Top 5 Facts The Crown Got Wrong
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Top 5 Facts The Crown Got Wrong

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton Script written by Savannah Sher
The crown has been great at preserving historical accuracy throughout the first season but there are some facts that they did get wrong. Apparently Prince Phillip's comments to the Kenyan dignitaries never actually happened? While Prince Philip is known to put his foot in his mouth, he was never that disrespectful as shown in the scene. The fog didn't cause the panic. . While it's true that many died as a result of the thick smog that overtook the city, this was mostly realized after the fact and there wasn't actually a sense of panic or emergency during the event itself. Phillip did not refuse to kneel before Elizabeth either. The idea that he would want to break tradition and dishonor his wife in that way is unrealistic - though it may have been meant to represent the other ways in which he disagreed with Elizabeth. It made for good television though!