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Top 10 Hardest Platinum Trophies

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Owen Maxwell Better clear your schedule. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Platinum Trophies on Playstation. Special thanks to our user “Rx07”, “Christopher Missey” & “CsiFan4” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Hardest Platinum PlayStation Trophies

Say goodbye to your free time. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Hardest Platinum PlayStation Trophies.

For this list we're looking at those games that were unrealistically hard to complete and are basing our picks on a mix of time devotion, trophy difficulty throttling and sometimes even luck required to get every last trophy.

#10: Trophy Addict - "Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number" (2015)

Forcing their players through a gauntlet is only the start of the fun here. For this sequel to the popular retro-fuelled, 2D gore-fest there's an entire game's worth of challenges in the main story before players even get to the trophies. For those looking to complete the game however, it only gets more stressful. Pushing players through the hard mode means inverted maps, no lock on and less supplies to deal with the stronger enemies. By the end of that run through maybe the A+ ranks on all levels and even the obscure combo trophies will seem easy.

#9: Platinum Trophy - "Star Wars: Battlefront" (2015)

Far far away is a good way to describe most players progress towards this trophy. This Star Wars game is all about online multiplayer, and you better be onboard with that as you grind your way to level 50. Despite the multiplayer focus however some of the hardest achievements come from the gruelling solo-missions. On top of the difficulty-curve charged "Master" trophy, they take it even further, greying hairs by expecting players to beat a Master difficulty Survival level without dying once. Between the time spent online and the endless attempts to sweep these unfair single-player trophies, this one's a long haul.

#8: Devils Never Cry - "Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition" (2015)

No matter how good your game is, making players go through this many play-throughs for a trophy is just cruel. Since the game didn't have trophies on its initial release, Capcom decided to take the opportunity to make players appreciate their game over and over again. Taking this to an insane degree, you'll need to beat the story mode seven times, with the difficulty increasing each time, as well as obscene one-hit death mode to boot. Worse is the Bloody Palace Mode that will have you clearing 101 stages in a row for each character. Between the time alone and the intense difficulty the game brings to start, it's more than a simple marathon.

#7: Platinum++ - "N++" (2015)

Becoming a ninja might be easier than this platinum. While this 2D platformer already demands the near-perfect reaction time and dexterity from players throughout its endless levels, it rarely teaches the virtue of patience, one that many players learned the hard way trying to get this trophy. Requiring playthroughs on potentially thousands of levels, there's no telling how much time most players will spend on it. Adding to the time-loss are the time-trials, which will have most players calling it quits. While simply honing reflexes can make this one a lot easier, it hasn't seemed to work out too well for the 97% of the community that have yet to reach it.

#6: There Is Nothing More To Teach... - "Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition" (2014)

This goofy medical game doesn't try to simplify surgery, instead opting to make it even harder through intentionally clunky controls, fidgety patients, and all sorts of hijinks that is thrown in your way. On your road to completion you'll have to do surgery while going down actual roads, with all the bumps and turns that go with them. For your shiny platinum you'll also have to earn A++ rankings on every level meaning you'll have to figure out how to beat those pesky zero gravity and flashlight levels even faster and smoother than ever before.

#5: Super Meat Boy! - "Super Meat Boy" (2015)

Reaching this trophy will put you through the meat grinder. In this infamously difficult platformer your little meat man will have to hop and climb his way through the story mode to save his girlfriend, and that's the easy part. Once you've beaten the main game you'll have to beat all the levels again in record time to earn A+ ranks and then play them all on hard in the Dark World, along with the absurdly hard Cotton Alley. Along with collecting all the bandages you'll have to brave the final challenge of beating each world in one shot without dying for the platinum.

#4: Ascension - "Titan Souls" (2015)

After this one, you may start to wonder if the designers even had souls themselves. A devastating game in its most basic form, this 2D action game forces you to fight boss after boss, learning the mechanics yourself as you go. But if you do manage to beat the story mode, things just go from bad to worse if you’re planning on earning that platinum. Forcing players to beat bosses in oddly intricate ways takes its toll but the no roll mode removes your ability to dodge Along with a speed run players will also face a hardened no-death mode on their way to 100 per cent.

#3: Bloodborne - "Bloodborne" (2015)

Endless difficulty is bad enough but to complete every inch of this game, you'll need to do some reading. For this darkest and bloodiest entry in the souls series, going for that shiny trophy is so complicated that you'll need to read a guide just to make sense of it all. Along with the needlessly complicated weapon collection for the Hunter's Essence Trophy, you'll have to go out of your way to talk to NPC's to make sure you get every trophy in one playthrough. Leaving the game's already brutal bosses as the skill test, the catch here is the absurd order you’re forced to follow.

#2: Platinum Trophy - "The Elder Scrolls Online" (2015)

There's hard and then there's virtually impossible. Bringing the world of Elder Scrolls to the MMO genre excited players so much they likely missed this torture device until it was too late. On a basic level the majority of the trophies in this game are your typical complete every mission style trudge along with some extra tests to make players try everything, leaving it more time consuming than hard to earn them. But the "Emperor!" trophy has kept most players from platinum as it requires the next to impossible feat of reaching number one on the leaderboards. Yeah, good luck with that.

#1: Platinum/Real Platinum God - "The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth" (2014)

Beating the story is like a tutorial for this bottomless pit of a game. Completing this randomly generated adventure the first time feels like climbing what you think is the biggest mountain only to find out Everest exists. Requiring potentially hundreds of playthroughs to get everything, you'll need to properly beat the game at least 11 times, then beat both the cathedral and Sheol levels five times each. On top of the challenge runs you'll have to beat the boss runs and other special rooms with every single characters. Last is the nearly impossible no-damage runs in a game that changes every time you play.


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