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Top 10 Movie Corporations That Would Be Hell To Work For

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Fred Humphries You might want to think twice before interviewing with any of these companies. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 movie corporations that would be hell to work for. For this list, we’re taking a look at the movie businesses with horrific bosses, terrible working conditions, or the worst job descriptions you’re ever likely to see. Special thanks to our users Andrew A. Dennison for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Fred Humphries

Top 10 Movie Corporations That Would Be Hell To Work For

You might want to think twice before interviewing with any of these companies. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10movie corporations that would be hell to work for. 
For this list, we’re taking a look at the movie businesses with horrific bosses, terrible working conditions, or the worst job descriptions you’re ever likely to see. They can also be places that are just unpleasant or that you wouldn’t enjoy working at. However, we’re ruling out military jobs, as they are inherently perilous. We’re also excluding awful workplaces from real life that have been put on the big screen, such as Stratton Oakmont. And finally, a SPOILER ALERT is in order.

#10: InGen
“Jurassic Park” franchise (1993-)

To be fair, this bio-engineering company started by John Hammond has come very close to perfecting the concept of a dinosaur-themed tourist attraction, but they always get one thing wrong: security. No matter how hard they try, the dinos can never be contained and are always desperate for a quick snack. Whether you’re security personnel, the company’s CEO, or a lowly hot-dog vendor, you’ll never be completely safe at any InGen facility. The company doesn’t even pay its employees very well – case in point: Dennis Nedry felt he was underpaid and eventually got gobbled up trying to steal valuable embryos. Maybe just go to the Dino Workers Union next time, Dennis.

#9: Armadyne Corp
“Elysium” (2013)

Some things never change. Even in 2154, massive corporations are still walking all over the little guy. Health and safety mean nothing to this manufacturer of weapons, security robots, and futuristic healthcare, as they’ll happily force their employees to work with faulty machinery, caring little about whether they get riddled with radiation or not. Worst of all, they will provide no help whatsoever to their workers even when they’re on the brink of death, letting them nowhere near the medical technology thatcould save their lives. When a company’s motto is Intelligence + Armadyne = Citizen Purity, you know something’s not quite right.

#8: Daily Bugle
“Spider-Man” franchise (2002-07)

As a photographer, you might think an excellent picture of Spider-Man is front-page material. However, J. Jonah Jameson, the notoriously ill-tempered publisher of the Daily Bugle, will write off even the best work as crap and short change you. If you are one of his staff writers at the tabloid newspaper, he will have you twist the news tosuit his anti-superhero stance or just completely dismiss you in one of his trademark tirades. J. K. Simmons portrays the mustachioed madman in the Sam Raimi-directed trilogy and he dominates every scene he’s in. If you’re a timid character like Peter Parker, Jameson is going to make your life hell.

#7: Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
“Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” (1971)

This confectionary production factory may seem like a candy-filled wonderland to Charlie and the other kids with a golden ticket, but to anyone of working age, it’s a health and safety nightmare. Before you enter the premises, you’re forced to sign a contract warning you about things like floods, fire, frost, and frippery. And then, once you’re in, it gets even crazier. There are human-sized tubes, trippy boat trips, and a boss totally unconcerned by the damage he causes. Meanwhile, the poor Oompa Loompas are the downtrodden workers charged with cleaning up after one of their master’s dodgy creations misfires, and although their songs are relatively upbeat, you’ll never see one of them crack a smile. Now that we think about it... maybe they’re forced to sing!

#6: Papa Song
“Cloud Atlas” (2012)

You may think your job sucks because it takes over your life, but any 9 to 5 is a cakewalk compared to being a server in a Neo Seoul fast food restaurant with 19-hour shifts in the year 2144. That’s the sort of existence the fabricants in this dystopian South Korea suffer through. Fabricants are clones deliberately designed to be of sub-human intelligence. They are denied any exposure to the outside world and forced to religiously “honor thy consumer,” with the only prospect of escape coming after their collars are stamped with 12 stars. Here’s the kicker though: the end to their contracts and their subsequent salvation – known as Xultation - is all a lie. Instead, every clone is killed and churned up to be food for the countless other slaves still trapped by the corporate-like society in which they live.

#5: Initech 
“Office Space” (1999)

Working in this monotonous office may not be as life threatening as other workplaces on this list, but it comes scarily close to replicating how unfulfilling a real life office job can be. It’s unclear what Initech actually does, which is perhaps a comment on how pointless this line of work can be. And yet big-shot executives like Bill Lumbergh still patronize the Milton Waddams-types just quietly getting on with their work. You can hardly blame Peter Gibbons for robbing the company and destroying a printer, but maybe Milton burning the whole place down was a bit much. Although, we suppose that’s what happens when you try to take a man’s stapler.

#4: The Union
“Repo Men” (2010)

In 2025, through a miracle of medicine, it is possible for diseased organs to be replaced with synthetic versions of the real thing. These life-saving substitutes don’t come cheap, however. When you fail to make a payment, people with sharp knives – known as Repo Men - will arrive to take what is owed. Gone are the days when working in repossession meant taking back a TV or furniture. Now, you have to cut open a living being and remove a part of them that’s likely crucial to his or her survival. Understandably, some of the people with artificial organs put up quite a fight. And after being covered in someone else’s blood for the fifth time that day, you might beginto rethink your career path as a Repo Man….

#3: Virtucon Industries
“Austin Powers” franchise (1997-2002)

If you’re employed by possibly the most incompetent evil corporation ever put to film, it must be hard to drag yourself out of bed to work on one of Dr. Evil’s terribly thought out plans. Without the Dr. at the helm, Number 2 manages to make the company insanely profitable. But things go wrong when the head of the organization inevitably returns from cryosleep. This is demonstrated by Dr. Evil’s penchant for wasting all their hard-earned cash on terribly impractical bases that put every expendable henchman at risk, most notably as a result of steam-rollers, ill-tempered sea bass, and sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads. Oh and don’t ever tell Dr. Evil how dumb he is either; you don’t want to get ‘fired.’

#2: Bendini, Lambert & Locke
“The Firm” (1993) 

After studying for years towards a career in law with aspirations to make a real difference, it must be disheartening to find out that your first job is riddled with corruption. Not only do the employees of this small boutique law firm turn a blind-eye to organized crime, but its crooked workers actively aid the mafia in hiding huge amounts of cash in offshore funds. As an employee, BL&L also closely monitors your life, bugging your home and making sure you stay on their side. By the time you find this out, the firm has already greased you to the point that exposing the company would not only end your career, but also put your marriage and life in danger. It’s gotta be pretty tough to keep your integrity when you’re working at a company that’s totally devoid of morality…

Before we reveal our top pick, let’s take a look at some honorable mentions.
- Jackson Steinem & Co.
“Wall Street” (1987)
- Lacuna, Inc.
“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004)
- Weyland-Yutani Corporation
“Alien” franchise (1979-)
- Lunar Industries
“Moon” (2009)

#1: Soylent Corporation
“Soylent Green” (1973)

How far would you go to protect the human race from almost certain extinction? That’s the moral dilemma you’re presented with as an employee of this company, which produces a miracle food block capable of feeding humanity in a world ravaged by industrialization. The problem is that those chunks of sustenance are actually made from… people. So the big question is: do you reveal the truth to the world, putting the survival of our species at risk, as well as your paycheck? Or do you keep quiet and allow the elite to keep living their lavish lifestyle? Either way, the film is set in 2022, so we might not have to wait too long to find out. 

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