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Top 5 Bizarre Sex Laws from the Western World

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Katherine Slattery These are bizarre sex laws you won’t believe are even real. Some states ban sex toy distribution, no dirty talk during sex, ban sex while hunting or fishing… on your wedding day and no sex on a parked motorcycle.

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Top 5 Bizarre Sex Laws from the Western World

You’d be wise to watch this video if plan on getting busy during your next vacation. It might just keep you out of jail. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 5 Bizarre Sex Laws from the Western World.

For this list, we’ll be looking specifically at western laws that prohibit certain acts, items or behaviors while engaging in sexual intercourse. To clarify, we’re using the western world to mean countries influenced by European cultures, including Europe itself, as well as North America and Oceania. Note that we’ve tried to verify the validity of these laws as much as we can, but considering their nature, it can sometimes be difficult to check their accuracy 100%.

#5: No Sex Toy Distribution
Alabama, USA

Sex toys perform all kinds of cool functions; some of which human beings simply can’t do. But you know who doesn’t share this sentiment about them? Alabama. The southern U.S. state has made the selling and distributing of sex toys completely illegal with the Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act. While personal use of a sex toy is still okay, it isn’t worth the risk of buying one, seeing as how commerce involving the fun-time gadgets could land you a hefty fine and up to one year in prison. But while many sex-related laws tend to be from a by-gone era, this one was signed into legislation in 1998! Perhaps weird sex toy laws are a Southern thing, because in Texas there’s a limit on how many dildos a person can own (though a District Judge declared the Obscene Device Law as "facially unconstitutional and unenforceable" in 2008)!

#4: No Dirty Talk During Sex
Willowdale, USA

The great thing about sex is that it can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. Whereas one person will choose to remain silent throughout the activity, others may choose to take a more vocal and / or vulgar approach. If you’re a male who happens to fall into the second category and are from this Pacific Northwestern state, you might want to make sure that a police officer isn’t nearby before doing the dirty. You see, according to Fox News, it’s illegal for a man to curse during sexual intercourse in Oregon. A law this bizarre is so strange it has to be true!

#3: No Sex While Hunting or Fishing… on Your Wedding Day
Oblong, USA

Who doesn’t love kicking back after a long day of getting married with a little hunting, a little fishing and a little sex? Well, if you live in Oblong, Illinois, best save the last part until you are safely at home in your own bed. According to the ‘Lectic Law Library, the city has a truly inexplicable law that forbids people from having intercourse while hunting or fishing…if it’s their wedding day. At least they aren’t having sex with the animals they’re hunting, which is apparently a problem in Minnesota - so much so that state has a law forbidding people from having sex with live fish. Yikes!

#2: It’s Illegal for Either Partner to Climax before the Other during Foreplay
California, USA

Now how in the world is anybody supposed to enforce this one?! As per HG Legal Resources, there’s an archaic law out of the Golden State that forbids people from reaching a climax before their partner in the early stages of getting frisky. The image of police officers bursting through a person’s bedroom door to arrest them for prematurely discharging themselves sounds like a skit that would appear on a late night comedy show. As if blowing it early wasn’t already embarrassing enough, now people have to worry about spending a night in the slammer for it! What is the world coming to?

#1: No Sex on a Parked Motorcycle
London, United Kingdom

Yes, this law is exactly as crazy as it sounds. Having sex atop a parked motorcycle is illegal in London – at least, that’s what The Sun, Metro UK and the Daily Mail claim. Let’s address the main problem with this law straight up: how in the world would anyone have sex atop a parked motorcycle in the first place? Second, was this such a prevalent problem that a law was needed to keep people in check? Third, can people still have sex on a moving motorcycle? Let’s be real here: motorcycles are already dangerous enough without throwing sex into the mix. So if you can, try and avoid doing the dirty on top of your hog.


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