Top 10 Celebrities Who Stayed Abstinent Until Marriage
Trivia Top 10 Celebrities Who Stayed Abstinent Until Marriage



Top 10 Celebrities Who Stayed Abstinent Until Marriage

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These celebrities stayed abstinent until marriage and not really for any particular religious reasons either, but we were surprised they waited until after marriage to have sex! For this list we're looking at stars who have gone through periods of abstaining from sex- whether it was intentional or not. We've included celebs like, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Teresa Giudice, Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Tina Fey, Julianne Hough, Ciara and Russell Wilson, Kevin Jonas, Carrie Underwood and Adriana Lima.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Stayed Abstinent Until Marriage

It may seem like Hollywood is all about sex- but not for these celebs. Welcome to MsMojo. Today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrities Who Stayed Abstinent Until Marriage.
For this list we’re looking at stars who have gone through periods of abstaining from sex- whether it was intentional or not.

#10: Tamera Mowry-Housley

While both Tia and Tamera Mowry of “Sister Sister” fame were raised in the same religious household, it was Tamera who chose to make the commitment to purity. In a 2013 radio interview with Hot 97, Mowry admitted to waiting until she was 29 to lose her virginity to her now-husband, Adam Housley, who is a correspondent for Fox News. The former child star opened up about the fact that she lost her virginity when she was 29 and then felt guilty, ultimately deciding to remain celibate until marriage.

#9: Teresa Giudice

This outrageous former inmate has braved more scandal than most. Since the 2009 premiere of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Giudice has been known to flip tables, call people names and even spend time in the slammer. But what fans don’t know is that the frequently foul mouthed and aggressive star has a surprisingly old-fashioned love story. Teresa revealed to Life & Style magazine in 2012 that she remained pure until her 1999 nuptials to husband Joe. If you do the mental math you’ll realize that the reality vet was a virgin until she was 27 years old!

#8: Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey and ex-husband Nick Cannon may not have been virgins when they met, but they did decide not to sleep together until they tied the knot. Mimi and her now ex-hubby connected on set of her music video “Bye Bye” and were married six weeks later in 2008. Carey was already divorced at the time, but because of their beliefs the couple made the decision to hold off in physical intimacy in order to make their wedding night that much more special.This might explain why the pair were in such a rush get hitched.

#7: Jessica Simpson

These “Newlyweds” decided to make most aspects of their marriage public when they filmed their popular MTV reality show between 2003 and 2005. Fans watched the couple argue over money, host parties and discuss tuna…or was it chicken? On the show, Jessica revealed that staying chaste until the wedding was one of her proudest achievements. In fact, she was often described as the world’s most famous virgin until her wedding in 2004. It seems like her late start didn’t hold her back though: Simpson’s ex John Mayer famously said sleeping with her was like “sexual napalm”.

#6: Tina Fey

The comedy writer can make fun of herself even when it comes to the awkward topic of virginity. The former SNL writer told David Letterman that abstaining until the age of 24 wasn’t exactly a choice, and joked that she “couldn’t give it away”. Fey, who is the brains behind “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” admits that her husband, Jeff Richmond, the father of her daughters is the only man she’s been intimate with, which she chalks up to simply “good Christian values.” Who knew she was so traditional!

#5: Julianne Hough

The blonde beauty has wowed the entertainment world with her dancing skills, but the former “Dancing with the Stars” pro spoke out in 2008 about a certain physical activity she would not be partaking in. Julianne told CosmoGIRL! that she planned on remaining a virgin until marriage because saving yourself for one person would strengthen the bonds you have. Hough hasn’t spoken out about whether she kept her promise, but since her 2017 wedding to Brooks Laich, it’s easy to assume that the “Safe Haven” actress has done it by now.

#4: Ciara and Russell Wilson

Up until their incredible Peckforton Castle wedding in 2016, this famous couple practiced restraint in the bedroom. Ciara told Cosmopolitan South Africa that she and her beau agreed to keep things PG until the knot was tied. The bride explained that through abstinence, the couple was focusing on developing the foundation of their relationship and becoming close friends. They must have made up for lost time because the singer and football player welcomed a daughter less than a year after their nuptials.

#3: Kevin Jonas

Kev might not be the only Jo bro to sport a purity ring, but he was ultimately the only one to keep the promise. In 2009 the former band member tied the knot with his partner, hairdresser Danielle Deleasa, at the age of 22. But the former reality star stuck with his long standing principles and waited until after the wedding before getting intimate. The couple starred in a reality show that only lasted a year, but their relationship is anything but cancelled, as they recently welcomed their second daughter in 2016.

#2: Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood let “Jesus Take the Wheel” when it came to her virginity, in fact, the Christian singer stayed chaste until she was 26 years old. The American Idol alum made the leap and married hockey pro Mike Fisher in July of 2010. Underwood shared her purity plans with Slate magazine in 2007, telling the magazine that she was intent on following through with her promise to God. Then in 2012, the happy couples talked faith in a candid interview with Oprah. The country darling may have had to wait a while, but she clearly found her perfect match.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are some honourable mentions.

Meagan Good

Sarah Drew

Kathie Lee Gifford

#1: Adriana Lima

The sultry Victoria’s Secret Model is considered to be one of the sexiest women alive, and yet she didn’t actually have sex until long after starting her modelling career. The Brazilian beauty is a devout Catholic and chose to remain committed to her beliefs. The model told GQ, “They have to respect that this is my choice. If there’s no respect, that means they don’t want me.” And some things are worth waiting for. Adriana finally ended her chastity when she made it to the altar with now ex-husband, basketball player Marko Jarić. It just goes to show that staying true to yourself is what’s really sexy.