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Top 10 Melee Weapons from First Person Shooters!

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Aiden Douris Sometimes, you gotta get up close and personal! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Melee Weapons in FPS Games! Special thanks to our user “Leo Lazar Jakšić” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comSuggest

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Top 10 Melee Weapons in FPS Games

Sometimes you’ve just got to get up close and personal. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 melee weapons in FPS Games.

For this list, we’re looking at any projectile-less weapons in first person shooters, while excluding hand to hand combat or other parts of the body, sorry 007 Golden Eye, no “slaps only” today.

#10: Twin Ulaks

“The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena” (2009)
The trademark dual-wielded knives from the second Riddick game are as satisfying to use as they are deadly. With their long, curved blades, serrated edges, and sharp tips, the Ulaks are specially designed to work in any close quarters combat situation. Wait patiently in the shadows to take your enemies out unnoticed, or let loose and unleash a devastating flurry on a ship full of mercenaries, the choice is yours. These blades are so effective you may not want to pick up a gun at all. Hey, if it’s good enough for Vin Diesel, it’s good enough for us.

#9: Knife

“Counter-Strike” Series (2000-)
Always quiet, always available, so the in-game description goes. The knife is a staple of the Counter-Strike series by being a reliable last-ditch resort in clutch situations. The primary use for the knife however, is allowing players to move at their absolute fastest speed. While equipped, it’ll save you crucial seconds when rushing B or racing to defuse a bomb. Being the only weapon every player have on always has, the knife has also gained extraordinary prestige in Counter-Strike’s skin community, making them the most rare and expensive skins in the game. But hey skins don’t equal wins… right?

#8: Impact Hammer

“Unreal Tournament” Series (1999-)
In the world of Unreal Tournament anything can be a weapon. Originally developed as a tunnelling tool for miners, this dual tank pneumatic crushing device has become a sort of humiliation weapon for the series. It’s one of the two items every player starts with and enables them to perform massive jumps for defense or mobility, but it’s extremely limited range makes it less than effective at securing frags. However, if you manage to get close enough with a fully charged attack, the release of compressed air will almost always result in a gory and embarrassing death for your opponent!

#7: Wrench

“System Shock 2” (1999)
Improvisation is the mark of a true soldier. In this 1999 cult classic FPS/RPG hybrid, players take control of an amnesiac soldier trying to find safety in a malfunctioning ship overrun by infected crew mates. The first weapon found in the game is the iconic maintenance wrench, which has been repurposed into a tool of destruction. As players progress through the game they have the option to level up their strength stat making the wrench and other melee weapons far more powerful. This item became so iconic that it carried over to BioShock, the game’s spiritual successor.

#6: Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer

“Overwatch” (2016)
When all you have is a hammer, everyone else is a nail. The only character in Overwatch’s diverse roster of heroes to use a melee weapon as their primary attack, you know it’s going to be good. Reinhardt’s armor allows him to carry a massive rocket-powered hammer that he can swing at an impressive speed. What’s more is when he powers up his “Earth Shatter” ultimate ability he is able to break the ground beneath his enemies’ feet. This ultimate lets players set up devastating combos that can wipe an entire enemy team. Just don’t forget to mark the occasion with a voice line.

#5: Drill

“BioShock 2” (2010)
A step up from the wrench in System Shock 2, the second “BioShock” instalment puts players in the suit of a Big Daddy, complete with an awesome arm drill. With three modes of attack, it can perform a basic upper cut, drill straight into an enemy, or take down a horde of splicers at once with the drill charge ability. If all that wasn’t enough you can combine attacks with your plasmids for ultimate effectiveness. It can even be upgraded to a frosted drill that grants potential to freeze enemies as they are being torn into.

#4: Knife

“Call of Duty” Series (2007-)
Love it or hate it the, the famous, or in some cases infamous, one-hit kill weapon from the Call of Duty franchise has become a staple of the series, especially in multiplayer. Appearing in some form or another in almost every game since Modern Warfare, it’s hard to deny just how satisfying it is to get the drop on an enemy who has their sights on someone else. While a death to the knife might be a tad humiliating, there’s always a chance for some swift revenge.

#3: Energy Sword

“Halo" Series (2000-)
Likely the sleekest and coolest looking weapon on this list, this melee weapon is made of two partially ionized plasma ‘blades’ of free moving electrons shaped by magnetic field generators found in the handle. Meant as an exclusive weapon of the covenant, when the Chief does get his hands on one, enemies don’t stand a chance. It’s just as useful in multiplayer as well. Not only can it take enemies out in a single hit but the lunge you perform when making an attack gives the sword considerable range, making it the choice weapon to run to as soon as a match begins.

#2: Chainsaw

“Doom" Series (1993-)
You can’t beat the classics. Appearing since the original DOOM in 1993, the chainsaw is essentially the original FPS melee weapon. While in earlier entries the chainsaw was a great ammo-less alternative to guns, the newest entry to the DOOM series implements a fuel mechanic that rewards chainsaw kills with massive amounts of ammunition, encouraging a balance between gunplay and ‘ripping and tearing’ through demons. While it’s never clear why there would be chainsaws lying around on Mars, or the gates of hell themselves, we’re certainly glad Doom Guy always manages to find this motorized meat shredder.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions:

Baseball Bat
“Team Fortress 2” (2007)

“Star Wars: Jedi Knight” Series (1995-2003)

#1: Crowbar

“Half-Life" Series (1998-)
Every weapon on this list has earned its spot but none as much as this iconic item. The crowbar is practically synonymous with Gordon Freeman and the Half-Life series. Being a theoretical physicist Freeman has as much business in combat as a crowbar being a weapon. The parallel is almost poetic. Being the first weapon acquired in both Half-Life 1 and 2, this hunk of metal gets the job done when it really counts. Using the crowbar strategically can save the player sparse and precious ammo as they attempt to escape Black Mesa or lead a resistance on City 17.


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