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Top 5 Despacito Remixes

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Sadie Perkins
 It’s the song of summer 2017! This song has gone viral since it hit airwaves in January 2017. Did you know that the song’s video is the first to 3 billion views on YouTube! Here’s our countdown for the Top 5 Despacito remixes! We’ve included the Portuguese version featuring Israel Novaes, the Major Lazer and MOSKA remix, the salsa version featuring Victor Manuelle, the remix featuring VMK, ThatBehavior featuring Justin Bieber and of course the version featuring Justin Bieber!

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Top 5 Despacito Remixes

This song is breaking records all over the internet, and for good reason. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 5 “Despacito” remixes.

For this list, we’ll be looking at different remixes of the original song by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Points are given for creativity, entertainment value, and general catchiness, along with how well the remix was received by the public.

#5: “Despacito” (Versión Portugués) feat. Israel Novaes

We have to hand it to Israel Novaes - the man can sing, and he can sing well. In this remix of the song, Novaes leaves the rhythm, beat, and tempo of the original alone. The only change in this version is the fact that it’s been redone into a different language - Portuguese! With many of the lyrics sounding similar to the original for the untrained ear, the few differences that can be caught make it a fun listening experience for fans of the original who want something just a little different - but not too different.

#4: “Despacito” (Major Lazer & MOSKA Remix)

You can’t remix one of the most popular pop songs of 2017 without turning it into a house-banger at least once. The DJ who took it upon himself to drop some beats in this remix was none other than the Columbian MOSKA and renowned Major Lazer. Adding a faster background beat and turning up the bass (of course), the crowning glory of this remix is the hard-hitting bass drop that comes in place of the chorus. Good for a dance party on the beach or a night out to a club, this remix gets the heart pumping and can suit any EDM junkies needs.

#3: “Despacito” (Salsa Version) feat. Víctor Manuelle

Picking up the pace of the original, this remix put “Despacito” on the salsa map. With instruments like the bongo drums and trumpet in the background, the toe tapping melody is perfect for getting you up and trying to keep up with the rhythms. With some vigorous hand clapping, a trumpet solo, and the lyrics themselves sang in a more traditional music style, this is a remix to cut loose and dance your heart out to. If you’ve got two left feet, it’s also just a feel-good tune in general.

#2: “Despacito” (VMK, ThatBehavior Remix) feat. Justin Bieber

Jumping into the trend of softer bass drops, this remix took the chorus in a different direction than most. Using vocals cut from other songs, the DJ’s who worked on this version created a smoother, softer bass drop in the chorus than the hard and fast beat Major Lazer produced. Though the song itself has been sped up and there is a hand clapping bass effect keeping the driving rhythm, this is a much more chill beat than previous remixes. Bonus points for creativity!

#1: “Despacito” (Remix) feat. Justin Bieber

The most popular version of the song, other than the original of course - one of the singers accompanying Fonsi on this track is none other than the Biebs himself. Adding to the original with his oh so dreamy whisperings of “Despacito” and a few extra lines of his own, his feature on the remix skyrocketed his version to the top of Billboard charts around the world. The song stays largely the same other than his verse and the sole fact that he’s there, but apparently, that’s enough to break some records.

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