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Top 10 Most Insane Lost Moments

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Written by Liam Hillery

Pay attention or you might get lost, brotha. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top10 Lost Moments. These are the ones that saw tears shed and fan theories dominate the internet. Now, Lost premiered in 2004, so if you haven’t caught up, shame on you, but still, a spoiler alert is in order.

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Written by Liam Hillery

Top 10 Lost Moments

Pay attention or you might get lost, brotha. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Lost Moments.

For this list, we’ve reviewed every episode of this show’s six mind bending seasons and selected the moments that were the most touching, shocking, and pivotal. These are the ones that saw tears shed and fan theories to dominate the internet. Now, Lost premiered in 2004, so if you haven’t caught up, shame on you, but still, a spoiler alert is in order.

#10: The Timer Counts All the Way Down to Zero

Season two’s finale saw Michael’s betrayal of the group come to fruition, but that’s not the moment that most shocked audiences. Instead, viewers finally learned the power of the hatch. After falling under the influence of Locke, Desmond agrees to let the timer count down to zero. Rigging the blast door to keep others out, Desmond and Locke wait for the inevitable. During this time, we learn that Desmond has let the timer pass zero on one occasion: the day the Oceanic 815 crashed. The revelation that Desmond likely caused the plane to crash was a game changer, and the scene proved to be a fitting end for the mysterious Swan station.

#9: Ben’s Daughter is Shot

The first three seasons painted antagonist Benjamin Linus as one of the best, most complex villains on television, but things began to change in season 4. The target of a manhunt, Ben was suddenly more vulnerable than ever. Holed up in a safe house, Ben’s hunters arrive holding his daughter Alex hostage. A gun pointed at his daughter’s head, Ben was given ten seconds to give himself up. Ever the strategist, he tries to manipulate their leader, Martin Keamy, by painfully arguing Alex is not his daughter and she means nothing to him. Keamy doesn’t even wait for the count to finish, executing her on the spot leaving Linus, as well as audiences, stunned silent.

#8: Walt Is Taken

After building a raft, Michael, his son Walt, Jin, and Sawyer set sail, radar in hand, with hopes of being rescued. They appear to find their salvation when, after a day of sailing, in the darkness of the night, the radar signals a nearby boat. They fire a flare and it looks like they’re saved, but when the small boat approaches their raft, the strange group aboard demands Walt be turned over. The raft crew refuses and violence breaks out as Sawyer is shot. Michael is overpowered, Walt is taken, and a homemade bomb explodes the raft. Oh yeah, if you haven’t guessed, this strange group is otherwise known as The Others.

#7: Ana Lucia and Libby Die

Throughout the first two seasons audiences never doubted Michael’s commitment to his son, but we never knew he could go just this far. Seeking revenge after Henry Gale aka Benjamin Linus attacked her earlier in the episode, Ana Lucia aims to shoot him dead. Unable to pull the trigger, Michael convinces her to turn the gun over to him. Audiences are led to believe Michael will do the deed, but he instead turns on Ana Lucia and murders her on the spot. The scene looks to be settled until Hurley’s beloved Libby stumbles upon the scene and, in shock, Michael shoots her too. The betrayal highlights the savagery of the island and let us know nobody is safe.

#6: Juliette is Blown Up By the Jughead

Any Lost fan knows it’s almost impossible to have a Lost season finale without a jaw dropping ending. Season 5’s ending was certainly no exception. What fans didn’t expect, however, was the death of Juliette, a character they’d grown to love for her pure and truly good intentions. They also loved the relationship she developed with Sawyer, as they each appeared to find happiness together in the strangest of places. It was a tragic moment when she began to be pulled by the mysterious pit’s energy source. Though Sawyer held on as long as he could, he couldn’t keep her from fate, but not before she confessed her love. Once in the pit, she ensured her fate when she made the ultimate sacrifice, detonating the bomb.

#5: Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do

Locke was a pretty big mystery throughout the entire series, but especially so in the opening episodes. Quiet but confident, he was instantly at home on the island, but, through this episode’s flashbacks, we learn he was far from comfortable in the real world. Passive and picked-on, flashback-Locke was a completely different person than the man we see on the island. In the episode’s powerful closing moments we shockingly learn John was in fact a paraplegic. This reveal proved the island had its own secrets, and showed that Lost wouldn’t just be about events, but also people. Of course, we were stunned when we saw how Locke lost his ability to walk, but this moment touched us on a much deeper level.

#4: Jin and Sun’s Final Words

When Jin, Sun, Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Kate, and Hugo, attempt to escape the island on Charles Widmore’s submarine, they realize they’ve been tricked by the Man in Black, who’d hid C4 explosives, rigged to blow, in Jack’s bag. When escaping the sinking sub, Sun is pinned by debris. Unable to free her, her husband Jin decides to remain by Sun’s side so they can die together. In a touching, tear-jerking moment, Jin and Sun profess their love to one another and embrace before going down with the sub. While Sayid’s sacrifice to try and save the group is a fitting end to the character, the relationship between Sun and Jin was a beloved part of the show and their end couldn’t have been more heartbreaking.

#3: John Locke in a Coffin

Season 4 saw the emergence of a new character: Jeremy Bentham. In yet another timeline – now flashed forward to 2007 – the Oceanic Six were all being tracked by the mysterious Bentham. In the episode’s final moments, Jack makes his way to a funeral parlor where he is met by Benjamin Linus. Standing over Bentham’s coffin, Jack learns that he will never be able to return to The Island without the remaining members who’d made it off. In a slow reveal, we learn that Bentham is in fact John Locke, a classic Lost twist that left viewers wondering just what on earth was going on.

#2: The Phone Call Between Desmond and Penny

Of all the love stories on Lost – Jack and Kate, Sawyer and Juliette, Jin and Sun, Rose and Bernard – none is more powerful than Desmond and Penny. Torn from the woman he loves more than life, Desmond’s purpose is finding her once more, though it seems the island has other plans. In this episode, Desmond is trapped jumping through time. To save himself, he makes a desperate plea to Penny for her to never give up on him. The closing moments see him finally, after so many sacrifices and hardships, reach Penny, contacting her by phone. In an incredibly touching moment, we see the strength of their love and the happiness they bring one another.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Reuniting in the Church/Jack in the Bamboo Forest

The Man in Black Turns into the Smoke Monster

Raft Leaves the Island

Arzt Blows Up

#1: Not Penny’s Boat

While the season three finale shocked viewers when, through a broken and desperate Jack Shepard, they revealed they had changed the flashback formula to flashforwards, somehow that wasn’t the biggest moment of the episode. Rather, the writers managed to find a way to stun audiences with Charlie’s death, despite having spent the season establishing its inevitability. Charlie elects to sacrifice himself for the sake of Desmond and the survivors on the island, but when he realizes the boat is not actually coming to save them, he spends his last moments desperately trying to communicate with Desmond. The reveal is as shocking as it is emotional, as Charlie had quickly become one of the most complex, yet beloved characters on the show.

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