Top 10 Earliest Games With Sex & Nudity

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EWwwwww. Just because the nudity is pixelated and the lewd acts are crudely portrayed, doesn’t mean that the cringe factor for the these old AF retro games isn’t thru the roof. You thought The Witcher & Mass Effect were the first to show boobies? You think Duke Nukem 3d was a trendsetter? Think again my friend, ‘cause is counting down Top 10 Earliest Games With Sex & Nudity. We hope your body is ready.

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Top 10 Earliest Games with Sex and Nudity

These games proved that video games weren't only marketed to kids. Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Earliest Games with Sex and Nudity.

For this list, we'll be ranking the most explicit, and controversial games which featured sexual situations and nudity as a major part of their game play. We'll be omitting games for which any such themes were incidental to the main plot, such as "Duke Nukem 3-D," however, as our main purpose will be to spotlight some of the most bizarre and naughty titles of the time. Oh, and given the subject matter at hand here, a content warning is probably in order!

#10: "Bachelor Party" (1982)

"Bachelor Party" may represent the first appearance on our list of a video game produced by a company known as Mystique, but it won't be the last. The company was a division of the Caballero Corporation, who were most widely known for producing adult films. In fact, many of their games were branded in tandem with the "Swedish Erotica" line of pornographic home video. "Bachelor Party" was one such game for the Atari 2600, featuring a style of play similar to the arcade hit "Breakout," only this time utilizing a can of "Spanish Fly" as the paddle, and nude women as the bricks. The paddle then propels a naked, erect man repeatedly back and forth into the women. Apparently this guy seems to have misunderstood the term “Scoring”.

#9: "Paradise Cafe" (1985)

The ZX Spectrum system may not be that well known in North America, but this personal home computer enjoyed a retail life for about decade in the United Kingdom, from 1982 to around 1992. Even more obscure was this mysterious adult title released by a Portuguese developer known only as Damatta. "Paradise Cafe" utilized the Portuguese language to detail the first person goings on of a drug and weapons trader who shakes down local citizens, sexually assault an old woman and engages in prostitution. If you're caught by police, you end up in jail without pants. Can't pay a hooker? Then the pimp Reynaldo has his way with you. You know what they say: what goes around “comes” around.

#8: "Miss World '96 Nude" (1996)

Were you a fan of the early 80s arcade puzzle game known as Qix? Did you think that the original Taito design would've been much improved by included images of naked women? If so, then "Miss World '96 Nude" just might be for you...that is, if you can wrap your head around the game's lecherous premise and oddball game play. Players get three lives to try and cut out as many pieces from the "sexy" puzzle as they can, while also avoiding a spider who seems intent on censoring your efforts. Not to mention that if your health bar drops too low that sexy lady behind the image becomes TERRIFYING NIGHTMARE FUEL.

#7: "Burning Desire" (1982)

Mystique strikes again with another strange adult themed game, released the same year as "Bachelor Party" back in 1982. "Burning Desire" is a search and rescue game, with the main selling point being … well … a naked man suspended from a helicopter, braving the flames in order to rescue equally naked females, in the hopes of being rewarded with sex? Sure what could go wrong? The graphics are equally blocky and pedestrian, while the game play is just as monotonous and repetitive as "Bachelor Party." In other words, "Burning Desire" is yet another strange and embarrassing footnote in the world of retro video gaming.

#6: "Strip Fighter 2" (1993)

Not even the fighting game genre was safe from adult parody, as evidenced by this cheap and sleazy knock-off title in Japan for the Turbografx-16. "Strip Fighter 2" utilized the game play engine from C&E's "Super Fighter" series, which itself was "inspired" by the success of the "Street Fighter" franchise. In other words, what we have here is a clunky, unoriginal fighting game with its only novelty being the pixilated, after-match nudity from its female competitors. The last thing any game should do is remind players of another, superior title, yet that's exactly what happens for anyone unfortunate enough to spend time with "Strip Fighter 2."

#5: "Gigolo" (1982)

There were many casualties in the wake of 1983's North American Video Game Crash, one of which was … you guessed it: Mystique. The company sold off its titles to a new company with the name of Playaround, who then marketed a series of double ended cartridges, intended to appeal to gaming couples. One of these titles as "Gigolo," paired together with another called "Cathouse Blues." Both games follow a main character who is breaking into houses and having sex with their occupants, the only difference between the two being the gender of the protagonist. Nice to see that Playaround were thinking of the ladies with this one.

#4: "Steam-Heart's" (1994)

Talk about fan service! This vertical scrolling shooter was released for the PC in 1994, before making its way to Japan for the Sega Saturn in 1998. "Steam-Heart's" is considerably more advanced than the adult themed games of old, utilizing anime-styled character design for the sexual cut scenes that connect with Shoot Em Up sequences … somehow. Different versions of "Steam-Heart's" possess different levels of sexual content, while the actual game itself is leagues beyond other titles on our list in terms of playability and construction. Can't decide whether or not you want some erotica in your shooter, or some shooter in your erotica? Then "Steam-Heart's" is for you.

#3: "Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em" (1982)

In what is perhaps the grossest premise for a video game on this list, "Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em" for the Atari 2600 follows a pair of nude women, who are attempting to catch falling sperm from a masturbating man at the top of the screen. Mystique were once again the purveyors behind this game (of course), and shamelessly copied the game mechanics for "Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em" from the classic Activision title "Kaboom," although the finishing animation where the women lick their lips was presumably all Mystique. Playaround even repackaged the game after Mystique's demise with reverse version titled "Philly Flasher," where two men collect breast milk from a witch, and masturbate after they win. Classy.

#2: "X-Man" (1983)

If you're thinking this game somehow connects to the Marvel comic franchise of a similar name, you'd be oh so wrong. Instead, this perverted "Pac-Man" clone for the Atari 2600 follows a naked man as he attempts to avoid such sharp and unpleasant objects as teeth, scissors and crabs while making his way through a maze. The reward for completing each stage is a crude sex simulation, where the player can wiggle his joystick back and forth for "arousing" bonus points. Yeah we see what you did there. "X-Man" is a fairly rare cartridge to find in the wild, with only twenty to forty-five copies reported to currently exist, as the game was made available only to adults via mail order or under-the-counter sale.

#1: "Custer's Revenge" (1982)

Once again Mystique makes its impact known with what is perhaps the first ever video game to garner widespread political controversy. The game play of "Custer's Revenge" follows George Armstrong Custer-yes, that George Armstrong Custer, from the American Civil War-as he attempts to dodge projectiles in his mission to rape a naked and bound Indian squaw on the other side of the screen. Yeah you heard that right. Oh, and did we mention he's naked and sexually aroused, wearing only a pair of cowboy boots and a ten gallon hat? If this all sounds crude, then you'd be right, as "Custer's Revenge" featured methodical controls and graphics which weren't even impressive by early eighties standards. This game survives based only upon its infamous reputation alone.

So, do you agree with our list? Which adult themed video game do you think toed the line of taste during its time? For more unbelievable top ten lists, published every day, please subscribe to!

Sex and nudity
Sex and nudity