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Top 10 K-Pop Music Videos

VO: Matt Campbell
Script written by Owen Maxwell These music will leave you saying “daebak”. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 K-Pop Music Videos. For this list we're looking at those K-Pop videos that stood out thanks to some extravagant production and stellar dance moves, and we're basing our picks on unique vision, storytelling and overall theatrics. Special thanks to our user  llizak  for suggesting this idea, check out the voting page at WatchMojo.comsuggest/Top+10+K-pop+%28Korean+Pop%29+Music+Videos

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Top 10 K-Pop Music Videos

These music will leave you saying “daebak”. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 K-Pop Music Videos.
For this list we're looking at those K-Pop videos that stood out thanks to some extravagant production and stellar dance moves, and we're basing our picks on unique vision, storytelling and overall theatrics.


 #10. “Catallena” (2014)  
 Orange Caramel

Opening with portrait-ready mermaids, this video initially seems like a standard pop offering. Something's off though, as the girls start dancing on a giant sushi station.  The band sing from inside meat packaging, selling cheaply compared to the octopus-person next to them. Posing as various forms of sushi throughout the video, they even bathe in soy sauce. What’s more, the slow-motion eating sequences are both suggestive and a bit unsettling. Made all the funnier by comedian Kim Daesung's performances in and out of wigs, the video shocked its way to over 17 million views.



#9.“Melted" (2014)
 Akdong Musician

Staring out a window, an aging man reflects on the misadventures of his youth. Hitchhiking to Vancouver, his younger self is picked up by a man moving for work, only to be thrown out of the car. Seeing homeless people fighting and two mothers arguing in front of their children, the boy captures these little tumultuous slices of life through the lens of his camera. This video succeeds thanks to its honest examination of the isolation one feels, even in a busy city. Just when he seems ready to give up, the boy meets a man with an open heart who shows him kindness, and so the video ends with a sense of hope.


 #8. "Gee" (2009)
Girls' Generation

When mannequins start coming to life, things are bound to get out of hand. Gushing over the store's star employee, each band member sings right to his photo. Dancing in unison, the massive group move their routine to the salesroom floor with remarkably little incident. Pulling a classic changing room gag, the girls pop out in different outfits before putting on matching shirts. Finally returning to the display window, they realize they’re out of place, and decide to hide instead. The quirky concept has earned the video over 180 million views and contributed to making Girls’ Generation the first female group to break 100 million views on five different music videos.


#7."Cherry Blossom Ending" (2012)
Busker Busker

Taking a road trip to find a cute girl on TV, Busker Busker can't even get their car to start. Accompanied by cute animations of their journey, the boys move on foot instead. Running dramatically slowly, they're hilariously passed by a baseball team. Having their roadside show attended by cheerleaders, a runner and the speedy team, they inevitably gain a couple new fans along their trip. Finally spotting the girl, they run right by her, revealing, in a fun twist, that they were in love with the cherry blossom tree behind her. As the band's first original single, it proved they could surprise audiences both with their music and inspired video concepts.

#6."Mr. Simple" (2011)
Super Junior

This KPop group has taken the concept of a boy band and pushed it to the extreme. In sync despite their large numbers, they're always centered around whichever member is singing. Their sets are also impressive, jumping between a room of cube lights and what appears to be the interior of a stylish spaceship. With plenty of close-ups, it looks as if each member gets his chance in spotlight, but based on how many members there are… don’t quote us on that. From start to finish, this video is a veritable feast for the eyes. With stimulating visuals, stylish lads, compelling dance moves and high energy, it grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.


#5."Roly Poly" (2011)   

Coming across some photos from her youth while cleaning, a woman pulls out a videotape of what looks to have been a legendary night out with the girls. Finally hitting the floor after more than four minutes of intro, the women jump right into some disco-inspired dance moves. From start to finish, the video plays like a modern homage to 'Saturday Night Fever'. Although, at twelve minutes long with credits, it's more of short music film than a music video in the traditional sense. This song was the lead single from their appropriately titled EP “John Travolta Wannabe” and between the outfits and dance moves, it lives up to the name.

#4."I Need U" (2015)

Standing out from the often dance-heavy videos typical of K-Pop, “I Need U” sees BTS going for a more moody and atmospheric style - to great effect. Exploring dark themes including depression, rage, and violence, the members each share their painful stories, not all of which seem to have a happy ending. Of course, intermixed with these scenes of personal struggle are moments of unity and happy times the boys have spent together, highlighting the strength of their friendship in the face of obstacles. Uniquely emotional, the video gains its strength in telling stories that few are brave enough to share.


#3."Family Picture" (2013)
Kim Jinho

Telling a gut-wrenching story through animated photographs, this video gives us a glimpse into the saddest part of Jinho's life. Loving and hardworking, Kim's family is picture perfect. Sadly, that image falls apart when his father falls ill and passes away. Fighting to keep their lives together, Jinho and his mother struggle to make it work. Returning to his father's grave years later, he breaks down when he finds all the letters left for him over the years. Along with the music, the video is devastating thanks to some emotive animation. The saddest part however is the final shot that connects it all to Kim's life.


#2."Gangnam Style" (2012)

By all accounts the most famous K-Pop song in history, this video became a worldwide hit thanks to Psy’s willingness to push for maximum absurdity. Opening on a dancing kid and Psy making his way through a stable, they let the reins loose immediately. The catchy song and bizarre stylistic choices made for an infinitely rewatchable video that people couldn’t help but share. On top of the exploding backgrounds and weird elevator scenes, the dance became a worldwide hit for all ages. At well over 2 and half billion views, it continues to be one of the most watched YouTube videos of all time.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honourable mentions:

"I Am the Best" (2011)

"Lucifer" (2010)

"Growl" (2013)


#1."Haru Haru" (2008)
Big Bang

Big Bang brought a surprising amount of depth to  this video, especially considering their typically surrealist visuals. After seeing T.O.P. with his his girlfriend, G-Dragon is understandably livid, but becomes an absolute wreck when the two continue to see each other nonetheless. Unable to process his feelings, GD lashes out, unaware of what’s really going on. Suffering from a fatal disease in secret, GD's girlfriend was actually trying to save him the pain of grieving over her. In the end, GD winds up suffering both the breakup and her death. Pulling no punches, it’s an emotionally devastating video that hits the mark every time; it’s bleak, but absolutely beautiful.

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