Top 5 Surprising Facts about Glee



Top 5 Surprising Facts about Glee

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Welcome to Glee Club! Though the show has officially ended, we're still not over the popular musical show that gave us so many memorable characters. In this countdown we're taking a look at some surprising facts about Glee you may or may not have known about!

Top 5 Surprising Facts About Glee

This is for both the casual viewers and the hardcore “Gleeks”. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 5 Surprising Facts About Glee.

For this list, we’re attempting to provide you with some unknown tidbits about everyone’s favorite Glee club.

#5: Sue Only Calls Emma by Her Correct Name During the Pilot

From the very first episode of “Glee,” it was clear who the primary antagonist was going to be. Foulmouthed, hot-tempered and insanely vindictive, Jane Lynch’s portrayal of Sue Sylvester was one that attracted plenty of attention during the show’s six-season run. One of Sue’s attributes was her uncanny ability to provide anyone who crossed her path with a nickname. This was never more apparent than during the first two seasons of the show, a stretch in which Sue only calls Emma by her correct name once. Some of monikers bestowed upon her by the coach of the cheerleading squad include: Irma, Arlene, Redhead, and You. It wouldn’t be until the third season that Sue actually calls Emma by her real name again.

#4: Lea Michele Had a Crazy 1st Audition

From the beginning, it was evident that Lea Michele was a star in the making. Perhaps that’s why “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy wrote the role of Rachel specifically for her. Yet, when it came time for her to audition, things went a little haywire. On her way to the studio, Michele got into a car accident. The young actress made it to her audition on time, albeit a little frazzled and still pulling shards of glass from her hair. If that wasn’t enough, during her rendition of a tune from the musical, “Les Misérables,” the pianist skipped a verse without informing her. A professional through and through, Michele demanded that they go back and do it properly – much to the amusement of the writers in the room!

#3: Chris Colfer Auditioned for the Role Of Artie

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Kevin McHale playing the role of Artie. He did a fantastic job of portraying the wheelchair-bound character – even if his cast mates had to occasionally remind him to stop tapping his feet to beat of the song. However, Chris Colfer originally auditioned for the role of Artie. In fact, after trying out for the role – and ultimately failing to secure it – the writers decided to create a new character specifically for him. It was in this way that the role of Kurt came to fruition. Thankfully for “Gleeks” everywhere, the world was blessed with six awesome seasons of Kurt and Artie!

#2: Cory Monteith's Death Changed the Show’s Final Image

On July 13th, 2013, Canadian actor Cory Monteith died of a drug overdose at the age of 31. He had risen to fame playing the character of Finn Hudson on “Glee.” Because his character was an integral part of the show’s narrative, his untimely death forced the creators to re-work their original vision for how they wanted “Glee” to end. Initially, their plan was to have Finn, now a teacher at McKinley High, and Rachel, now a Broadway star, reunite. Due to the tragic circumstances that befell Monteith, this scene never occurred. The series ultimately ended with a group performance and one final salute to Finn Hudson.

#1: New Directions Was Supposed to Win Regionals in Season 1

If you’re a fan of the show, then you remember how this one played out. In an emotionally charged episode that featured the birth of a child, a declaration of love, and Olivia Newton-John, New Directions unfortunately came last in the Regionals competition. However, this was not how the season was originally supposed to end. Because of his concern that “Glee” wasn’t going to be picked up for a second season, showrunner Ryan Murphy had intended for New Directions to come in first place. When he learned that a second season had been approved, he altered the script so that New Directions would have something to strive for the next time around.

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