Top 10 WORST Games of 2016

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
Script written by Ty Richardson

These are the worst of the worst: the most terrible, poorly received, immensely disappointing, giant-bomb-upon arrival games that landed with a splat in 2016. Welcome to and today we're counting down the Top 10 WORST Games of 2016.

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Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2016

It’s that time of the year again…Welcome to, and today, we’ll be counting down our picks of the Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2016.
As with our previous entries, we are looking the most loathsome titles released within the past year. If you didn’t see your most hated game on here, be sure to check out our Top 10 Disappointing Video Games of 2016 list.

#10: “Hardware: Rivals” (2016)

What do you get when you mix Call of Duty and Twisted Metal? No, this isn’t a bad joke. “Hardware: Rivals” lets you pilot a tank of Fast Attack Vehicle to blow up your enemies and take home the glory, if there was any glory in playing this game. Unfortunately, this twenty-dollar online shooter has nothing unique going for it as it lacks very little content to keep us interested. Game modes are just your run-of-the-mill Deathmatch and Capture the Flags. Action is bland and unengaging. Progression just doesn’t feel as satisfying as it should be, and the weapon balancing can be unfair at times. Its best if you just pass on this experience.

#9: “MagNets Fully Charged” (2016)

We’ve had several good indie games over the past few years. “MagNets Fully Charged” is not one of those. While the gameplay was basic and easy to learn, it wasn’t enjoyable enough for us to stick around. Gameplay was tedious, and the game doesn’t do anything with the ideas it has. Instead, levels feel more like the same as the ones before it with a bad spike in difficulty, leading to a monotonous experience. For a game whose character designs are somewhat creative, the animation lacks personality. In other words, this game just comes across as lifeless and occasionally annoying.

#8: “Kick Off Revival” (2016)

Before the FIFA games, SEGA’s Football Manager, and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, we had the simple series of “Kick Off” in the early 90’s. Unfortunately, times have changed. Keeping the same control scheme from the older titles only made responses and accuracy feel awkward. In between trying to guess what actions your player would do from the single-button control scheme, the AI is pulling weird maneuvers ranging from pacing back and forth to driving its feet into the ground. And that camera placement does not help with trying to keep up with where the ball is.

#7: “Mighty No. 9” (2016)

After numerous delays, one would expect the extra time to be spent on polishing up the game, making sure it works and looks nice. Controls were fine, but the level design was horrible, voice acting was cringing, the game was prone to slowdown and the art style made the game look just plain ugly. The lack of quality led many of the game’s backers to question their donations to the project. Was it atrocious? There have been worse games, but the reputation it garnered only for it to implode on itself is what earns itself a spot on this list.

#6: “Homefront: The Revolution” (2016)

We could just have you watch a highlight reel to see all the game’s issues, but that wouldn’t make this video very interesting, now would it? Deep Silver’s take on the “Homefront” series featured an incredibly dull story in addition to a cornucopia of bugs and glitches. NPCs behaved in strange ways by running into walls or glitching through objects. Even the player character will go through bizarre animations. Pair that up with some choppy framerates, identical character models, and bland story missions, and “Homefront: The Revolution” became a sequel that’s worth skipping.

#5: “Coffin Dodgers” (2016)

Looking more like a game from the GameCube days, “Coffin Dodgers” isn’t the addictive and exciting kart racer its trailers advertise itself as. As one of seven old codgers, you must race against Death on mobility scooters around your suburban world. Sure, the concept is interesting, but that doesn’t make up for the sloppy controls and framerate drops. Just turning your scooter can feel awkward at times, and weapon hits won’t register on a few occasions. With looping, loud audio and requirements to grind just to afford upgrades, “Coffin Dodgers” was no triumphant return for kart racers.

#4: “Bombshell” (2016)

Developer 3D Realms brings us this twin-stick shooter (not action RPG, like it calls itself) featuring the incredibly weak story of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison and her journey across the galaxy to rescue the president from hostile aliens. Sound familiar? It should because, fun fact: this game was supposed to be another Duke Nukem title. “Bombshell” features some of the most lackluster level designs and dragged out boss fights on this list. Combat tends to get repetitive early on and technical issues will show from time to time, top it off with a lead character trying WAY too hard to be edgy, and Bombshell was nothing more than a dud.

#3: “Ghostbusters” (2016)

To be more catastrophic than the rise of Zuul is quite the feat. Many critics and players found the game to be boring and fatiguing, even lashing out against the fifty-dollar price point. As for the small presence of playable characters, we have our selection of Ghostbusters with different abilities, but none of them could add a change of pace to the tiring combat. Should you play this game (hopefully at a more reasonable price), don’t be surprised if you find every level to be the same of each other. Not even the local co-op was able to save this game…or the developers, with FireForge Games filing bankruptcy three days after the game’s launch. Ouch.

#2: “Alekhine’s Gun” (2016)

A Cold War shooter? Sign us up! Well, that’s what players would have said if “Alekhine’s Gun” hadn’t become the mess it is now infamously known for. Not only did it suffer from performance issues and bad controls, it lacks many features that have now become an industry standard. There’s no skipping cutscenes, and auto-save is non-existent. Even though there are a few fun moments sprinkled in, there just isn’t enough to make up for the poor pacing and dated visuals. While many players see this as a clone of “Hitman”, the game could have been a success had it not contained so many issues in execution.

#1: “Umbrella Corps” (2016)

Taking the crown as the Worst Video Game of 2016 is Capcom’s half-baked and cringe worthy attempt turn the horror based Resident Evil series; into an e-Sports Shooter. Instead of campy survival horror fun, we were given a zombie shooter with clunky mechanics, severe technical issues, and incompetent AI. It’s main multiplayer mode was just way too chaotic and confusing for us to even register what was happening on screen. To this day, many are now calling it the worst Resident Evil game of the entire franchise. And we live in a world where Resident Evil 6 exists!
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Well, at least Star Fox Zero is not on the list.