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Top 10 Signs That You're A Nerd

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Q.V. Hough And henceforth we shall list the canon of all nerdery that ever was or ever will be. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 signs that you’re a nerd. For this list, we're throwing out a few clues that you can use to figure out whether or not you are King or Queen of the Nerds, or just a nerdling. Special thanks to our users jackhammer or submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Q.V. Hough

Top 10 Signs That You Are A Nerd

And henceforth we shall list the canon of all nerdery that ever was or ever will be. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 signs that you’re a nerd.

For this list, we’re throwing out a few clues that you can use to figure out whether or not you are King or Queen of the Nerds, or just a nerdling. In no way are we judging nerds – hey, we’re pretty nerdy ourselves. We’re just saying that if you fall into any of these categories, your membership in the nerd club is almost assured.

#10: You Hate Being Asked If You Like “The Big Bang Theory”

“The Big Bang Theory” is a huge hit, but you don’t want to be associated with its all-star cast of power-nerds. As funny as the show can be, its dated stereotypes of nerds and nerd culture are a big turnoff to anyone inside the zeitgeist. It’s a transparent counterfeit of everything geeks love, masquerading as authenticity, with many of the show’s references coming off as heavy-handed and overt. As a “real” nerd, you know you don’t actually talk like that, but that’s definitely how you sound to other people. It’s hard for those who wear their nerd cred on their sleeve to get behind this show, and its popularity only fuels that resentment. Sorry, is ournerd showing? It’s a touchy subject…

#9: You Have Large Collections of Memorabilia

Do you have movie figurines in plain view, and in the packaging in your home? Comic books on display? Take a good look at the posters on your wall. What does your board game collection look like? Over the years, you may have amassed a few “things,” literal, physical things that beautifully demonstrate a level of geekdom that might shock the average individual. Even if you can’t afford that $150 LEGO Millennium Falcon, you still want it and might just save up to get it by skipping an evening with friends. But is that even a problem? No! You cherish the experience to load up on your memorabilia stockpile, which is proudly exhibited at the heart of nerd HQ.

#8: You Know What a D-20 and THAC0 Is 

Loving “Star Wars,” waiting in line to see the new superhero movie or playing a few video games are no longer things that separate nerds from average people. “Dungeons & Dragon,” however? That’s still a place that only true nerds call home. Not only is the level of organization required to coordinate an evening of table top role playing games too much for the casual geek; learning and keeping up with the ever-changing rules definitely also earns you serious nerd cred. So if you don’t know what a twenty-sided die is for, or why you need to know your character’s chance to hit an armor class of zero, you might have to step aside. 

#7: You’re Oddly Formal in Your Online Communications

Whether or not you have an email signature that involves Latin, Vulcan or Dothraki, you still may show other signs of online nerdery. Being overly polite in emails – especially emails to your friends – and using words like “gentlemen” or “milady” is a dead giveaway. Terms like “Good Sir” or “Kind Sir” may also be in your repertoire. You may even precede an epic YouTube comment rant with such words, perhaps to mask your nerd rage or even to lend some humor to your meltdown. Sure, these habits may’ve formed from spending so much time with your online guild, but when you leave that fantasy world, some of the formal dialogue should stay behind.

#6: You Think a Fedora Is a Cool Fashion Accessory

Unless you’re a badass archeologist with a whip and a blasé attitude, you shouldn’t even bother bringing a fedora home from the fedora store. How can you tell if you’re wearing a fedora properly? Well, look down: do you happen to be wearing a tailored suit and have a cigarette hanging out of your yap, or are you wearing a gamer tee and ill-fitting jeans? Yeah, that’s what we thought. One does not simply plop a fedora on one’s head and expect it to match perfectly with the rest of one’s casual clothing. Also, thatfedora you love is probably a trilby – at least learn the proper terms if you’re gonna go full nerd.

#5: You Cringe When People Confuse “Star Trek” with “Star Wars”

We think we can all agree: “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” are completely different things. Just because they’re both set in space doesn’t mean they have much else in common. It’s obvious where the mistake comes from (the title similarity is an unfortunate coincidence), but with the franchises being as popular as they are you will accept no excuse. Believe us: we understand your frustration when you mention William Shatner and they reply with “Oh, I don’t really watch Star Wars.” You know you probably shouldn’t correct them, but if you don’t then that person will have to live their entire lives not knowing the difference, and youdefinitely can’t have that can you?

#4: You Enjoy Debates About Trivial and Fictional Things

Ask yourself good sirs and fairest of maidens, is it really crucial to understand the importance of Trek, Wars, B5, BSG, or Firefly in the larger scheme of things? Of course it is! Because you’re a nerd, such conversations actually bring intense pleasure. That’s whyyou have strong opinions on the following statements: Scully was way too good for Mulder, “Lost” made sense, and “Sliders” is an underappreciated masterpiece. But there are some social situations where you can (and should) let the little things go. Example: dinner with your in-laws. If they think Spider-Man is in the Justice League, that “Call of Duty” is the best video game ever or thatGreedo shot first, you can let it slide. This time. 

#3: You Wear T-Shirts That Make Deep References

If you get TeeFury emails, and you actually “get” everything they have in stock, you may be a nerd. Yeah, that meathead at the gym has a t-shirt with Captain America’s shield on it, and your dad uses a Superman magnet to tack his bills to the fridge, but it takes a true nerd to wear a t-shirt with obscure and layered references. Because constantly quoting movies and TV shows isn’t enough, right? Maybe you can clothe yourself for a week entirely with swag you bought on ThinkGeek or Loot Crate, but youprobably shouldn’t – especially for that button-down office job interview you’ve got on Tuesday. Also, that “Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles” shirt probably doesn’t even fit anymore anyway.

#2: You Quote Lines in Fake Languages

You’ve seen “The Lord of the Rings” enough that you’ve memorized all the Elvish. You bothered to remember what “Valar Morghulis” means in High Valyrian. Your Klingon-to-English dictionary is dog-eared and worn. And your wookie is dead on. Butthat’s not the case for everyone, and spouting any of these fictional languages on the regular may result in awkward silences and wide-eyed stares. There are some instances where these pieces of knowledge would come in handy. But let’s face it: the Forest of Mirkwood is just too far away, Westeros seems pretty sketchy at this point and you’re not going to be involving yourself in any Klingon honor rituals any time soon (we hope). So all we’re saying is: think before you quote.

Frasier S10E06 (Frasier tries to give a speech at his son’s bar mitzvah in Hebrew, but his friend was mad because Frasier didn’t get him Scott Bakula’s autograph so he translated the speech to Klingon instead)

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

- You’ve Tried to Move Something with “The Force”

- You Love to Dress Up as Your Favorite Characters (and Not Just for Halloween)

- You Cosplay and Have Strong Opinions About It

- You Quote Memes More Than Five Times Per Day

- You’ve Said “It’s About Ethics in Video Game Journalism.”

#1: You’re Super into Extended Universes and Lore

Sometimes fictional universes can be overwhelming, especially if you’re waist-deep in that world’s expanded lore. When a story is just too big and interesting for its original medium, an expanded or extended universe is needed to answer the questions that us geeks so often have. Take a film series like “Star Wars.” After the original trilogy was over, fans wanted more, and thus novels, comic books and video games expand on the story and universe. Fan of the “Harry Potter” franchise? Check out “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” You have to be a next-level nerd to really follow all of this extra canon and keep track of what ‘counts’ and what doesn’t. But it’s that love and devotion for these fictional worlds that really separates the geeks from the plebs.

Do you agree with our list? What do you think makes one a serious nerd? For more super nerdy Top 10s published daily, good sirs, be sure to subscribe to

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