Top 10 Biggest eSports Competitions

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Script written by Christopher Lozano

What is the biggest video game tournament or competition in the world? Which esports competition awards the most prize money, draws the biggest crowds and has the biggest viewership? Where do the pros fight each other in Call of Duty, League of Legends and DOTA2? Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 eSports Competitions!

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Forget the Gatorade and cheerleaders, this list is a strictly virtual affair. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 ESports Competitions.

For this list, we’re counting down the events with the largest attendance, viewing records, and prize pools. These are some serious competitions with some serious fans.

#10: Capcom Cup

Once a year, the greatest fighters in the world gather to decide who is the best. We’re not talking about boxing or UFC here, we’re talking about the Capcom Cup. This competition, featuring Capcom’s legendary fighting game, brings 32 of the world’s best Street Fighter players together for the ultimate brawl. In 2016, these frame-counting players with lightning fast counter reflexes fought it out in Anaheim California with a chance to walk away with $120,000.

#9: ESL One

One of the oldest and largest competitive gaming organizations, ESL hosts a buffet of tournaments worldwide. Held in places like Malaysia, Germany, New York, and the Philippines, ESL One featured some of the highest level play for games such as Dota 2, Counter Strike, and Battlefield 4. The CS:GO tournament in Cologne, Germany broke attendance records with over 14,000 people viewing the live event and was broadcast in over 17 languages. ESL, like their motto says, certainly create legendary eSports moments.

#8: Global Starcrarft II League

It’s the biggest three-way in the galaxy. Terran versus Zerg versus Protoss. Blizzards massively popular RTS series has been a staple of eSport tournaments for decades and the latest incarnation is no exception. Held in South Korean, GSL features some the best mineral gathering and Vespene extracting ever seen. Seriously, look at that SCV go. As of 2015, 3.1 million dollars have been given out to participants of this very popular series.

#7: Call of Duty Championship

Press F to win 800,000 dollars. Held in Burbank, California, the CoD Championship is the culmination of regional tournaments in North America, Asia, Brazil, and Europe. Thirty-two teams from across the globe gather for 4 days of headshots, kill streaks, and nades. The 2016 edition of this massive event had a $2 million prize pool up for grabs and was one of the most watched Call of Duty tournaments ever. This event consistently features some of the clutchest plays in FPS gaming.

#6: Major League Gaming

Founded in 2002, MLG is one of the oldest professional eSports organizations in the world and hosts championships for several different games. MLG has been Falcon Punching the competition and continues to bring out some of the best competitive content in the world. The MLG 2015 World Finals was hosted in New Orleans and featured Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Dota 2, Smite, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Previous championships featured Killer Instinct, Star Craft 2, and League of Legends.

#5: Smite World Championship

Ever wonder which god of the afterlife would win in a fight? Anubis or Hades? Or what would happen if Zeus fought Thor? Well, you don’t need to because the Smite World Championship settles all those questions. The top players of Hi-Rez studios third person MOBA gather in Atlanta, Georgia every year to throw Mjolnir at each other’s heads and compete for a prize pool that has been as high as $2.6 million.

#4: Evolution Championship Series

Do you like punching? Do you like kicking? How about Fatalities and Hadoukens? If so, the Evolution Championship Series is for you. This annual event is exclusively for fighting games and has been held in Las Vegas since 2005. Evo hosts championships for fighting games such as Mortal Kombat XL, Street Fighter V, Killer Instinct, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter V alone had over 5,000 entrants and the finals were broadcast live on ESPN2.

#3: League of Legends World Championship

In order to be the best, you gotta stack creeps like the best. Originally held at Dreamhack in 2011, the massive popularity of Riot Games’ League of Legends lead to the Championship series being spun off into its own event. The 2016, the LoL World Championship was held in Los Angeles and featured 16 of the worlds’ best teams who fought for supremacy over the middle lane and a $2 million prize. The winners of the tournament also receive the Summoner’s Cup, a trophy which weighs nearly 70 pounds.

#2: Dreamhack

Calling itself the world’s largest digital festival, Dreamhack is host to a digital arts competition, live concerts, an expo, and gaming competitions. The festival initially began in 1994 as a small gathering in the basement of an elementary school in Sweden and has since gone on to become one of the largest gaming events in the world and it has spawned numerous other competitions. The 2016 edition featured games such as Pokken, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, and Hearthstone.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions: World Championship Series

Heroes of the Storm World Championship


#1: The International

Only at The International will you see plays like the 6 million dollar Echo Slam. The annual tournament for Valve’s hugely popular Dota 2 has become arguably the biggest single eSports event in the world. In 2014, The International broke all previous records with an over $10 million prize pool. In 2015, it surged to over $18 million. And in 2016, the prize pool was over $20 million. The most recent International was held at the KeyArena in Seattle and sold out in under an hour. This is the granddaddy of eSports competitions.

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