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Top 10 Best Celebrity Tattoos

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by Liam Hillery

We wouldn’t dream of covering up these masterpieces of body art. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Celebrity Tattoos. For this list, we’ve sifted through the finger mustaches and lower back butterflies that make the tabloids to determine the most magnificent, meaningful, or daring pieces of body art tatted on celebrities.

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Script written by Liam Hillery

Top 10 Best Celebrity Tattoos

We wouldn’t dream of covering up these masterpieces of body art. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Celebrity Tattoos.
For this list, we’ve sifted through the finger mustaches and lower back butterflies that make the tabloids to determine the most magnificent, meaningful, or daring pieces of body art tatted on celebrities. We’re mostly considering singular pieces of art, so while a person’s collection of ink, and the extent to which tattoos have influenced their lives, are taken into account, they’re not the be-all-end-all of this list.

#10: Woman Wearing a Sombrero
Danny Trejo 

Audiences have grown to know and love Trejo thanks to his menacing roles in films like “Machete,” and “Desperado,” but viewers may not know that, prior to his film career, he actually engaged in behaviors that landed him in some tough prisons. It was in these facilities where he inked his chest with this lovely Mexican cowgirl. Sporting a sombrero and penned directly over his heart, she takes up the vast majority of his torso. The Sombrero woman, along with his other tats, has earned Trejo the nickname “Illustrated Man.”

#9: 50’s Back
50 Cent

With “In Da Club,” “21 Questions,” and “Candy Shop,” 50 Cent made himself pretty much untouchable. Equally impressive is the rapper’s assortment oftattoos, especially his “50” back tattoo, which is an absolute work of art. Spreading over the tat is a banner reading “Southside,” representing 50’s affinity for his home neighborhood of South Jamaica, Queens. The massive design is one of the few tattoos 50 has kept since he decided to remove several pieces of body art in order to help his burgeoning film career.

#8: Tiger
Adam Levine 

Does a tattoo have to mean something? Most of the Maroon 5 lead singer’s tats hold some sort of significance; he inked the dove and cherry blossoms five days after 9/11 as a tribute, and the “Mom” tattoo speaks for itself. Then there’s the massive back tattoo with a mermaid that reportedly took 6 months to make.  But when it comes to the tiger, though, well no one can seem to figure it out. On the tiger ink, Levine has said it “was inspired by (his) love of this amazing book of Tibetan drawings,” but that raises more questions than it answers. Regardless, the tiger is his standout tat. It’s awesome, no doubt about it, and that’s exactly why we’d love to know the story behind it.

#7: Blackout Body
Tim Commerford

Tim Commerford, most known for tearing it up as bass guitarist and back-up vocalist for Rage Against the Machine, has also become a popular figure in the inking community. He’s been a pioneer of blackout tattoos, meaning that rather than using black ink for specific designs, he uses it to create a base and allows empty space to be the creative vehicle. His most well-known and highly visible blackout tat covers a large portion of his body, stretching from his left leg, up his back, and finally wrapping around his shoulders to display two symmetrical swirls. We’ve seen blackouts become more and more popular in the early 21st century, but Tim will always be able to say he was one of the first.

#6: Boombox
Travis Barker

Famous for his drum work with Blink-182, Travis Barker’s pretty much covered head to toe in tats, but amid all the chaos of the Virgin Marys and the Marilyn Monroes, one tattoo stands out, never failing to catch the eye: the boom box. A big, old school, cartoonish stereo system finds itself planted smack dab in the middle of the drummer’s stomach. Symbolically, the boom box may be among Barker’s most important tattoos, as it signifies his undying, yet playful love for music. The boom box represents the music that has shaped Barker’s life since he was just a young boy, and continues to shape it today.

#5: Goddess Isis

Placed covering her sternum and spreading beneath her breasts, Rihanna flaunts this tat in many of her videos and Instagram posts. However, that’s not the reason it’s on her body. Rather, Rihanna wanted to honor her late grandmother, whom she sincerely admired. She selected the Egyptian Goddess Isis because she represents the ideal version of a mother and wife. Tweeting the picture, Rihanna wrote, “Complete Woman – Model for Future Generations” hashtagging her grandmother and professing the special place she holds in her heart. So while the tat certainly adds to Rihanna’s beauty, remember that, to Rihanna, it means so much more.

#4: Jack Swallow
Johnny Depp

Despite the long list of incredible roles Depp has filled – Sweeney Todd, Ichabod Crane, Gilbert Grape – his most famous character is far and away Captain Jack Sparrow of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Of the character’s tattoos, Depp chose to keep one, which depicts a flying swallow. He did, however, make some alterations. Depp changed the direction of the swallow to have it flying towards, rather than away from him, and he also wrote the name of his son, Jack, underneath the bird. With the changes, the tattoo takes on even more meaning, representing the love Depp has for his son and the certainty that he, like the sparrow, will always “fly back.”

#3: Bengal Tiger
Angelina Jolie

Before she was such a philanthropist, humanitarian, and one half of the couple every tabloid gushes over, Jolie actually had a bit of a wild streak, which led to some interesting stories and awesome tattoos. Arguably her most famous and stylish tat is the Bengal tiger she covered her lower back with in 2004. Measuring 12 inches long and 8 inches wide, she had the tiger inked with a manual needle by artist Sompong Kanhphai in Bangkok to celebrate her newly confirmed Cambodian citizenship. Finalizing the new artwork, Kanhphai blessed Jolie and the tiger with an ancient hymn. More elegant words may serve it better but it is undeniably “cool”.

#2: Native American Bird
Anthony Kiedis

Okay, we have to commend all members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers for their dedication to interesting body art. Former Pepper guitarist John Frusciante has that gnarly octopus covering his shoulder, and well, Flea’s entire collection is worth noting, but it’s the lead singer who claims the most captivating work of art. Spanning the upper half of his back, from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, Kiedis sports a large Native American bird. Debate remains as to whether it’s of Incan, Aztec, or Haidan inspiration. However, two facts cannot be argued: one: it, like many of his tattoos, is definitely a tribute to Native Americans (and in case you didn’t know, he’s got Mohican ancestry); and two, it is a seriously amazing, seriously cool work of art.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Koi Fish Half-Sleeve
Ruby Rose

- The Cyrus Collection
Miley Cyrus

- Picasso-Inspired Tat
Kristen Stewart

- Butterfly
Harry Styles

- Appetite for Destruction
Axl Rose

#1: Sleeves
David Beckham

Ignoring a misspelled Hindi script version of his wife’s name, Beckham has a collection of incredible body art. It's hard to ignore the winged cross tattoo creeping down the back of his neck, but the top prize has to go to his sleeves. Over the years, he’s inked additions to both arms that make them a part of his signature “Beckham” look; combining punk style and British elegance. Adorning his arms are Roses, Cherubs, a large angel with a script beginning with the words “Let them Hate,” some Latin, some Hebrew, some Roman numerals, and several dedications to his wife, Victoria. Collectively they’ve formed an identity for Beckham that’s in turn helped deflate the negative associations once connected with tattoos, and inspired their popularity among the general public.
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