supernatural.”

For this list, we'll be choosing the most iconic and unforgettable characters from this popular CW show. If you're not caught up, keep in mind that we'll be going into spoiler territory.

#10: Chuck Shurley [aka God]

God is known in theology to take many forms, so it's fitting that in “Supernatural,” his character was hidden in plain sight for so long. The Lord is initially introduced as 'Carver Edlund' in Season Four, writer of the “Supernatural” books chronicling the real adventures of Sam and Dean. Carver is later revealed to be a prophet called Chuck Shurley, and his books are the Winchester Gospel. After disappearing in Season Five, viewers had to wait six Seasons for the unveiling of his true identity, though he insists on still going by his human name. Though Chuck grew pessimistic after years on Earth, his quirks and flaws make him a relatable and likeable god.

#9: Charlie Bradbury

Fans were excited to see Queen of the Nerds, Felicia Day, making a cameo in Season Seven, and more excited when her role became a recurring one. As a shy and nervous IT worker, Charlie helped the Winchesters in their quest to topple Richard Roman's (aka The Leviathan's) empire. After showing off her impressive hacking skills, Charlie's self-confidence grew. She went from LARPing, to hunting, to adventuring through Oz, to becoming an honorary Woman of Letters, and invaluable to Team Winchester. Her unabashed geekiness and rebellious spirit made her loveable, while her intelligence and grit made her formidable. Her death in Season Ten was not only hard on Sam and Dean, but on fans too.

#8: Balthazar

Angels in “Supernatural” usually struggle to really get human mannerisms. For Balthazar, his quick wit and sarcasm made him an exception to the rule. Though he enjoyed a partying lifestyle on Earth, he wasn't a fan of humans at all. In fact, he even went so far as to trade in human souls. After using the chaos of the Apocalypse as a smokescreen to smuggle supernatural weapons out of Heaven, he found himself caught in the middle of Castiel and Raphael's fighting in Season Six. As a former member of Castiel's garrison, Balthazar initially allied himself with his former leader, whom he hugely admired. Sadly, their friendship came to a bloody end.

#7: Lucifer

Without him, Sam and Dean would be out of a job. As the first fallen angel, Lucifer is thought of as the ultimate enemy in the fight against evil. He's also proven to be the most persistent threat the boys have ever dealt with since his first physical appearance in Season Five. With such a monstrous reputation, the Devil doesn't disappoint either. Though he has a twisted imagination for punishment, his charisma makes it easy for him to attract loyal followers and deceive people. He even tricked Sam into thinking that God was sending him messages. Since his failed attempt to kick-off the Apocalypse, Lucifer has become a loose cannon - making him even more dangerous.

#6: The Trickster [aka Gabriel]

Archangel Gabriel wanted nothing more than to escape his quarreling brothers in Heaven. So, he fled to Earth and created a new identity for himself as pagan deity Loki, or 'The Trickster,' as Sam and Dean know him. Unlike most angels, Gabriel enjoyed the company of humans. Some a little more than others. During earlier seasons, the sweet-toothed archangel delighted in bending reality around Sam and Dean to watch them squirm for his amusement. In Season Five, the Winchesters finally figured out his true identity after Gabriel tried to persuade them to fulfil their destinies. After years of avoiding his responsibilities, Gabriel eventually met a heroic death while protecting the brothers from his own.

#5: Bobby Singer

Cranky, stubborn, and possibly alcoholic, Bobby Singer might not seem like much, but as far as hunters go, he was considered to be one of the best. As an old friend of the Winchesters, he became a surrogate father to Sam and Dean after John's death. In fact, Bobby was the point of call for most hunters in a pinch. His knowledge of spells, lore, and monsters was almost unrivalled. He fought off demon possessions, died twice, and managed to stay human after 150 years in Hell. Though he was only supposed to appear once in Season One, Bobby has featured in every season - even post-death. He's also the only character with a catchphrase.

#4: Crowley

Of all of Sam and Dean's antagonists, Crowley is second only to Lucifer in longevity. His secret to success? Always keep the boys guessing. Since his first appearance as Lilith's right-hand man in Season Five, Crowley has had his demonic eyes on the Throne of Hell, which he's had to fight off mutinies, Knights, and even the Devil to keep. He's also maintained an uneasy alliance with the Winchesters, even letting himself be killed by Lucifer in Season 12 to help them. His anti-hero status has proven a sore point for both his followers and his own pride, but his deviousness and unpredictability are a big part of his appeal for fans.

#3: Castiel

He may have the appearance of an ordinary, human man, but Castiel the angel should never be underestimated. Even before his promotion to Seraph, Castiel proved to be more powerful than your average angel, helped by his unusual impulsiveness. Like most angels, he struggles to understand human emotion and humor, leading to some endearing misunderstandings. Castiel has been through many crises of conscience and faith as he searches for new purpose. But, his ties with humanity only seem to grow stronger with each Season. Though his sense of duty has sometimes put him in opposition to the Winchesters, ultimately, his membership in “Team Free Will” has made him one of the family.

#2: Sam Winchester

Also known as “Sammy” to his brother, and “Moose” to Crowley, Sam Winchester is the younger, nerdier, and more sensitive Winchester brother. Sam originally had academic aspirations, but after being pulled back into hunting by Dean to track down their missing father, Sam became dedicated to the family profession. Though he doesn't share Dean's liking of it, Sam is extremely proficient at both the physical and research aspects of hunting. He'd also willingly give his life to save others. He's been Lucifer's true vessel, lost his soul, succumbed to a demon blood addiction, and lost many of the people he's loved. But, through it all, Sam remains the heart and conscience of the Winchester family.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Jody Mills


Kevin Tran

#1: Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester may be the elder brother, but he's by no means the most mature. Even in the most dire situations, he always finds time to crack a joke. Effectively raised as a soldier by his strict father, Dean's commitment to hunting is overtaken only by his commitment to protecting others - especially his little brother. He's even sold his soul to save Sam. He'd probably be tempted to do the same for his Impala or a slice of pie, though. Dean's experiences in Hell and Purgatory, as well as his time as a demon and Bearer of Cain's Mark have brought out his darker side. Despite his ruthlessness, Dean remains humanity's best defender.