Top 10 Games Where You Play GOD

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Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Who doesn't want to be all powerful, all knowing, omnipotent and infallible? Come on! Worshipers, offerings, phenomenal cosmic powers? It's the sweetest deal ever, and these games let you do just that! Welcome to and today we're counting down the Top 10 Games That Let You Play God.

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Benevolent or tyrannical, you choose. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten games where you play god.

For this list, we’ll be looking at various video games where you take on the mantle of god and shape the virtual world around you. This can apply to an unseen force or the personification of an actual, physical deity.

#10: “From Dust” (2011)

What is considered by many to be the spiritual successor to the highly-regarded Populous, players take the form of The Breath; an almighty force that must aid a lone, masked tribe. In an effort to recover what was lost to them, The Breath must help them traverse through some dangerous territory open to the elements. Preventing and surviving disasters such as tsunamis and volcanic eruptions as well as setting up villages are all just par of the course. Consisting of a series of short-lived missions, your time as The Breath may feel brief but the result is no doubt exhilarating.

#9: “Doodle God” (2010)

Wielding unlimited power and shaping the world around you is the centrepiece for a lot of Android and iOS titles, but nothing does it quite this simple yet engaging puzzle and logic game. As the titular Doodle God, players are tasked with creating the world from scratch, starting off with only the four basic elements. From there they must make combinations of each to form new elements, which gradually start to encompass everything from houses to horror icons. Increasing in difficulty with each new creation, Doodle God’s addictive nature will ensure that you will be one busy deity.

#8: “Reus” (2013)

Why does humanity always have to be such a pain in the backside? Taking control of four giants that represent the natural elements, players have to provide and sustain various tribes across contrasting environments, yet have no control over how the humans act. The key here is striking a balance, as not giving enough spells doom for the populace below, but providing too much leads to mankind turning to greed, and eventually to take up arms against each other. Blending beautiful visuals and a constantly shifting pace, if anything this game will make you really, really hate human beings!

#7: “ActRaiser” (1990)

Although you technically control a protagonist known as The Master, it’s clear that you’re basically playing god, what with the whole descending from heaven and empowered by people’s belief. In order to defeat Satan, er, Tanzra, players must not only slay his six lieutenants that have divided and taken dominion over the world, but also must help replenish civilisation through the medium of city-building simulation segments. It may seem like an odd mesh of styles, but they do complement each other, giving the game a whole other dimension and something of a unique identity.

#6: “Populous” (1989)

You might as well call this the granddaddy of god games, and despite having visuals that haven’t exactly aged well with time, is still something of a classic. Turns out you’re not the only deity in this world, and you don’t plan on sharing. The objective of the game is to constantly expand your rule over the surrounding land and defeat the opposing deity’s forces by any means necessary. Over the course of five hundred levels, not only do you have to help build a civilisation for your followers, but also get to lay down some pretty sick divine judgement on your enemies.

#5: “Age of Mythology” (2002)

Seems like characters from ancient tales were made for the real-time strategy genre. Able to invoke the support of the Gods from Greek, Norse or Egyptian culture, players must battle their way across the eras and lay waste to their enemies, all the while bolstering their forces and fortifying their settlements in typical “Age of” fashion. With the added joy of summoning the likes of Zeus or Odin to bring some heavy artillery to the fight, this title is definitely for those who love strategy, but want a little more zest in their campaigns.

#4: “God of War” series (2005-15)

Though he held that title for only a little while, Kratos is be all means a god in his own right, or more specifically a God Killer, because those Olympians drop like flies when they encounter this vengeful Spartan. The other Gods of Olympus at one stage or another have it in for Kratos, thus perpetuating in a constant cycle of betrayal and vengeance until only Zeus is left and Kratos’s rage brings the world to ruin. Navigating twisted puzzles and pummelling the heaven out of his enemies with quite the arsenal of mythical weaponry, the Ghost of Sparta is a man who knows how to get the job done.

#3: “Spore” (2008)

Creating life has never been so investing. Blending together a whole mesh of gameplay styles through a procedurally generated world that eventually reaches the darkness of space, players must develop their very own species and lead it through the various stages of evolution. Starting off as a microorganism before eventually growing into the sophisticated being, the options to customise its appearances, develop its characteristics and all manner of other roleplay elements…it all all seems a bit too good to be true, and for a lot of gamers it was.”

#2: “The Sims” series (2000-)

Leading the charge when it comes to life simulation, you have everyone’s favourite virtual family. While each new entry has improved upon its foundations, at its core The Sims’ most engaging feature is the ability to create a cast of characters and direct them on their journey through life. With the release of Sims 4, aspects such as career paths, social interactions and emotional states have been vastly widened, creating an even more crisp reflection of real life. Though to be fair, nothing makes you feel like the hand of god than when you let Death loose on that one family member that’s overstayed its welcome.

#1: “Black & White” (2001)

The concept of good vs. evil has been touched upon in thousands of video games, but when it comes to portraying a nameless deity whose actions and morality shape the world around them, no one does it better than Lionhead Studio’s masterpiece. With the goal of protecting and maintaining a village as well defeating the destructive force known as Nemesis, players must work towards creating miracles and keep the villagers satiated while completing various tasks. To see where you stand in the eyes of your people, look no further than your temple of worship. Good, evil or everything in between, there’s no greater god game than the one that makes players take a look at themselves.

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