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Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2016

VO: Dan Paradis

Script written by Ty Richardson

They might not have been the worst, they might not have been terrible, and some of them might have been pretty good - but you can’t deny that a lot of people were flat out disappointed by these titles. Like 'em or not, is bringing you the Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2016.

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Top 10 Disappointing Video Games of 2016

Most gamers can see a bad game coming from a mile away, but it’s the ones that fail to live up to their potential that often hurt the most. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Disappointing Video Games of 2016.

As if this year wasn’t bad enough, the games on this list are responsible on giving us false hope on what turned out to be a mediocre game or a whole lot of no. Also for those of you expecting Federation Force or Infinite Warfare to be here, we would have actually needed to get excited about those games to be a disappointment.

#10: "ReCore" (2016)

Starting development in 2014, “ReCore” was one of the most interesting revealed at E3 2015. Especially with former Retro Studios dev’s behind the concept; However, it felt odd that the game wasn’t talked about much shortly after, even barely getting a mention at the E3 2016 Xbox One press conference. Puzzles were to be revolved around utilizing a single core to manifest various robots to solve puzzles and explore the world. Eventually, we got an answer when the game launched in September; they just didn’t know what to do with it. Puzzles were basic and uninteresting, and the fetch quests turned the game into a snooze fest. In the end, it was another interesting concept that went nowhere.

#9: “The Last Guardian” (2016)

First of all, let us say that; this game has a very touching story, and a beautiful soundtrack. That is certain. Unfortunately a series of technical issues, hold the game back from reaching its potential; First off the camera is quite honestly one of the worst we’ve seen this console generation, second; for a game that was designed for the PS3, it struggles to maintain the framerate on the PS4, But worst of all is Trico’s AI. During our play session, there were points where he would go in the exact opposite direction to what we were saying, causing constant frustration, and honestly, its hard to feel emotionally invested in a companion, when said companion acts like a complete dunce.

#8: "Mafia III" (2016)

One of gaming’s biggest achievements is in historical accuracy…more or less. In recent years, we’ve gotten to take a glimpse into the past thanks to games like Assassin’s Creed and L.A. Noire. While those games have taken us to ancient Rome and 50’s America respectively, Mafia III looked to shed some light on segregation in the sixties – and with a setting that mimics New Orleans, that sounded like a great change for the genre. But, despite a strong narrative on such dark subject matter, the gameplay could not have been any more lackluster. You know all the criticisms people have levied against open world games these days? Mafia 3 unfortunately ticks off all the boxes…

#7: "StarOcean: Integrity & Faithlessness" (2016)

A popular belief that’s been floating around the Internet is that weird is the new good. Wish we could say that about this entry in the StarOcean series, a franchise known for being bizarre with exceptional gameplay. Integrity & Faithlessness came with not just a bad title, but enough substance to disappoint its fans. Characters were emptied of any personality and the story is so straightforward that nothing groundbreaking or interesting happens. Not even the hardcore JRPG fans would recommend this one. Well, at least that explains the “Faithlessness” bit in the title.

#6: "Street Fighter V" (2016)

Talk about no pack to your punch. As one of the second fighting game giants to step onto current gen consoles, Street Fighter V was to be another amazing entry in the franchise. It was like reliving the release of Street Fighter IV back in 2008! What we got, however, was an empty game that asked us to constantly be online, no matter what part of the game we played. Also, it shipped with no tournament mode. NO. Tournament Mode. Entry over – wtf where they thinking? Well at least they included lots of DLC.

#5: "Tom Clancy’s The Division" (2016)

Everyone, gather round the laptop as we tell you the tale of how this game hyped us up only to fail. The latest game in the revered Tom Clancy franchise was to be just as every other Tom Clancy game; thrilling, engaging, and intense. Yeah, those are at the bottom of the list to describe this game. Can we say fractured, fatiguing, and holy f*** this is boring? Much like Destiny before it, the pretty setting in the Division gave way to what many considered to be a tedious grind. That, and the setting was just not a good fit for the genre: a dude in a hoodie should not be that hard to kill.

#4: "Star Fox Zero" (2016)

Dear Nintendo, we get it. You had a golden age. The first trailer of Star Fox Zero made it look so promising. Not only did it look like a true and brand new Star Fox game, it was building off what was left behind of the cancelled Star Fox 2. But, Nintendo just had to go and ruin the ride with “innovative” controls. The control schemes were so out of whack with the bad camera transitions that playing this game is alone is frustrating. Word of advice: bring a friend for the campaign to split the duties of gunner and pilot.

#3: "Battleborn" (2016)

Watching this game’s release was like watching Mike Tyson punch somebody not once, but, like, ten times without hesitation. While Blizzard’s Overwatch covered hardcore multiplayer shooting, 2K’s Battleborn featured an equally diverse cast of characters from a robotic butler with a sniper rifle to a mushroom ninja healer. However, in an effort to support both multiplayer and single player audiences AND get the game out in time before Overwatch, the game provided very little content and missions felt dragged out at times. To make matters worse, the game introduced microtransactions a few months later to try and make more revenue. It’s too late, 2K. Battleborn is dead.

#2: "Mighty No. 9" (2016)

These days, everyone wants a spiritual successor to their favorite games who have no hope being revived. Yooka-Laylee came from Banjo-Kazooie, Bloodstained from Castlevania, and Mighty No. 9…well, it sure as hell ain’t no Megaman! Keiji Inafune made mega promise on his Kickstarter and gave no delivery. Yeah, he belted out a product, but it wasn’t the one we were told we’d be given. Before, the game boasted amazing 2D visuals and a mega beautiful art style. Skip ahead several delays and mega marketing mishaps later, it changes to a 3D plastic toy look with Mega Man 8 levels of bad voice acting and repetitive gameplay that made us cry like a tryhard trailer thinking its edgy by insulting its fanbase. (“Make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night”) What. A. MEGA. Mess.

Before we get to loathing our top pick, here are a few Dishonorable Mentions:

"Homefront: The Revolution" (2016)

"FNAF World" (2016)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan” (2016)

#1: "No Man’s Sky" (2016)

We can all agree; nobody wants to be Sean Murray right now. No Man’s Sky was a mess since birth. Don’t believe us? Let’s review some of the horrible events of this game’s life. First, there was a flood at Hello Games office, destroying most work. Then, we were given vague details on what exactly the game is all the way to launch day with the developers and some reporters getting death threats. Lastly, the Advertising Standards Authority opens an investigation on claims of false advertising with someone at Hello Games having a Twitter meltdown a couple weeks later. We had such high hopes for this game, but now that we think about it, No Man’s Sky was doomed from the very beginning.

Agree with our list? Which games were you excited for but turned out to be a waste of your time? For more Top 10’s published every day, be sure to subscribe to!

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