Top 10 Will & Grace Moments



Top 10 Will & Grace Moments

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They're back to make us pee our pants from laughter! We're taking a look at some of the best moments from Will and Grace, including the time Jack stalked Kevin Bacon, Jack married Rosario, Amber-Louise and Jack are co-hosts on “Jack TV”, Jack met Cher, and Grace's water bra leaked!


Top 10 Will and Grace Moments

Get your popcorn and Cher doll ready. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Will and Grace moments.

For this list, we’re looking at the best, funniest and/or most memorable moments from the American sitcom.

#10: Will & Kevin Are Footloose

“Bacon and Eggs”

Watching Kevin Bacon dance to “Footloose” will never get old. In one of Jack’s many stalking incidents, we watch him as he watches Mr. Kevin Bacon and inadvertently pulls Will into it. When they’re caught in the act, Jack throws Will under the bus by claiming that his friend is the stalker Bacon has been looking for. Bacon brings Will inside his house to get the full explanation, which ends with the most epic version of Bacon’s famous Footloose dance outside of the 1984 film. While that may have been decades, this episode shows that Bacon’s clearly still got it!

#9: Jack Marries Rosario

“Object of My Rejection”

Rosario is Miss Karen’s long-suffering maid. But she is about to get kicked out of the country if she doesn’t get a green card – in walks Jack McFarland to save the day. The two have to convince the authorities that they’re in a legitimate relationship and so comes the sound of wedding bells. Jack has done a lot of stupid things in his lifetime, but marrying Rosario so that she can stay in our lives was one of the smartest decisions he has ever made. We love Rosario, and we love that she and Jack became bound to each other for life.

#8: Amber-Louise & Jack Are Co-Hosts on ‘Jack Talk’

“Buy, Buy Baby”

It’s Britney biotch, but this time, she’s a southern, ultra conservative Christian named Amber Louise - or at least that’s what she wants people to think. Rightwingers have bought the Out TV network and hired Britney Spears’ Amber Louise to co-host “Jack Talk” as part of a revamp. Little do they or Jack know, Amber-Louise is actually a hardcore lesbian with her own agenda. We can’t get enough of Britney and her acting is spot on. Though it was the first time Britney appeared on the show, Jack and Grace had previously paid homage to her before.

#7: Jack Acts Straight & Makes Out with Karen

“Girls, Interrupted”

The amount of tongue involved in this moment is next level. Jack crashes a party for “former homosexuals” so that he can talk to a guy he has a crush on. He brings along good old faithful Karen to maintain the ruse that he’s straight. While this might sound awkward, one thing’s for sure: Jack and Karen sure know how to make out. It seems like a good 10 seconds before they come up for air and it’s a moment we can’t get out of our heads – no matter how hard we try.

#6: Jack Comes Out to His Mom

“Homo for the Holidays”

For all the laughs and physical comedy that come with Will and Grace, they also have really important episodes for and about the LGBTIQ community. Case in point this season 2 episode in which it’s discovered that Jack’s Mom had no idea that he’s gay. It’s a moment of both self-acceptance and hilarity that is beautifully played out. It also prompts Mrs. McFarland to drop a bombshell of her own, after which Jack drops to the floor. Both revelations cement the episode as one for the books.

#5: Jack & Karen’s ‘Slap-Off’

“Coffee and Commitment”

Let’s face it, Jack and Karen are arugably the best part of this show. And what makes this duo extra funny to watch is when they get physical. Karen is known to give a good slap, but Jack is not scared to give one right back to her. In one particular slap-stick moment in which Karen isn’t allowed alcohol and Jack isn’t allowed coffee, they find themselves consistently hitting each other back and forth. Suffice to say, it’s comedy gold and while it’s only one of many slap-offs involving Karen, the way the twosome stops the fight is just the cherry on the cake.

#4: Will & Grace’s Big Fight

“The Kid Stays Out of the Picture”

As much as this episode hurt our hearts, it had one hell of a final moment. After Grace asks Will to wait another month before they try and have a baby again, Will is over waiting for Grace. They go from talking about the baby to shouting and screaming about each other’s faults. It ends with Will throwing Grace out of the apartment, breaking our hearts in the process. We’ve got to take our hats off to Debra Messing and Eric McCormick for their superb performances her; this one really did a number on us.

#3: ‘80s Flashback: Will & Grace Are Dating

“Lows in the Mid-Eighties”

In this episode, we’re transported back to the 19880s when Will and Grace were dating in college and get to see the twosome in a very different light . Will is obviously hiding his true sexuality and Grace is so head over heels in love that she ignores all the signs. The music, the era and the hairstyles all make for a collection of laugh out loud moments. Then there’s Grace’s mom, played by Debbie Reynolds, who makes another appearance and is divine with her song and dance. But of most of all, who can forqget what Jack McFarland looked like back then!

#2: Grace’s Water Bra Leaks

“Das Boob”

It’s a known fact that Grace is not well-endowed in the chest area, as this is constantly brought to attention on the show. In order to make her appear to be bigger than she is, she wears a water bra – as one apparently does. We all know what is about to happen, right? Disaster strikes while Grace is on a date at an art gallery - but don’t worry, Will is there to save the day. This is yet another example of great physical comedy killing us each and every time.

Before we unevil our #1 pick, here are some honourable mentions.

Will & Jack Kiss on Camera During ‘The Today Show’

“Acting Out”

Karen's Chanel Sling-backs

“Sweet and Sour Charity”

Jack & Karen Sing with Helium


#1: Jack Meets Cher

“Gypsies, Tramps and Weed”

Over the years, there have been many-a-diva that has appeared on Will and Grace, but none can compare to the Goddess of Pop: Cher. At a restaurantm Cher overhears Jack talking to his doll that’s named Cher. She butts into his conversation and he mistakes her for a drag queen. He then gives her a few vocal lessons. If we could turn back time, we would certainly watch this again and again. Oh and good on Cher for being such a good sport and help make this one of the funniest moments on TV.