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Top 10 Worst Ways To Die In Video Game

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Nathan Sharp That’s definitely a bad way to go...These are the most painful, most excruciating, most embarassing, humiliating, brutal and just downright unpleasant ways to meet your untimely demise in a video game. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Ways to DIE In Video Games. Special thanks to our user “RedHood” & “governmentfree” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Worst Ways to Die in a Video Game

Well, so much for going peacefully in their sleep. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten worst ways to die in a video game.

For this list, we’ll be counting down the most brutal and unpleasant methods of dying that we’ve seen in video games, whether it be an NPC or the player character. For the methods of dying in question, we’re not necessarily looking at the most violent and gory, but rather, we’ll be gauging them on how unpleasant and/or they would be to experience.

#10: Beaten to Death with Your Own Limbs

“Doom” (2016)

When facing off against literal demons of Hell, you need to expect that your possible impending death will be a little painful and unpleasant. No other monster makes dying scarier and more painful than The Revenant (no, not Leonardo DiCaprio), who likes to make death a little personal. After beating you to the ground, it will proceed to rip your arm from its socket and then beat you over the head with it until you die. We’re sure that this is not only incredibly painful and humiliating, but it ensures that the last thing you see before you pass from this mortal coil is a demon holding your severed arm, and that’s just freaky.

#9: Impaled Through the Throat

“Tomb Raider” (2013)

In the wild, there are a lot of things that can easily kill you: animals, falls, starvation, pointy sticks that impale you through the throat until you painfully bleed and/or choke to death. We can’t imagine that being impaled feels very good ANYWHERE on the body, but there’s just something grotesque about seeing Lara being throat stabbed and watching her desperately try to free herself while dangling from her own trachea. It would not only be extremely unpleasant, but the rush of fear that you would experience as you helplessly try to un-impale yourself would be indescribable. We’d take falling hundreds of feet over this any day.

#8: Headcrab Haircut

“Half-Life 2” (2004)

We gotta be honest, these damn things still give us nightmares. A puny little tarantula would be nothing next to these things, which are about the size of a pumpkin and can leap up to 10 feet in any direction, usually directly at a person’s face. Once attached to a head, the headcrab will burrow and eat its way into the skull and brain whereupon zombification occurs, which usually sees hosts’ limbs painfully stretch and their skin and muscle tissue slowly rip away. All of this occurs while the host is still conscious. The entire process is absolutely horrifying, and it makes a simple zombie bite seem much more preferable by comparison.

#7: Head Drilled Out

“Turok” series (1997-2008)

Poor dinosaurs. What did they ever do to anyone? Unfortunately for them, they can be the recipients of the Cerebral Bore, which is often considered to be one of the most gruesome weapons in gaming history. The weapon works by detecting brain scans, and when detected, it will lock onto the broadcasting head and begin to viciously and forcefully drill through the skull, expelling buckets of blood and head tissue in the process. If that wasn’t grotesque enough, it also explodes upon reaching the brain, finally decapitating and putting the victim out of its agonizing misery.

#6: Embryo Chest Burst

“Resident Evil 2” (1998)

In what is clearly an homage to “Alien,” the embryo chest burst of “Resident Evil 2” may not look as horrendous due to its aged graphics, but the implication is still terrifying. After an incompatible host is implanted with the G-embryo, they begin to experience severe stomach pain due to the creature literally eating their internal organs before it violently rips its way through their stomach and scurrys away like a terrified mouse. It would be bad enough having your organs eaten and your chest ripped open while still conscious, but to watch a little creature scuttle away covered in your blood and entrails…well, we can think of nicer final sights.

#5: Inflate and Explode

“Saints Row IV” (2013)

Have you ever had a really bad sinus headache? One that makes it feel as if your head is ballooning and about to pop from the pressure? Well, multiply that by a billion pain points and you have the messy results of the Inflato-Ray. This gun works by shooting a beam at someone’s head which makes their cranium balloon to extraordinary proportions before it pops from the pressure and spews blood and gore all over the sidewalk. Not only would the act of your head ballooning be extremely unpleasant to withstand, but you also look ridiculous as well. If our heads have to explode, can’t it at least be in a badass way?

#4: Kiss from a Chainsaw

“Gears of War” series (2006-)

If there’s one way we would never want to go out, it would be via chainsaw. Unfortunately for those in the “Gears of War” universe, it seems to be a common occurrence, as chainsaws literally come attached to guns. If you utilize the chainsaw, it revs with a half-dead sputter before you take it to someone’s flesh, whereupon it tears through their bodies like butter, sending gore and blood flying and leaving the recipients in literal pieces. The fact that a character screams in agony as a chainsaw slowly rips through their torso is equally haunting and disgusting. At least it’s over within seconds. But what painful, horrid seconds they are.

#3: Eaten Alive by Rats

“Dishonored” series (2012-)

If there’s one rodent people seem to hate more than all the others, it’s rats. And even rat lovers have to admit that street, plagued-infested rats are kinda nasty. Now imagine a whole swarm ganging up on you and slowly picking at and eating your skin and muscle until nothing remains but bone. Sounds like a good way to go out! That’s what can, and often does, happen to the people of “Dishonored’s” harsh and dirty world, and we cringe every time we watch it. There’s just something about those little teeth and claws, slowly nibbling and tearing away at your flesh as you try desperately to swat them off…*shudder*

#2: Dissolved Into Goo

“Mass Effect 2” (2010)

Friggin aliens and their freaky contraptions. One of the most horrifying and disgusting deaths we’ve seen in a video game has to be with Kelly Chambers, who really gets the raw end of the deal when she is slowly dissolved into a gooey paste in order to make the Human-Reaper. First the goo is poured and practically burned into her flesh, causing her immense amounts of pain, before it slowly burns away her body, resulting in her literally melting into a puddle of paste. Of course you can save Kelly from this fate, but then another random woman will take her place, and either way the site is just as brutal.

#1: Wishboned

“Mortal Kombat” (2011)

When we think of wishbones, we should think of comfy family dinners. Now we think of intestines and horrific screams of anguish. Thanks “Mortal Kombat!” While we could have picked literally any fatality from this series, the worst has to be Make A Wish from Noob Saibot, which sees him making a copy of himself and using it to vertically tear his opponents in half from their legs. Everything about this death just screams terrible, from the unbearable pain of having your legs pulled in different directions to staying conscious as a tear develops in your groin before ripping itself all the way up your body until you split in half. Anyone else hungry?

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