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Top 10 Awesome Secrets in Grand Theft Auto V

VO: Dan Paradis
Script Written By Nathan Sharp Rockstar just loves littering their worlds with treasure! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten Grand Theft Auto V secrets. Special Thanks to our very own "Dan Paradis" for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Grand Theft Auto V Secrets

Rockstar just loves littering their worlds with treasure! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten Grand Theft Auto V secrets.

For this list, we’ll be discussing and ranking what we consider to be the best secrets and easter eggs that you can find littered throughout the world of GTA V, whether they be funny, interesting, freaky, or just plain fun.

#10: Playboy Mansion

The aptly named Richman Mansion in Los Santos is somewhat modeled after the real Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills, which became notable for its lavish parties and provocative women. The mansion’s famous grotto is present, as are the jumpin’ parties which the player can attend at night. One of the ladies even mentions the name “Hef,” an obvious reference to the real mansion’s owner and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. While it’s definitely not as exciting or outlandish as some of the other secrets, it’s still fun to explore the grounds and spend a night with the bunnies.

#9: Madd Dogg and OG Loc

Hey man, it’s OG Loc, homie! OG Loc! He told everyone that he would make it, and make it he did. Both Franklin and Jimmy own OG Loc CDs, and Franklin even owns a gold record of his which can be seen in his mansion. Loc even has a star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame! To continue the “San Andreas” and OG Loc-themed references, Franklin owns a poster of Madd Dogg, and his star also appears on the walk. We loved us some “San Andreas,” and we also love us some “San Andreas” easter eggs.

#8: CJ, Big Smoke, and Sweet

As if references to Loc and Madd Dogg weren’t enough, Rockstar decided to plop the three biggest characters of “San Andreas” into their new world, although it really is a blink and you miss it scenario. Once you enter Grove Street during the mission Hood Safari, the three will ride by on bicycles, with CJ leading the pack in his signature white tank top. If you think that it’s just a coincidence, look at their hats – sewn into them is a sticker with a logo reading “Old Gen,” making these characters clear references to their older generation counterparts.

#7: Niko’s Lifeinvader Page

Yet another example of Rockstar referencing their past games, a really fun, easy to miss, and canon-clarifying easter egg can be found in Michael’s house. By looking over Jimmy’s shoulder when he’s on the laptop, you’ll see that he is on Niko Bellic’s Lifeinvader page. By looking closely, you’ll see that the page contains various information like Niko’s profession as a driver at Bellic Cab Service, Roman’s profile under the “family” tab, and a “happy birthday” message that Niko has written to him, arguably proving that GTA IV’s “revenge” ending was canon. Then again, it could just be a fun little easter egg.

#6: UFOs

Props to both Rockstar and the players on this one – Rockstar for including them and making them so damn freaky and mysterious, and the gamers for even finding them in the first place! The dedication from both sides make the UFOs an easter egg for the ages. Not only is there an underwater UFO that anyone can discover, but real and functioning UFOs also appear above Sandy Shores, Mount Chiliad, and Fort Zancudo after 100% completion, complete with colourful lights, a super terrifying mechanical noise, and a very suspicious FIB logo plastered on the sides.

#5: No Country for GTA

One of the best games of the last ten years referencing one of the best movies of the last ten years. What more can you want? In the country, players can come upon a circle of trucks, bodies, and a suitcase of cash, a clear reference to the Coen brothers’ classic “No Country for Old Men.” As if the easter egg wasn’t cool enough, the game goes one step further by having enemies chase you down in trucks if you take the suitcase, which is exactly what happens to Moss in the film.

#4: Scooter Brothers!

While this isn’t one of the more interesting easter eggs that can be found in the game, it shows true love from Rockstar towards its fanbase, and for that we give it props. The event can be triggered by switching to Trevor, whereupon he can be seen driving down the freeway behind a fellow scooter-riding man while yelling “Scooter brothers!” at him. This is a clear reference to a twitch stream from fourplayerpodcast in GTA IV, in which the player, “Brad,” harassing NPCs who happen to be riding the same motorcycle as him. Rockstar obviously loved the idea.

#3: The Mountain Face

Rockstar, being the jokers that they are, decided to add a random face to the side of Mount Chiliad, and debate has raged regarding who it is ever since it was discovered, which definitely adds to the mystery and intrigue of the easter egg. Some players are absolutely adamant that it is Aaron Paul, as they believe it looks an awful lot like Jesse Pinkman from “Breaking Bad.” Others believe that it is the face of one of the developers who the team, or the developer himself, snuck in as an inside joke. What do you think?

#2: John Marston Can Be Your Daddy

One of the game’s best secrets can actually be found in the online portion of the game. When choosing your character’s lineage, John Marston can appear as an option for your father, complete with his signature cowboy hat and snarling expression. While this makes absolutely zero logistical sense, it’s only a harmless easter egg, and we miss John and “Red Dead Redemption” so damn much that we don’t even care. It’s just nice to see him again, even if it’s just a picture.

#1: Thelma & Louise

This easter egg has been plastered all over the internet and is easily one of the game’s most well known and most sought out secrets, so how could it not be number one? Plus, it’s a reference to Ridley Scott, so points there as well. If you travel to a specific cliff at a specific time of day, you’ll see a car surrounded by police vehicles and a helicopter. As an officer approaches, the car takes off and plummets to the ground below, exactly like the iconic ending to the Scott classic.


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