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Top 10 Justin Bieber Music Videos

VO: Emily Brayton
YouTube was Justin Bieber’s claim to fame, and now he’s one of the biggest names in pop music. In today’s countdown we take a look at the Top 10 Justin Bieber Music videos! We’ve included I’ll Show You, As Long As You Love Me, Boyfriend, Where Are Ü Now, Somebody to Love remix, Company, Baby, What Do you Mean and Beauty and the Beat.

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Top 10 Justin Bieber Music Videos

He’s got the looks, the moves, and the voice to make the perfect videos. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Justin Bieber Music Videos. For this list, we’re only looking at the videos that feature Justin himself, so we won’t be including the videos he released for The Purpose Movement.

#10: “I’ll Show You” (2015)

Throughout the course of his career, Justin’s had his fair share of critics and haters. But in this video, he sets out to show a more vulnerable side of himself. To do this, he leaves behind the glitz and glamour of his Hollywood life for the tranquil setting of Iceland. Simple yet stunning visuals show Justin exploring the hilly countryside by himself. With a mix of overhead and tracking shots, there’s a sense that he’s finally at peace in this scenic setting, far away from screaming fans and paparazzi. Even if you’re not a fan of Justin, you sure can’t beat the view.

#9: “As Long As You Love Me” feat. Big Sean (2012)

Justin seems to be a die-hard romantic, and this video perfectly illustrates his commitment to love. The video starts off with a Romeo and Juliet-like set-up, with Justin not getting the approval from his love interest’s father. Instead of backing off, Justin decides to run away with his true love in this sleek and sexy video. What follows are clips of their ride-or-die relationship in action, which ultimately leads to a bloodied and battered Justin. In amongst this is one of Justin’s strongest dance sequences, as well as an appearance from Big Sean.

#8: “Pray” (2010)

Without his fans, Justin would be nothing. Even though he struggles with fame and his relationship with them, we know that deep down he cares. “Pray” is the perfect example of his appreciation for his fans and everything he’s been blessed with. In this video, we see scenes from natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the tragic earthquake in Haiti, paired with shots of military soldiers reuniting with their families and his visits to kids in the hospital. It’s emotional and touching to watch, and is a great reminder to be thankful for what you have.

#7: “Boyfriend” (2012)

Justin knows he’s good looking, and in this video he shows off why he’s the star of so many girls’ fantasies. Looking like a certified badass, Justin pulls up in shades and a convertible for a night of rooftop chilling. There’s really no storyline to the video but that doesn’t matter: it’s just fun to watch Justin dance. The video was highly anticipated among his fans, and upon its initial release it broke the Vevo record for most views in a 24-hour period with 8 million streams.

#6: “Where Are Ü Now” with Skrillex & Diplo (2015)

Originally written as a piano ballad during a dark period in his life, Justin teamed up with Skrillex and Diplo, the Jack Ü duo, to turn it into an electronic hit. To make the video special, Bieber fans were able to provide the images and text featured in the video. It opens with a sullen Justin standing alone in a dark room, only to come alive with the crayon images dancing and swirling all around him. The images flash frantically over the hyperactive beat, making for a seriously striking music video. It’s no wonder it won the MTV VMA in 2015 for Best Visual Effects.

#5: “Somebody to Love Remix” feat. Usher (2010)

Unlike Justin’s earlier videos, this video was the first one to showcase how much of a triple threat Justin really is. Instead of telling a straightforward story, we see Justin dance his heart out with various crews, including the Poreotics and Beat Freaks, both of whom competed on seasons of “America’s Best Dance Crew.” Justin channels some of the moves of his mentor, Usher, who appears in the video as well, to show off some swagger of his own. The dancing is definitely the highlight of the show, but it’s fun to watch the backgrounds and dancers change throughout.

#4: “Company” (2016)

While he also did a video of this song with The Purpose Movement, it’s the one featuring Justin we can’t get enough of. Using footage of Justin over the course of The Purpose Tour, we get to see him in various settings, from the stage to the studio to – you guessed it – his shirtless scenes on the beach. It’s a good window into Justin’s journey over the course of last year or so and with gorgeous cinematography and quick cuts, this video just keeps on delivering.

#3: “Beauty and a Beat” feat. Nicki Minaj” (2012)

Definitely Justin’s most carefree vid, “Beauty and a Beat” has one of the most epic pool parties we’ve ever seen. Recorded by Justin on a Go-Pro, it begins with a disclaimer that it contains personal footage of Justin that was stolen and posted by an anonymous user. Even though we know that’s not true, it just adds another element of fun to the whole project. Bright colors, casual choreography, and the vibrant setting of a nighttime pool party make it fun to watch. Justin and Nicki genuinely look like they’re having a good time together, which explains why it has more than 700 million views on YouTube. Not bad for this young star from London, Ontario.

#2: “Baby” feat. Ludacris (2010)

The video that stole our hearts. It doesn’t get much better than baby faced Justin crooning in a bowling alley about losing his first love. Puppy love never looked so good as he romances his crush, and shows off for her by dancing with his friends – which leads to a dance battle of girls versus boys. By the end, he wins her back and we can’t blame her for falling victim to his charms. Ludacris shows up to spit his verse, adding his energy to the music .The video broke records and was the most watched YouTube video for two years, until 2012’s “Gangnam Style” surpassed it. But sitting well past a billion views, it’s still doing just fine.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

“One Time” (2009)

“Mistletoe” (2011)

“One Less Lonely Girl” (2009)

#1: “What Do You Mean?” (2015)

Sleek, sexy, and slightly dangerous, our number one entry has a different feel to it than any other video Justin’s put out. The video begins with a mysterious meeting between Justin and a villainous John Leguizamo who he pays off for some unknown purpose. We follow Justin as he seduces a girl in a neon lit, seedy motel room. But the video takes a turn when masked men kidnap them. It ends up being harmless, and suddenly they find themselves at a skate park in an abandoned warehouse. Directed by Brad Furman, “What Do You Mean?” has the perfect mix of intrigue and fun to make it Justin’s most unforgettable video.

Do you agree with our list? Which Justin Bieber video do you watch over and over? For more can’t miss Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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