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Top 10 Things You'll Like if You Enjoy Mass Effect

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean If you like Mass Effect you’ll definitely like these! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things Mass Effect Fans Need To Check Out! Special thanks to our user “Dan Paradis” for suggesting the new, avant garde topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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If You Like Mass Effect You Will Like…

Lack of Shepard and company giving you withdrawals? Take a gander at these. Welcome to, and if you like Mass Effect, then you are sure to like these!

For this list, we’ll be picking out ten titles from across a variety of mediums that in one way or another should satisfy any fan of the Mass Effect series, at least until the release of Andromeda!

#10: “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” (2003)

Turns out that when it comes to sci-fi Bioware are artists, plain and simple. Taking the juggernaut that is the Star War lore and setting it before the events of films, this game explores the roles of the Jedi and the Sith before the rise of the Empire, giving us a fresh cast of characters, the choice to either resist or be seduced by the Dark Side of the Force, as well as one of gaming’s greatest twists. You may be swapping your assault rifle for a lightsabe, but the blueprints for what made Bioware what it is today can be easily seen throughout this journey a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

#9: “Stargate Atlantis” (2004-09)

Long before the Pathfinders made the voyage into the Andromeda Galaxy, this spin-off TV series of the acclaimed Stargate franchise took the Atlantis Expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy, with their off world recon team was lead by none other than … Col. Shepard, hey what do you know. Featuring a plentiful mix of action and humor along with a strong focus on exploration, if you were a fan of venturing into the unknown with Mass Effect, then this one is an easy contender worthy for your consideration. Not to mention it does feature our man Khal Drogo so that’s already a plus!

#8: “Hyperion” (1989)

Bust out those reading glasses kids, because without published sci-fi fantasy novels such as these Mass Effect may not have even come to pass. Author Dan Simmons first instalment in what would became known as the Hyperion Cantos may lack Salarian singing or Turian reach and flexibility but it does provide some rather familiar narrative devices such as a roster of diverse characters and a web of interstellar jump-gates. Still not convinced? Well, considering one of the Ark ships in Andromeda is named the Hyperion, we’d say in some shape or form that the splendour of the original text still shines through even in a video game medium.

#7: “Deus Ex” series (2000-16)

What does it mean to be truly human? At one point does humanity transcend to the point where even those who are more machine than man have more a soul than the rest of society? Prepare to find yourself debating these questions while simultaneously kicking ass. Whether you’re a fan of the neo-noir escapades of JC Denton or the augmented awesomeness of Adam Jensen, not only does this future paint mankind in a bleak light, but also offers players the choice to engage enemies via lethal or non-lethal means. For those that were smitten with the Paragon or Renegade prompts, branching paths and dealing with the consequences of your choices, this series is right up your alley.

#6: “The Witcher” series (2007-)

They may be on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes the universes they inhabit, but if you’re dying for start fresh with a video game trilogy massive in scope, brimming with character, masterful in its storytelling and packed with so many quests that you’ll end up losing sleep, then no one does it better than Geralt of Rivia. As the titular Witcher, players will find themselves thrown into conflict against both the greed of humans as well as the threats of a whole encyclopaedia’s worth of monsters. Oh, and it also comes with plenty of raunchy moments for those who like their romances with a little more spice.

#5: “Foundation” series (1942-93)

If you’re up for some further reading, then we’d highly recommend Isaac Asimov’s Hugo Award winning series, which sees a gifted mathematician foresee the fall of the great Galactic Empire due to his mastery of psychohistory; a form of mathematics that allows him to predict the future. Across the trilogy, he endeavours to preserve all human knowledge with a chosen group of intellects, all the while outwitting the less benevolent forces of neighbouring planets. With diplomacy and humanity’s advancement being at the forefront, it’s easy to see the parallels that Shepard goes through while trying to prepare all civilised life from the incoming threat of the Reapers.

#4: “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” (1993-98)

You could draw attention to any of the series under the Star Trek banner, since much like Mass Effect they emphasise exploration across the cosmos, the comparisons and contrasts between other species, as well as the sacrifices required to stop a colossal threat. However, we have to go with the show helmed by Captain Benjamin Sisko for this one, given Deep Space Nine’s tendency to not only focus on the darker aspects of religion and race relations, but also war in general. With even some of our heroes holding onto deep-rooted prejudices, it’s not hard to see the similarities given how Mass Effect deals with both of these subjects in abundance, especially in the case of the Quarian-Geth War.

#3: “Wing Commander” series (1990-2007)

Since Star Citizen (xref) is still a little ways off, we have to go with developer Chris Robert’s original undertaking that gave us all the space battles we could ever want all from the safety of our cockpits. While the gameplay mechanics vastly differ, what with one being a space flight simulator, the cinematic storytelling elements seen in the sequels can be seen as a basis that Mass Effect most certainly benefitted from. Murders, betrayals and political intrigue may have been perfected to a fine art in modern sci-fi games, but its fair say that this series had a helping hand in laying the groundwork.

#2: “Firefly” (2002)

It may have been cut horrifically short, but thanks to Joss Whedon’s signature style of character development, on-point humour and taste for flipping genres on their head, this space western demands to be watched. For those that above all else enjoyed the interactions between Shepard and his crew and watching how those relationships grew through every dangerous encounter, than the crew of Serenity have you covered. Focusing on a rag-tag group on the fringes of society and on the run from the all governing Alliance, the show’s heart and sense of adventure will easily charm you…before making you despise the fact it only lasted one season. Why did they cancel this?!

#1: “Dragon Age” series (2009-14)

There may not be a thermal clip in sight, but trust us, if you enjoy Bioware’s sense of place, character and mythos then we urge you to take up your sword and journey to the world of Thedas. As either the Grey Warden, Hawke or the Inquisitor, players will have a chance to assume the role of as well as interact with multiple races, battle a whole plethora of fantastical creatures, define the future of kingdoms with your choices, and yes, even earn the love of one of your party members. Honestly, who wouldn’t leap at the chance to ride the Bull?

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