Top 10 Reasons Why Jake Paul Is Hated
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Top 10 Reasons Why Jake Paul Is Hated

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Script written by George Cimurt.

Ever found yourself asking: why don't people like Jake Paul? Or even: who is Jake Paul and why does the internet hate on him so much? Well, Jake Paul is a YouTube personality who started on Vine, and then joined the Disney Channel show “BIzaardvark.” And, according to the internet and some people who know him, Jake Paul is also a racist bully who treasts his posse like garbage and performs dangerous and irresponsible stunts. You decide for yourself. WatchMojo counts down ten things Jake Paul has done that make people despise him.

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Script written by George Cimurt.

Top 10 Reasons Why Jake Paul Is Hated

This American actor, Vine celebrity, and YouTube star is great at grabbing attention – but it’s not always the good kind. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 reasons Jake Paul is hated.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the reasons Jake Joseph Paul receives a big ‘thumbs down’ from most of the civilized world. For the record, we’re not saying we hate him, but we understand why people do.

#10: Some of His Stunts Are Stupid & Dangerous

In his former role as Dirk Mann on the Disney Channel sitcom Bizaardvark, Paul played the star of the fictional show Dare Me Bro, in which he would pull silly stunts in the Dare Lair. Unfortunately, many of the thoughtless stunts he pulled off the set were far from fictional. His attention-grabbing feats of stupidity have often revealed a complete lack of common sense and have endangered him and those around him, as he’s been filmed blowing up a car, performing motorcycle stunts at high speeds down city roads, and even setting fire to furniture which he then tossed into an empty pool at his home, to name a few.

#9: #TCAsCancelJakePaul

The Teen Choice Awards is an annual show that celebrates the biggest successes in everything from music to television to sports, rated solely by teens. However, the fact that Paul won the awards for Choice YouTuber and Choice Music Web Star in 2017, not to mention that he hosted the music festival Teen Fest right before the ceremony, gave the internet some serious rage. Multiple people slammed the award show for using Paul to host and nominating him for awards, citing him as a bully, a racist, and a homophobe, among other things. Before long, Twitter was littered with the hashtags #TCAsCancelJakePaul and #TeenChoiceAwardsAreOverParty.

#8: He Treats His Posse Like POS

On January 17, 2017, Paul initiated the group Team 10 with $1 million in financial backing to streamline and promote his brand of teen entertainment. But what is Paul’s track record with how he treats the Team, who all live together in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles? Well, since then, Paul has been in the spotlight a lot thanks to everything from annoying and condescending to straight-up rude conduct - from the way he wakes up his teammates, to shouting matches with friends, to shoving female team members, to setting fires in the rooms of fellow teammates.

#7: He Writes So Many Diss Tracks

A diss track is a song that serves to attack, disrespect, or insult a person or group of people. While these are a common occurrence in the music world, especially in the hip-hop genre, Paul may have gone just a little too far with his tracks. Between dissing his older brother Logan, his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, and others close to him in song, and his regular posts on his YouTube channel, it’s gotta make you wonder: For a guy who encourages his viewers to ‘dab on them haters,’ what’s with all the hate?

#6: He Is a Racist

As a public personality, Jake Paul is a role model to teens everywhere, as unfortunate as that may be. So it makes Paul’s reported casual racism and ethnic jokes all the more cringe-worthy. In a shocking revelation, he was caught on film comparing a starstruck Kazakh fan to a terrorist, where he urged him to ‘send the nuke.’ Although he has been careful since then with what he is caught on video talking about, old tweets on his Twitter account have surfaced revealing Paul’s supposed liberal use of racial slurs, not to mention homosexual slurs and other inappropriate and offensive language.

#5: He Released One of the Worst Songs of 2017

Many artists can release a song that isn’t well received, but few can release a song that’s considered this bad. With terrible singing, sloppy lyrics, and a message that resonates with almost nobody, this professionally-produced track by Jake Paul and Team 10 celebrating their fame and bank accounts has nevertheless garnered a lot of attention, with over 97 million views on YouTube so far. Of course, much of the attention is far from positive. With over 2 million thumbs down on YouTube, “It’s Everyday Bro” is also among the top 10 most disliked videos on the entire video-sharing website as of August 2017 and has inspired a number of mocking parodies.

#4: He Shared Post Malone’s Address

Doxing, defined as “publishing private or identifying information about an individual on the Internet,” isn’t necessarily legal in many places. It’s also generally disrespectful, reckless, and can even be dangerous. Naturally, as one more entry on the list of things Jake Paul has done that he shouldn’t have done, he decided to visit rapper and record producer Post Malone, who released his debut album in 2016, to give him some Team 10 merchandise. Although that was all fine and dandy, he also decided to secretly film Malone and, in the process, revealed his home and address in what has been described as a severe breach of privacy for the musician.

#3: He Used to Be a Bully

Born and raised in Ohio, Paul’s early life was mostly a mystery, up until the mid-2010s at least. Being a big advocate of anti-bullying in his posts, and having allegedly helped victims of bullying and others who are less fortunate (by his own admission), it seemed as if maybe his childhood would reveal a softer side to the obnoxious social media star. Then came the allegations from peers in Ohio, reaching back to the 5th grade, that Paul himself had been a loud-mouthed bully. Among the many things he was accused of were making a ruckus in the cafeteria, blasting music in class, riding his bike over people’s cars, and dumping people’s bags in the garbage – and more.

#2: He Was Emotionally Abusive to His Girlfriend

They were a couple that the Internet obsessed over. Releasing playful videos featuring them together, Paul and Alissa Violet’s relationship even produced a couple name: Jalissa. However, what was going on behind the scenes was apparently far from playful. In a tell-all after the breakup, his now ex-girlfriend Violet accused him of playing mind games with her, telling her he loved her one day and then saying that he hated her guts the next. She accused him of cheating on her with other girls, kicking her out when she had nowhere to go, and being responsible for night after night of tears.

#1: He Is a Bad Neighbor

While many of Paul’s stunts, actions, and words have annoyed, offended, or hurt his fans, his teammates, and others, there is no group that’s likely so affected as his neighbors. After revealing the location of his home to his fans, his block has become a scene of chaos, complete with continuous noise, turmoil, dangerous stunts, and armies of fans hoping for a meet-and-greet with the star and police responding to complaints. There is talk of a class-action lawsuit against the young sensation as a public nuisance, while Paul seems to view the situation more jovially than seriously.