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Top 10 Moments from The Room

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Written by Telly Vlachakis

The infamous film by Tommy Wiseau, The Room, lives in the realm of being so bad it's good, and it's in large part thanks to these incredible moments throughout the movie. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Moments from The Room, the film with the strangest of all cult followings. But what moment will top our list? I did not hit her, the little red dress, or the angsty You are tearing me apart, lisa? Watch to find out!

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Oh hi, Mojoholics. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Moments from “The Room.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best moments from this disasterpiece melodrama from the misunderstood genius Tommy Wiseau, that has taken the world by storm because of how absolutely terrible and unintentionally hilarious it is. You know, that movie your cool friends will not shut up about. The entire film’s plot will be revealed here, so: major spoiler warning.

#10: Awkward Sex Scenes
Early on in “The Room,” we meet Johnny and his fiancée Lisa. These two are so in love that they constantly have intense lovemaking sessions… so intense that they sometimes use the same footage. But these ain’t your grandparents’ sex scenes. These come equipped with roses, satin drapes, pillow fights, candles, and a butt we never asked to see. The raw sensuality is accented with porn-style music to make the audience squirm, and the kind of navel-thrusting that has any person knowledgeable with human anatomy screaming: “Where are you aiming, Johnny!?” Leave it to Denny to make an awkward sex scene even more laughable. And let’s not forget Johnny’s friend Mike’s irresistible bedroom eyes.

#9: What a Story, Mark
Through a series of scenes and cringe worthy phone conversations, we learn that Lisa is fed up with Johnny and that she has been hooking up with his friend Mark. In one of the movie’s infamous rooftop scenes–a rooftop that is so clearly green-screened– Johnny runs into Mark for some girl-advice. In the midst of a serious talk about infidelity and trust, Mark explains to Johnny that you never truly know someone by sharing a story about a girl he knew who was brutally beaten up by her boyfriend. For some inexplicable reason, Johnny finds this hilarious! He is one awkward laugh away from winning creeper of the decade.

#8: The Fight Scene
Mark and Johnny’s friendship reaches a boiling point towards the end of the movie, as Lisa’s affair with Mark is becoming painfully obvious. After they are caught kissing by a friend at Johnny’s surprise birthday party, the thread unravels, and the awkward fights begin. With balloons and rainbow decorations setting the scene, we are witnesses to the kind of soap-opera drama that belongs at a high-school party, complete with slaps, juvenile shoves, and chicken noises. The dialogue is appallingly bad, and the backtalk would be more convincing on a kindergarten playground. Oh, and Lisa lied about being pregnant. This birthday may not be Johnny’s best.

#7: You’re Not My Mother!
Despite being a creeper, Denny is a seemingly innocent and simple little guy who apparently is in deep trouble with some drug dealers. When the menacing Chris-R confronts Denny on the rooftop for his money, all hell breaks loose, but Mark and Johnny save the day, followed by Lisa and her appalled mother. While audiences are wondering where Mark and Johnny brought the drug dealer in such a short time, the screaming match between Lisa, her mom, and Denny is pure comedy gold. Denny is cracking under the pressure, and Lisa is clearly losing her mind. Someone give this gang an Oscar.

#6: The Coffee Shop
Apart from the ridiculously over-the-top acting, one has to marvel at “The Room”’s rapid-fire nonsensical dialogue that leads nowhere. Take the coffee shop scene, for example. We open with random people placing their orders, only to introduce Johnny as a store regular, driving the point home that everybody loves him and that he’s a very likeable character. Mark and Johnny take a seat and their small talk leads nowhere. After a vague discussion about Johnny’s job, we are treated to one of the biggest digressions in any cinematic conversation. Seems like the saintly Johnny has a one-track mind. Also, none of this has any bearing on the plot, just like half the scenes in this movie.

#5: Breast Cancer Chat
In the midst of all the incredibly dramatic scenes, we get these repetitive coffee chats with Lisa’s mother coming over to visit. The discussion is always the same: something is wrong with Lisa, Lisa doesn’t want to talk about it, and then Lisa talks about it anyway. She is not in love with Johnny and doesn’t want to marry him because he is boring. If you didn’t follow this incredibly complicated line of thinking, it will be clarified again a few more times throughout the movie. On the mother’s first visit, she nonchalantly drops the bomb that she is dying of breast cancer. Of course no one really reacts to this, because it’s not as important as Lisa’s boredom.

#4: The Flower Shop
Another moment of nonsensical brilliance, this scene has Johnny rushing to a flower shop to buy roses for Lisa. In the most hilarious interaction of the film, Wiseau has a short 30 seconds to establish again that his character is a loveable doof, buy the flowers for Lisa, show us that he is a dog lover, and have a meaningful conversation with the florist. Most of the dialogue has clearly been dubbed, so we assume they were just trying to cram too much dialogue into an already shot scene. But still, did it really have to be this rushed? Was Johnny so anxious to bring his surprise bouquet to Lisa? Was the battery in the camera about to die? Our vote goes to the battery.

#3: The Little Red Dress
In that first awkward sex scene, Johnny gives Lisa a silky red dress that she puts on for the sole purpose of taking it right off again. Tommy Wiseau, being a sensitive and deep-thinking artist, is not blind to symbolism. At the end of the film, when Johnny finds out about Lisa’s infidelity, and decides to growl and hulk-smash his way through the house, he finds that little red dress on the floor. The dress here symbolizes his deep love for Lisa, and his erotic desire and passion. This is why he decides to hump the dress while crying to show the audience how torn up he is. Subtlety is a hard thing to come by in this movie.

#2: I Did Not Hit Her
Many movie lines become classic quotes because of their brilliance and delivery. And sometimes they’re remembered for all the wrong reasons. “The Room” is littered with unforgettable moments of dialogue that people will be quoting for years to come, and most come from the mouth of Mr. Tommy Wiseau. After Lisa tricks Johnny into getting drunk, she decides to use this opportunity to defame his good name, and accuses him of hitting her. Johnny gets hysterical and storms off to the rooftop to meet Mark and express his anger and frustration. What we get is the weirdest delivery of any dialogue in the film. But did he really hit her? He did naaaaat.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Football in Suits
- Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!
- Mark vs. Peter

#1: You’re Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!
Topping our list is another inspired moment of dialogue that gives us the most iconic quote from the entire movie. When Johnny finally confronts his future wife about her false accusations and the obvious secrets she is keeping, they get into an argument where Johnny quickly gets hysterical and Lisa just wants to get away from him. He channels some old-school James Dean, and shows Lisa how he really feels. From pushing her around, to being torn apart, everything deescalates very quickly, so they both decide to just go to bed. You drive us crazy, Tommy!

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