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Top 10 Things They NEED to Do in 13 Reasons Why Season 2

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Alex Slade The finale of season 1 of '13 Reasons Why' left us with so many questions! In season 2 we hope they answer some of our questions such as what will happen to Sheri? We see her finally turning herself in, but we’ll have to see if she is charged for a role in his death, and how it will impact her in the future. What will Mr. Porter do with the tapes? Now that he is confronted with the fact that he dropped the ball with Hannah’s cry for help, what will he do now that the tapes are in his hands? What happened to Alex? Alex was one of the only ones to accept responsibility for what had happened to Hannah, and it looks like it may have been too much to handle. Also, what is Tyler going to do with all of those guns? We're scared to find out.

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Top 10 Things They Need to Do in Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why

If you thought it was over, you were wrong. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things They Need to Do in Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at all the questions we want answered from the first season, as well as ideas and avenues we want to see explored in the second season of the hit series. Just like the show, we’ll delve into some pretty heavy stuff, so bear that in mind. Oh, and spoilers will definitely follow.

#10: What Will Happen with Sheri?

We can’t imagine what it’s like to have the death of another student on your conscience. Although it isn’t explicitly stated whether the crash that took Jeff’s life was because of the knocked-down stop sign, it’s heavily implied, so it’s hard for Sheri not to blame herself. She tries to ignore it at first and deals with it in her own way by helping the other party of the crash, but the guilt catches up with her. We see her finally turning herself in, but we’ll have to see if she is charged for a role in his death, and how it will impact her in the future.

#9: What Mr. Porter Will Do with the Tapes
A shock to viewers across the world, the school counselor, Mr. Porter, was the 13th reason why. His reputation was already tarnished, and his job on the line. At the end of the first season, the tapes are in his possession, and we’re wondering what he’ll do with them. If the tapes are revealed to the public, his career is over. He also has the rape confession from Bryce, and withholding that is definitely not a smart move. Either way, on top of what happens to Alex at the end, it’s safe to say he’s no longer going to be the school counselor.

#8: Explore Hannah & Tony’s Backstory

Tony’s been the Yoda-like figure, guiding Clay in his attempt to finish the tapes. Tony also had the second set of tapes, but why? Why did Hannah trust him so much? We only get small glimpses into their relationship, so it’s hard to gauge how close they really were. We hope we see more of their backstory in the following season and come to understand Tony’s role in all of this. Was he just someone who was friendly to Hannah as they passed each other at school, or was there something deeper going on?

#7: The Outcome of the Lawsuit

The subplot of the series was the Baker parents preparing to make a case against the school, holding them responsible for the death of their daughter. We see this get more and more intense as the court date comes closer and closer. There’s no doubt we’ll see the trial in the second season, and we can’t wait for the outcome of it. Will the school be held accountable? Now that Tyler has told the lawyers about the tapes, as well as the Bakers having the tapes in their possession, how will that affect the case?

#6: Where Justin Went

Justin can’t stay at home with his neglectful mother and her abusive boyfriend anymore, and he’s cut ties with Bryce, his best friend who had let him crash at his place, so now he has nowhere to stay. We see him pack a duffel bag with his belongings, including a handgun, so we wonder what’s going to come of it. We’ve seen enough guns in the first season without one going off on screen, so it’s bound to happen in the second season. Whether it’s from Justin, or someone else, we’ll have to wait and see.

#5: How Hannah’s Parents React to the Tapes

We’ll never begin to comprehend the pain the Bakers must have endured following their only child’s death. It’s heartbreaking watching them struggle to come to terms with what had happened to Hannah, with no clear reason why. Now, they have the tapes, and they will offer them the explanation they wanted so badly. We wonder what will happen when they inevitably listen to the tapes, and if they use it against the school, or maybe even take another course of action in light of them.

#4: How Jessica Will Recover

Jessica’s been in denial ever since she listened to what had happened to her at the party, especially when her boyfriend - who’d enabled it to happen - told her it didn’t happen that way. Of course, she’d want to think it was a lie. Eventually, Jess comes to accept that she was in fact raped, and her coming to terms with it is heartbreaking to watch. We don’t really get to see much of Jessica after that, but she does look like she’s about to tell her father everything at the end of the season. We know it’s a long road to recovery from there.

#3: What Tyler Is Planning with All Those Guns

Holy moly, that’s a lot of guns and ammo. The whole season, we see Tyler being pushed around and scolded at for what he did. Every time he tries to get a word in, he’s shut down almost immediately. Has he been pushed to his limit? A school shooting would be horrific to witness, and we hope he gets the help and support he needs before he feels compelled to take drastic actions. We also see him looking at pictures of students who’ve wronged him in one way or another, which makes us think they’re going to be his targets for something.

#2: What Happened to Alex

One of the biggest shocks of the season came when the principal tells Mr. Porter that Alex has shot himself. It’s unclear whether or not he survives, and it makes us wonder how it could have been avoided. We see Alex struggle with depression the further the show moves along, but his state is overshadowed by everything else happening in the series. Alex was one of the only ones to accept responsibility for what had happened to Hannah, and it looks like it may have been too much to handle.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

How Skye & Clay’s Relationship Develops

More Flashbacks of Jeff

Courtney’s Coming Out

#1: Bryce Needs to Get What’s Coming to Him

There’s no sugar coating this; Bryce is scum. He’s a serial rapist and needs to face the consequences of his actions. He’s destroyed so many lives, and the worst part is that he doesn’t even care. With his confession recorded by Clay, his actions are definitely going to catch up with him, and we hope he’s punished for them. Despite Mr. Porter’s suggestions, Hannah did not consent, and neither did Jessica, for that matter. Bryce needs to be behind bars, and we hope we see it happen in the second season.

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