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Top 10 Best Judge Judy Moments

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Spencer Sher She’s the queen of the court! Don’t mess with Judge Judy or you will regret it. We’re taking a look at the Top 10 Judge Judge Judy moments! She’s so iconic that Bianca Del Rio decided to impersonate her on the show RuPaul’s Drag Race!

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Top 10 Best Judge Judy Moments

For over 20 years Judge Judy has ruled her daytime courtroom with an iron fist. Now it’s time to decide which of her many iconic moments is the best. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Judge Judy Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at funniest moments from daytime television’s preeminent justice server.

#10: Stoned Guy in Court

If you’re the type who loves smoking that Mary Jane, a courtroom is probably a pretty scary environment to be in while you’re high. However, it seems like that didn’t stop this guy from doing just that during his appearance on “Judge Judy”. Accused of causing damage to a woman’s car, he responds to Judge Judy’s interrogations rather nonchalantly, even saying he didn’t understand her questions and that she was “speaking too fast”. He’d be charged $642 by the end of the hearing, but his smiling and constant laughter shows he might have burned one beforehand. There’s always a place and a time to light some trees up, but this is certainly not one of them.

#9: Judge Judy Throws a Paid Extra out of Her Fake Audience

As a member of Judge Judy’s studio audience, certain things are expected of you. You’ll have to laugh, sneer, and occasionally even gasp. However, this paid extra took things a little too far. Moments after cracking one of her signature jokes, Judge Judy found herself locked in an epic stare down with an audience member. This bozo was apparently laughing a little too hard and it quickly drew the ire of TV’s most recognizable judge. The look on the man’s face is priceless, as he does his best impression of a deer in headlights. Just because you’re an extra doesn’t mean you’re safe from Judy’s justice.

#8: John Lydon vs. Judge Judy

Not only did John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, punk legend and former front man of The Sex Pistols, appear on a 90’s episode of “Judge Judy”, he won! How and why Lydon ended up on the show is a mystery, but that didn’t stop him from stating his case in an orderly and professional way. The case involved one of Lydon’s former drummers suing him for breach of contract and assault and battery, charges that were ultimately dismissed. In the end Lydon can’t help but crack a joke at the plaintiff’s expense after Judge Judy rules in his favor.

#7: Drunk Lady Impression

Okay, this one is just weird. When defendant Dr. Noel Howell is asked to present his case, he appears to be an intelligent, well-spoken individual. However, when Judge Judy asks him to give her an example of the plaintiff’s drunken behavior things get a little…strange. The defendant’s impression is straight up insane, and begs the question: has this guy ever seen a drunk person before? Howell’s bizarre impression was so crazy, we’re amazed Judge Judy didn’t immediately rule in favor of the plaintiff!

#6: Sibling Rivalry

Can’t we all just get along? These two siblings can’t seem to keep their emotions in check after Judge Judy hands down her verdict. As they begin to exit the courtroom, the sister starts hurling insults at her brother, laying down a number of hilarious quips in her thick southern drawl. The sister is a hot mess, prattling on about “Tom’s tractor” before threatening to “bust” her brother. The sister is ultimately escorted out of the room, leaving her brother and the rest of the courtroom in utter disbelief.

#5: Guy with 10 kids

The court finds the defendant…cringe-worthy. In the span of only a couple of minutes, this defendant claims to be the father to 10 children, of which he is uncertain how many mothers there are. He then goes on to make a horribly misguided joke, implying that one of the mothers is Judge Judy’s daughter. Finally, he tries to beat Judge Judy at her own game, quipping, “this might be your show but it’s my episode”. Talk about bold. In the end it’s Judge Judy who gets the last laugh, as she scolds the man like he’s a misbehaving schoolboy.

#4: Rocket Science

This is a perfect example of why you should never try to defend yourself in court. Defendant Ashley Hunter is accused of pushing her friend into a pool, ruining her cell phone in the process. When asked to recount what happened from her perspective, she wastes no time, accidentally admitting her own guilt in the process. As if that weren’t bad enough, she then goes on to answer Judge Judy’s rhetorical question about rocket science, proving that she’s not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed. It’s girls like this that give blondes a bad name.

#3: Twist Ending

You can’t handle the tooth! What starts out as a seemingly innocuous case between two dental workers turns into one of the best whodunits in “Judge Judy” history. The plaintiff, Kenyatta Owens, attempts to sue the defendant, Angel McDaniel, after the latter reported inappropriate pictures of the plaintiff that had been posted online. The case takes a dark turn when it is revealed that McDaniel suffered injuries after an alleged altercation with Owens. But just when things appear to be going the defendant’s way, the case ends in a twist as Judge Judy realizes that McDaniels is lying. Remember, the case isn’t over until the final drop of the gavel.

#2: Dog in Court

If you’re looking for your feel good moment of the week, this is it. This episode focuses on the quarrel between two people claiming ownership over a lost dog. The defendant claims to have purchased the dog from a woman on the street, while the plaintiff maintains that the dog was his, and that it had simply run away a few days earlier. However, when Judge Judy demands that the dog be brought into the courtroom, it quickly becomes apparent who the real owner is. While Judge Judy is known for handing out justice, it is rarely this satisfying..or adorable!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a couple honorable mentions:

Earthquake Hits During Taping of Judge Judy

Judge Judy Owns Ebay Scammer

#1: The Worst Plea Ever

Quick! What is the defendant’s job during a court case? If you answered: to plead their innocence, congratulations, you’re already smarter than this guy. After a teenage girl claims that the defendants stole her wallet, Judge Judy asks her to list what was inside the wallet at the time of the theft. When she mentions that the wallet contained an earpiece one of the defendants is quick to point out that there was no earpiece in the wallet, thus proving that he stole it! This has got to be the easiest verdict Judge Judy has ever delivered!

Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite Judge Judy moment? For more entertaining Top 10s and awesome Top 5’s, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.


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