Top 10 Video Games With The Most Nudity!

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BOOBIES...ASS...PENISES! And other stuff we assume. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games with the Most Nudity.

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Top 10 Video Games with the Most Nudity

Because BOOBIES … ASS ... DICKS. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our Top 10 Video Games with the Most Nudity.

I’m sure that title was pretty self-explanatory right? No real spoiler alert needed here – as we’re only spoiling that which has been previously left up to your imagination.

#10: “Mafia 3” (2016)

The life of a gangster is a rough one, and if this title has taught us anything it’s that choosing this path will send you deep into the sex cauldrons of the city at every opportunity. Whether you’re putting the squeeze on someone or simply visiting some associates, you’ll see more breasts here than in a real strip club. Gamers are constantly running through the various adult entertainment that litters the streets both for business and for pleasure, and there’s definitely no lacking in sex of all kinds in this one.

#9: “Metro: Last Light” (2013)

Being cooped up in the underground subway systems of a post-apocalyptic Moscow evidently invites some less than chaste recreational activities, because Artyom definitely gets more than an eyeful in this depressing shooter. There are plenty of opportunities for up close encounters with the strippers populating the various clubs in the depressing, underground world, and you can even take things a few steps further if you’re so inclined. Gamers may have been drawn into the world by the dark setting and gloomy atmosphere, but 4A Games didn’t want to take any chances, and gave them every reason available to stay there.

#8: “Duke Nukem Forever” (2011)

This title may have been a misguided attempt at reliving the glory days of the macho action hero, but it certainly delivered all the nudity one could come to expect from the series. Whether you’re collecting toys in a strip club for your private lap dance, or delving deep into the alien catacombs to help save society, you can be reasonably certain that there are going to be breasts at every step of the way. It doesn’t really matter if the girls should be topless while held prisoner by the invaders, but rest assured that for whatever reason, they are. Even the walls have boobs, and we’re still not entirely sure why.

#7: “Leisure Suit Larry” series (1987-2013)

In a series about a sad little man trying desperately to get laid, it would seem self-explanatory that the nudity in this long running series would be through the roof. Unfortunately for those early gamers, most of the action people had paid to see was more implied than anything else, but as the series progressed through the years, so did the sexual content. Throwing caution to the wind, more girls got naked, sex scenes got more explicit, and gamers finally no longer had to use their imaginations. It took poor old Larry a long time to get to this point, but it seems to have been worth it.

#6: “Saints Row 4” (2013)

A complete parody of all the open world games that littered the market since the mid 2000s, it would be doing the genre a disservice if the fourth entry in this masterfully done series didn’t have a healthy dose of the human form au naturel. Gamers are able to play through entire missions naked, walk around the city streets with as much or as little clothes as they want, and completely alter the dimensions of their characters to suit their desires. Of course, there are the ever present nude mods, but this is maybe one title that doesn’t really need it.

#5: “BMX XXX” (2002)

Probably the most exploitative of any entry on this list, this strange cross-over appeals to a very niche demographic who apparently desperately craved more sex in their stunt biking games. With the ability to create, modify, and take these topless or even nude girls out into the park, gamers are treated to one of the strangest displays of jiggle physics imaginable. And in case you couldn’t truly appreciate the nudity on display while putting all your focus into completing the various jumps, there’s a healthy dose of full motion video strippers to really drive home the true purpose of this game. Regardless of being far from well known, this game isdefinitely remembered for having the most nudity in gaming.

#4: “HuniePop” (2015)

If you’ve played Candy Crush or Bejeweled and quickly lost interest you might find out that the only thing missing from your enjoyment was the promise of naked girls. Bridging these two seemingly unrelated worlds into one seriously adult cult classic, Ryan Koons’ title filled a niche that gamers weren’t even really sure they asked for. Matching symbols to woo the many girls of the game, players are rewarded with naked pictures, models during gameplay, and enough suggestive content to very easily distract you from the task at hand. Girls lose their clothes ridiculously quickly, so if pure nudity is what you’re looking for, look no further.

#3: “The Witcher” series (2007-)

Much less shameless than some of the other entries on this list, Geralt’s adventures throughout the world hit all the fantasy tropes of violence, adventure, and of course, sex. It seems like there are plenty of women who just want to get with the legendary protagonist, and gamers everywhere are spared no detail at each and every encounter. Whether it’s seducing sorceresses or getting kicked out of bed after a romp in the sack,there are more breasts in each and every one of these games than certain issues of Playboy.

#2: “Playboy: The Mansion” (2005)

Speaking of the infamous ‘zine, this Hugh Hefner simulator hits all the boxes you’d expect from a game about running a fictional Playboy Mansion. Taking control of everything from hosting parties to shooting spreads for the next issue, gamers are in charge of building their empire and wooing the right girls for the right centerfolds, and there are no holds barred. Nude photoshoots, topless playmates wandering around the pools and grounds at the elaborate parties, and a wide variety of women to choose from when organizing your empire, this title paints the life of good old Hugh the way everyone likes to picture it.

#1: “God of War” series (2005-)

Notorious for its blood, gore, and violent executions of the mythical Greek monsters, this ultra-violent series has always had another controversial side to it. Kratos apparently has caught the eye of every woman in Greece, because no matter where he travels to in the series, the God of War always finds the girls who are willing to throw themselves at him in droves. Whether it’s an orgy in a harem, threesomes in a pool, or sex with the goddess of love herself, gamers are constantly treated with breasts, seduction, and the now standard sex mini-game. We’d say it’s a welcome break from killing monsters for hours on end, but even then you can’t always escape the nudity.

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