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Top 10 Amazing Nolan North Voice Acting Roles

VO: Dan Paradis

Top 10 Amazing Nolan North Voice Acting Roles

He's the most recognizable voice in the video game industry - and sometimes even the most unrecognizable too! Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Nolan North Performances.

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Top 10 Nolan North Performances

When it comes to acting in video games, say hello to the king. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten Nolan North performances.
For this list, we’ve chosen the characters in video games voiced and performed by actor Nolan North that no only left the biggest impact on us but also highlighted just how talented this guy really is. We’re stepping into some heavy spoiler territory here, so a spoiler alert is now in effect!

#10: The Black Hand of Sauron
“Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor” (2014)

They say playing the villain is way more fun than acting the hero, in which case Nolan must have loved playing the leader of the Black Captains. The nemesis to Troy Baker’s Talion, the Black Hand is a soft spoken, slimy servant of the Dark Lord Sauron, who personally murdered Talion’s family. Pretty much the embodiment of everything evil, he may not be the most complex of antagonists, but thanks toNolan’s performance he manages to maintain an air of authority and spookiness that sticks with you even as you’re cleaving your way through Orcs. Not to mention he did briefly turn into Sauron, so that’s some major bragging rights there.

#9: Doctor N Gin
“Crash Bandicoot” Series (1996-2010)

Many actors have had their shot at voicing this insane yet hilarious henchman throughout Crash Bandicoot’s misadventures, but whenNolan North got his claws into it, he amped up the comedy factor all the way to eleven. Making his debut in Crash Tag Team Racing, the sheer amount of lunacy that comes out of his mouth as he’s trying to destroy his enemies on the track is so funny that it hurts. He may not have the initial fear of his original incarnation, but the comedic timing of Nolan’s performance is so spot on that it made gamers look forward to their next encounter with the psychotic scientist.

#8: Corrupted Cores
“Portal 2” (2011)

The final battle against Wheatley could be seen as a rehash of the fight against GLaDOS, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s just as thrilling and requires you to forcibly install corrupted cores into the dangerously stupid A.I. Like the previous game, each core has its own dysfunctional personality, which Nolan North brings to life in hilarious fashion. One speaks random, unreliable facts, another talks like a typical action hero complete with a flirt setting, but the one everyone remembers most fondly is the core that is completely obsessed with space. And we mean obsessed.

#7: The Prince
“Prince of Persia” (2008)

A reimagining of the original action-adventure title was always going to be a challenge, luckily it came with a dash of Nolan Northto breathe new life into the titular swordsman. As the nameless adventurer, Nolan portrays him as a cocky, brash and sarcastic wanderer who gets flung into a battle against ultimate evil when he saves a princess by the name of Elika. Aside from the signature wit we would later come to see him use in another famous treasure hunter, there is also a selfishness that defines him that isn’t seen in many heroes, shown when he sacrifices the world in order to save the woman he cares for.

#6: Desmond Miles
“Assassin’s Creed” Series (2007-15)

Sure, he may not exactly have the suave and skill of his ancestors like Ezio, Altair or Edward Kenway, but Desmond still held his own as a modern day member of the Assassin Order. You have to give him credit, considering he went from making cocktails to dispensing Templars with a hidden blade. Nolan North portrays the character as the everyman suddenly burdened with terrible responsibility, who slowly grows to accept the fact that blood must be spilled to be protect future lives. He may have a bit of a short fuse and understandably sulk from time to time, but in the end was willing to die a hero’s death.

#5: Martin Walker
“Spec Ops: The Line” (2012)

Morally conflicted, questionable sanity, this a man who has gone through the heart of darkness. Leader of a small-man team sent into Dubai to stop a rogue unit, Martin Walker is subjected to unimaginable sights. Accidentally killing civilians with white phosphorous, suffering mass hallucinations, all of this leads to Walker coming to terms with the pain he has inflicted, and what kind of man he will choose to be in the aftermath of such horror.Nolan North beautifully portrays his downward spiral into madness, and all the aggression and fear that comes with it. Whether he leaves Dubai as a broken man or remains and embraces the monster he’s become, Nolan’s performance will haunt you to the core.

#4: Deadpool
“Deadpool” (2013)

Long before Ryan Reynolds stepped into the tight, red spandex,Nolan North provided the voice behind the Merc with the Mouth, and boy did he deliver. He had made memorable cameos in prior Marvel video games before, but he really got to let loose in his own misadventure. Multiple voices, fourth wall breaks galore, slicing apart bad guys left and right, and even getting frisky with a certain Southern Belle. It’s easy to see that Nolan is having a ball with this role, and gives us one of the most entertaining incarnations of Marvel’s favourite nutjob. No one addresses the player quite like Deadpool does.

#3: David
“The Last of Us” (2013)

In this post-apocalyptic future, no one is left innocent. Those that struggle to retain to their better nature have to kill just to survive, which makes the villains all the more terrifying. As David, NolanNorth presents players with a man who’sused the end of the world as an excuse to embrace his darker urges. Deceitful, cannibalistic and genuinely creepy in his approach to Ellie, he comes across scarier than any Clicker or Bloater because of just how real he is. His appearance may have been brief, but the impact he made not only gave us one of gaming’s best modern villains, but left us feeling unclean and shaken. Bravo Mr North.

#2: The Penguin
“Batman: Arkham” Series (2009-15)

We may not know exactly which part of London that accent comes from, but Rocksteady’s revamped version of Gotham’s infamous crime lord was damn entertaining, made all the better with NolanNorth’s performance. Despite his size and stature, the Penguin is one intimidating bird, that is until he gets smacked around by the Caped Crusader, then he’s funny as hell. Caring only about bringing down the Batman and bringing in the money, Nolan North’s Oswald Cobblepot is a worthy addition to the Dark Knight’s villain’s gallery. Still not sure how he managed to get a girl like Candy though…

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are few honourable mentions.

“God of War III” (2010)
Alberto Clemente
“Mafia II” (2010)
“The Darkness 2” (2012)
The Boss
“Saints Row IV” (2013)

#1: Nathan Drake
“Uncharted” Series (2007-16)

We’ve seen him hunt down the greatest treasures lost to the world, follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo, and engage in more life or death situations than humanly possible, and he’s done it all with cocky smile. Nolan North’s free-spirited treasure hunter hasn’t only just taken on impossible tasks and accomplished miraculous goals, but grown over the Uncharted series into a character that isn’t only fun and relatable, but flawed and painfully human. The strained relationships with his friends and lovers, his moral debate over the true value of riches, it’s through Nolan North’s rambunctious yet grounded performance that Drake elevates himself from stereotypical hero to layered human being. We’ll miss you Nathan, thanks for the ride.

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