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Top 5 Ways to Deal with Chafing This Summer

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Savannah Sher It’s summer and we’re loving it. The only thing we don’t love is chafing! Unless you have a major thigh gap, most of us suffer from our thighs rubbing against one another. We’ll give you tips on how we can ban chub rub from your summer! Some of the tips include using thigh bands, wear Lush's silk underwear, use chafing gel and make sure to rub bacitracin ointment on your thighs!

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Top 5 Ways to Deal With Chafing This Summer

Unless you’ve got a serious thigh gap, you’ve probably had to face the dreaded thigh chafing. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 5 Ways to Deal With Chafing This Summer.

For this list, we’re looking at five easy and effective to ban chub rub from your summer.

#5: Swipe Your Deodorant onto Your Inner Thighs

You’re in luck because it’s guaranteed that you already have this item in your medicine cabinet. This trick has to be preventative rather than a solution to an existing issue though, because you shouldn't be applying antiperspirant to already irritated skin. As a first line of defence though, this trick can work wonders. We will add the warning, however, that this is better in a pinch when you don’t have anything else, and might not stand up to a full day of walking while wearing a skirt or dress.

#4: Monistat Chafing Relief Gel

If you follow a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube, you may have noticed this product being used as an inexpensive primer. It’s actually made specifically to combat the effects of skin chafing, so it stands to say that it’s well-formulated for the job. This gel is undetectable once you apply it, and shouldn’t leave any slippery or slimy feeling between your legs. Since this isn’t a physical barrier, it will give solid results to occasional chub rub sufferers but may not be quite enough for those who experience the problem daily. Unlike deodorant though, you can also use this for relief when the damage has already been done.

#3: Lush’s Silky Underwear

Devotees of Lush’s all-natural cosmetics products know that the company makes something to solve pretty much any beauty issue you might encounter. Thigh chafing is no exception, with their “Silky Underwear” working as a fantastic solution to the common summer woe. It isn’t marketed specially for thigh chafing but rather as an all-over body powder to keep your skin feeling smooth and soft. The jasmine and cocoa butter smell make it feel luxurious to apply and can be a multi-use solution for absorbing under-boob sweat as well.

#2: Bacitracin Ointment

If you’ve already made the fatal error of heading out for a full day of exploring in the mid-summer heat, you may need a product to help heal your tender and painful thighs. An antibiotic ointment is probably the way to go for rapid relief of your symptoms and Bacitracin (more commonly known by the brand name Neosporin) is a popular one with thigh chafing sufferers. Carefully clean the affected area beforehand and then apply the ointment before bedtime for the best results.

#1: Use Thigh Bands

Our favorite solution to this common warm weather problem is not only effective, but it looks good too! The cute lacy bands that rest secured on your thighs provide a physical barrier than almost ensures that chub rub will be banished forever. They’re subtle and look like cute lingerie so you won’t have to worry about someone catching a glimpse of unattractive looking undergarments. There are lots of other physical solutions out there like Thigh Society’s Anti-Chafing Shorts and Undersummers Bike Shorts, but none are quite as adorable as the bands by Bandelettes.

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