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Top 10 Ways to Instantly Be Happier

VO: Emily Brayton
We all have sad days. How you choose to deal with them makes all the difference. We’ve compiled a list of 10 small ways to instantly be happier! While you feel like world should revolve around you when you’re down, you’d be surprised at how good you feel by boosting someone else’s confidence! Try taking a bath! You'll quickly find yourself super relaxed. Of course, there's no better way than to get moving because exercise gives you endorphins!

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Top 10 Ways to Instantly Be Happier

When you’re feeling down, there are some easy ways to pick yourself up! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Ways to Instantly Be Happier.

For this list, we’re taking a look at realistic, attainable and accessible ways to find instant happiness.

#10: Give a Compliment

The best way to make yourself happy is to make someone else happy – and here, authenticity is everything. Begin with your family and friends; let them know why you appreciate them, and keep it simple. Not only will you exude positive vibes and improve someone’s day; you’ll also override any negativity in your system. Rather than worrying about trivial matters, see if you can lift somebody’s spirits by offering a genuine and appropriate compliment. No need to be overly dramatic; just think of a few kinds words, and remember to smile!

#9: Eat a Clementine

It’s been proven that clementines make you happy – thanks science! It’s all about the smell, as shown by a study published in 2005 entitled “Effects of Fragrance on Emotions: Moods and Physiology.” A clementine’s citrusy aroma stimulates the mind, which naturally leads to a sense of happiness. Some smells set the mood for love and relaxation, while others prompt immediate joy. That’s why you should always try to have some clementines around for a practical way to stay peppy. In fact, you don’t necessarily even need to eat them; just the smell will do the trick.

#8: Clean Your Desk

Your desk speaks volumes about your lifestyle and headspace. Of course, some people have cluttered desks because they’re extremely busy. But have you ever noticed those same people tend to be a bit cranky? That’s because, according to Psychology Today, our minds can’t take the overly stimulating effect clutter has on our senses. Plus, it subconsciously makes you think that your work will never be done. Don’t get us wrong: you don’t need to clean your desk every day, but it makes sense to keep your workspace organized. Hey, there’s something to that feng shui stuff: a clear desk often means a clear mind.

#7: Bask in the Daylight

When you’re down in the dumps, your natural inclination is likely to shut off the lights, find something on TV and just chill. But, if you expose yourself to a little sunlight – even when you’re not totally stressed out – it can do a world of good because it naturally increases your level of serotonin – otherwise known as the happiness hormone. Depending on your schedule, lunch may be the best time to soak up that Vitamin D – plus, it’s a great way to disengage from a hectic work environment. Sunlight is a reliable source of energy for the mind, body and soul.

#6: Meditate

What exactly IS meditation? Well, it’s different things to different people, but usually it involves focus and commitment to the moment. Try being mindful of your breathing for a few minutes, or just take a walk and quietly observe nature. What’s more, breathing routines can help you catch Zs sooner, leading to a sense of relief and hopefully a deeper sleep as well. Ultimately, meditation reduces anxiety. It’s a life hack that’ll extend to other aspects of your daily routine, and you’ll feel more equipped to deal with stressful situations. Keep calm and meditate.

#5: Surround Yourself with Puppies & Kittens

If the explosion of cute animal videos is any indication, people know that kitty and puppy love is a guaranteed happiness boost. And that’s backed by science! According to a study at Japan’s Hiroshima University, attention, concentration and overall focus can be improved just by looking at pictures of baby animals. Then there are therapy animals, which are trained to comfort people who need it. Plus, having a pet will get you moving, give you a sense of purpose and responsibility and provide the physical contact and unconditional love you might be missing. So head out and find a furry friend!

#4: Take a Bath

A relaxing bath allows you to separate yourself from all the pressures and anxiety of your daily life. You can reduce muscle pain, calm down before bed, try some aromatherapy or Epsom salt, or grab a glass of wine and a book and just veg. For the optimal bath experience, it’s important to commit fully: this is no place for phone calls or social media – it’s a place to unwind; a place where a relaxing vanilla-scented candle comes in handy and the sound of flowing bath water has a calming effect. As they say, treat yo’ self!

#3: Sing Out Loud & Dance Like No One’s Watching

Whether you’re in the shower, on a road trip or just walkin’ down the street, there’s something truly liberating about belting out your favorite song. And again, it’s down to those trusty endorphins that are released when you sing. Well, endorphins and oxytocin, which together reduce stress and anxiety and increase feelings of pleasure. Plus, you don’t even have to be a GOOD singer! Same goes for dancing: just get that booty shaking and feel the stress melt away. Hey, why don’t you try joining a choir or a dance troupe or something? You’ll reap the benefits AND make new friends. Win-win!

#2: Unplug

Sure, technology’s great, but it’s also affected us negatively. Maybe you’re tired of your relatives talking politics on Facebook; maybe you’re sick of answering work emails at 11:30pm; maybe you’ve got a case of FOMO thanks to Instagram. But all you need to do to ease those agitated feelings is unplug. For some, a couple of minutes can work wonders. Of course, most of us can’t go completely off the grid, but rather than staring at a screen when you’re majorly stressed out, take a little “me” time and remember that you don’t need social media all day, every day.

#1: Get Moving!

You’ve heard of “runner’s high”? It’s that euphoric feeling you get after a really good workout. And, it’s NOT all in your head: studies have shown that exercise can ease symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress, as it releases endorphins and produces that exhilarated sensation. But not only does exercise improve your mood; it’ll also improve your sleep, memory, self-esteem and – of course – your overall health. So hop on a bike, go for a brisk lunchtime walk, do some yard work, take up tap dancing, take a Zumba class – whatever! Just get moving! Your body – and your mind – will thank you.


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