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Another Top 10 Celebrities With Terrible Plastic Surgery

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by Liam Hillery

With so much bad plastic surgery operations being taken up by celebrities, there is just too many entries for one list. Whether they are botched breast implants, too much botox, bad butt implants, or a nose job gone wrong, we’ve got all of your favourite celebs right here with their discount plastic surgery jobs. Janice Dickinson, Heidi Montag, Priscilla Presley, Caitlyn Jenner and many more.

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Another Top 10 Celebrities With Terrible Plastic Surgery

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Celebrities with the Worst Plastic Surgery.

For this list, we’re looking at celebs of all calibers so long as they’ve reportedly undergone plastic surgery transformations that did the opposite of improving their looks. Don’t see someone you think should have made the list? Check out our first list of Celebrities with the Worst Plastic Surgery.

#10: Farrah Abraham

Now there’s no question that having a baby is one difficult and exhaustingly draining task, and those hardships are certainly multiplied when you give birth as young as Farrah Abraham, MTV’s starlet teen mom, did. Somehow, Farrah was able to maintain her stunning natural beauty despite giving birth. Still, the MTV diva has since opted for a bit of plastic surgery, and all that natural beauty was stripped away. Abraham has had work done all over her body; a chin implant here, a rhinoplasty there… oh, and three breast augmentations as of 2015. We’re not sure what these changes were meant to do for her career, but they likely helped her land at least one indie role…

#9: Amanda Lepore

One of America’s most famous transgender people in the public spotlight, Amanda Lepore underwent a sex change operation at the young age of 19. The operation was a complete success, and Lepore emerged a beautiful woman. However, she has since pursued a plastic surgery campaign meant to perfect her features. Unfortunately, they’ve pretty much done the opposite. She’s had repeated nip/tucks and breast augmentations. She’s had a slew of lip injections, fillers, a nose job, a forehead lift, a bunch of Botox injections, and a butt implant. Oh, and then there’s the most extreme of them all: she actually had a rib broken so that she could slim her waist down.

#8: Kenny Rogers

Part of the Kenny Rogers charm was always his somewhat rough appeal. After all, how else would you envision one of the most successful country singers of all time? He’s meant to be the cowboy type; tough, rugged, even leathery. Well, he abandoned that look when he sought a few surgeries to make him look younger. Rogers has had a eyelid-lift, as well as Botox injections - and wow are they noticeable, but not in a good way. As he appears now, it looks like Rogers’ skin is stretched a little too tight over his skull, and we’re not the only ones who think so. Rogers himself has expressed disappointment in the results of some of his surgeries.

#7: Bruce Jenner

At this point, Caitlyn Jenner is quite famous for her transformation from male to female in 2015. However we’re not concerned with Caitlyn here; we’re concerned with Bruce. Before her sex change, when Caitlyn was Bruce, he underwent a series of plastic surgeries, and it’s those atrocities that make this list. As a man, Jenner had at least six cosmetic surgeries done on his face, including a series of rhinoplasties, as well as at least one quite severe face-lift. On the wilder side, he even had his Adam’s apple shaved down so it was less prominent. Unfortunately for Bruce, these did not suit him as a man, but she’s looking quite nice as a woman now.

#6: Priscilla Presley

This famous star has a long list of credits and ventures marking a very successful career. She starred alongside Leslie Nielsen in the hilarious “Naked Gun” series, excellently portrayed the character Jenna Wade in the primetime soap opera, “Dallas,” and well… she was married to The King, Elvis Presley. With such a long career, you’d forgive Priscilla for developing a few wrinkles and lines over time, but she’s tried her best to escape the ol’ aging process. Seemingly addicted to silicone, Presley has reportedly undergone a ton of Botox injections, a face-lift, brow lift, cheek implants, collagen lip injections, and chemical peels. Unfortunately, the end result is less than flattering, as her face appears puffy and unnatural now.

#5: Axl Rose

The Guns n’ Roses singer had a musical career in the ‘80s and ‘90s consisting of hit after hit, but the surgical efforts he took to maintain his youthful looks have been more of a swing and a miss. Like many who made this list, Axl opted to have a lot of work done on his face, likely because that’s where aging is most noticeable. It seems he was fond of the Botox injections, as his face appears unnatural and frozen in place. But you can’t just blame the Botox. His poor results were allegedly aided by a botched face-lift and at least one bad chemical peel.

#4: La Toya Jackson

The Jackson family doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of luck in the plastic surgery department. See our other list for a certain King of Pop. As for La Toya, fans and celebrity news outlets have lamented her decision to alter her already stunning natural beauty. We could certainly point out the unfortunate results of her supposed chin implant, lip injections, and breast augmentation, but in reality, all of those offenses pale in comparison to what’s arguably the worst surgery she underwent: the rhinoplasty. Amongst the most famous awful plastic surgeries ever, La Toya’s nose job essentially caved in her nostrils.

#3: Heidi Montag

Oh my god, what a massive set of… eyes she has. Oh, and her breasts are eye-popping as well. The MTV reality star has pretty much had it all done: a brow lift, rhinoplasty, a few lipos, chin alterations, ears pinned – whatever that is – and two, count ‘em, two breast enlargements. She’s continually had work done, but perhaps most notoriously, she’s admitted to having ten surgeries done in one day. Montag has claimed that her struggles with personal insecurities are what led to the surgeries, but we can’t imagine they did anything to help her personal battles, as the end product appears shoddy at best.

#2: Melanie Griffith

No, that’s not a mask, that’s Melanie Griffith. Regardless, the Academy Award nominee is in there somewhere, there just happens to be a few layers of plastic in the way. Many Hollywood stars get a bit of work done to try maintaining their looks, but Griffith went above and beyond to detrimental effects. Seemingly all of her alleged work has failed to achieve results; her facelift, lip injections, breast augmentation, liposuctions, and fillers have just left her looking less than her best. Where the surgeries have left her now, we’re not sure Griffith looks young or old. She’s beyond age classification.

#1: Janice Dickinson

She claims to be the world’s first ever supermodel. Whether you accept that title or not, there’s no denying Dickinson was one of the most powerful and well known models when she was at the top of her game. But modeling careers are short; you can’t hold on to your looks forever, no matter how many plastic surgeries you have. A boob job, face-lift, liposuction, neck lift, Botox galore, and whatever else she’s supposedly done under the knife has transformed the super model into a completely different person. Seemingly plastic from head to toe, Dickinson appears to have lost much of her natural beauty, replaced by whatever all of this is.

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