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Top 5 Self Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know

VO: Lisa Yang
Top 5 Self Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know Script written by Laura Keating Subscribe: Shop: https://shop.WatchMojo.comcollections/msmojo-merchandise You hope you never have to use any of these, but it’s always better to be prepared. Whether you use the bear hug defense, kick to the groin, choke defense, open hand strike, or kick from the ground it’s important that you learn these techniques so that in the case you get into a dangerous situation, you can escape.

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Top 5 Self Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know

You hope you never have to use any of these, but it’s always better to be prepared. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 5 Self Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know.

For this list, we’re looking at five basic, but effective techniques and strategies for defending yourself against an attacker. While we’re providing an introduction to these moves, anyone interested in learning them should seek out a trained instructor. Furthermore, when it comes to self-defense, techniques and philosophies vary, so these should by no means be taken as the only correct moves to use in such scenarios.

#5: The Bear Hug Defense

When someone wraps their arms around you from behind, the experience of having your arms pinned down can feel debilitating. Even when held in a strong grip however, you’ve always got some wiggle room. Rather than trying to break the attacker’s hold directly, it’s recommended that you focus your energy on getting low, and then using whatever leverage your arms can provide to escape from the bottom. Otherwise, you can then use the position to squat forward and stomp the attacker’s feet. If they manage to lift you, wrap one leg behind one of theirs, and strike the kneecap and shin of that leg with the heel of your other foot. It's proven to be effective, and may just get you free.

#4: Kick from the Ground

If you find yourself knocked down, your legs have just become your biggest defense. With a few key techniques, you can seriously injure your attacker, keep them at bay and create an escape window. You may be on the ground, but you can still control the situation. The key is knowing where to aim your kicks and how to time them. If the attacker is in front of you, aim heel kicks at the knee or shin. Use quick strikes to minimize the risk of them catching your foot. Should the attacker get closer, they’ve opened themselves up to kicks or knees to the groin, which should be your new target.

#3: Choke Defense

Getting choked is arguably the most disorienting and panic-inducing form of attack one can face. The body goes into survival mode, reacting instinctively to break free, but these reflexes aren’t always the most effective solution depending on the situation. With training however, you can develop muscle memory, so that even in a moment of crisis, you respond in the best possible way. Pulling your attacker’s hands away is nearly impossible, so you should be focusing on interrupting their grip by targeting the arms at the elbows. There are a wide variety of techniques for each distinct position. If you’re being choked from behind however, an elbow to the stomach, followed by a strike to the face is recommended.

#2: Open Hand [or Palm] Strike

While punches may seem like the default way to hit someone, in a situation of self-defense, striking with the heel or ridge of the hand is actually preferable. This sort of strike provides a number of benefits over the closed-fist alternative. A closed-fist is more likely to result in accidental self-injury, either to the wrist or in the form of broken knuckles or fingers. It is also less versatile than an open-palmed attack, which gives you better angles and range of movement. An open-palm strikes helps you land all the hits available to you, rather than holding out for an ideal punch and can also transition easily into grabs or gouges.

#1: Front Kick to the Groin

We’ve mentioned kicks to the groin already, but their importance cannot be stressed enough. The thing is, you can effectively end an attack at the very beginning with one well-placed front kick. In male attackers, proper contact with enough force... is essentially a knockout. For maximum effect, you want to drive forward with your hips while simultaneously extending the leg at the knee as it comes up, ensuring that you make contact with top of your foot, which should be flexed. If executed correctly, it works quite effectively against male and female assailants alike. When you're under attack, such vulnerable areas need to be taken advantage of. It may be your only way out.

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