Top 5 Songs You Didn't Know Were Written by Pink
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Top 5 Songs You Didn't Know Were Written by Pink

Script written by Spencer Sher

Pink is not only an accomplished singer and songwriter but a great inspiration to anyone out there looking for a role model. There are a few songs that she's written for other people which may surprise you. Did you know that ““Whataya Want from Me”, “Guns and Roses”, “Outside of You”, “I Walk Alone” and “Recovering” are all written by the talented Pink herself?


Top 5 Songs You Didn't Know Pink Wrote

This artist has written a lot of hits, but she didn’t actually perform most of these ones. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 5 Songs You Didn't Know Pink Wrote.

For this list, we’ll be looking at popular songs for which Pink was credited as the writer or co-writer.

#5: “Whataya Want from Me” (2009)

Adam Lambert
Many people have “American Idol contestant” on their resume, but few have actually gone on to actually make it as singers. Lambert is among those lucky few, and it can be argued that “Whataya Want From Me” is the song that made it happen. The second single off of his debut album “For Your Entertainment,” it proved to be the album’s biggest hit, even earning Lambert a Grammy nomination in the category of “Best Male Pop Vocal Performance”. Good thing for him that Pink decided to not to use it. She actually wrote it with Max Martin and Shellback for her album “Funhouse” but was ultimately cut, and passed along to Lambert instead.

#4: “Guns and Roses” (2012)
T.I. feat, Pink

No... Pink hasn’t started writing verses for T.I.. She did, however, receive a co-writing credit for this song off of his 2012 album, "Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head”. It’s unclear as to how the actual songwriting was broken down in this collaboration, but it seems safe to assume that Pink’s credit was likely earned with that soulful chorus that she delivers. It’s an emotional track exploring the failure of a relationship between two people who clearly love each other, but who can’t make it work. Pink’s heart-wrenching vocals are the perfect compliment to T.I.’s heart-on-his-sleeve verses. This a songwriting collaboration we’d love to see again.

#3: “Outside of You” (2007)
Hilary Duff

Pink may have made a name for herself by being edgier than your typical popstar, but that doesn’t mean she’s above writing songs for her more traditionally styled contemporaries. Credit where credit is due, Hilary Duff co-wrote almost all of the songs on her 2007 album “Dignity”, with the exception of this one, which was written by Pink in collaboration with Raine Maida (who you may know better as the frontman of “Our Lady Peace”) and his wife, singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk. As was the case with “Whataya Want From Me”, “Outside of You” was originally written for Pink to use herself, but was ultimately passed off.

#2: “I Walk Alone” (2013)

How can you tell that you’ve made it as a respected singer-songwriter? When one of the greats, a veritable ICON of the industry, comes to you for help write material for their comeback. For “Closer to the Truth”, Cher’s 25th studio album and first in twelve years, she brought Pink onboard for not one, but two songs - the sorrowful “Lie To Me” and what went on to serve as the album’s fourth single, “I Walk Alone”. The later has a distinct country, folk twang to it and is sure to stay stuck in your head for days. Sounds like Cher made the right pick!

#1: “Recovering” (2016)
Celine Dion

From one icon to another. In what was surely a touching request, Celine Dion turned to Pink for this extremely personal song, which was written as a tribute to her late husband, René Angélil. Released as a single, the song performed well on various charts and surely struck a chord with anyone who has lost someone dear to them. Pink told Entertainment Weekly that “getting to write a song for [Celine] is one of the biggest honors of [her] life”.