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Top 10 Music Collaborations We Would Like to Hear

VO: Matt Campbell
Script written by Q.V. Hough A meeting of today's best musical minds. Welcome to, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Music Collaborations We Would Like to Hear. For this list, we're looking at musicians that we think should join forces based on their similar musical styles and fanbases. Special thanks to our users metry606 or submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Q.V. Hough

Top 10 Music Collaborations We Would Like to Hear

A meeting of today’s best musical minds. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Music Collaborations We Would Like to Hear.
For this list, we’re looking at musicians that we think should join forces based on their similar musical styles and fanbases.

#10: M83 and Chvrches

If you ever need a modern day throwback to the '80s, there are two bands you call. M83, which hails from Antibes, France, is known for their cinematic style of dream pop music that can be heard in songs like“Midnight City” and “Moonchild”. Now imagine the possibilities if you were to combine this sound with the catchy synth-pop stylings of Glasgow’s Chvrches. It’d be a match made in indie pop heaven and one that you can be sure would bring us straight to the dance floor if it ever happened!

#9: Phoenix and Daft Punk

After numerous beloved studio releases, including a Grammy win for Random Access Memories, Daft Punk doesn’t exactly need to chase after guest stars. But considering their Paris roots and their longtime friendship with members of Phoenix from nearby Versailles, it behooves them not to see what could happen when French rock and dance music collide. Perhaps it makes the most sense for Thomas Mars to lend his vocal talents to Daft Punk, ala Julian Casablancas from The Strokes, but for pure creative purposes, they might be able create a unique sound all their own, a regional French groove that would undoubtedly spread to North America and beyond.

#8: Gary Clark Jr. and Jack White

If the raw guitar tones and nostalgic vocals of these blues rock musicians tells us anything, it’s that there just isn’t enough of this style of music kickin’ around. Of course, Jack White is internationally known, but the world needs to hear more of Gary Clark, Jr., a blues man that infuses a little street and country into his sound. We’re talkin’ Austin and Detroit here - two areas of the United States that are infamous for rocking, which means a joint venture would blow the roof off any venue brave enough to house them at the same time. And hey, maybe Queens of the Stone Age could join Gary Clark for a special live performance as well.

#7: Earl Sweatshirt and MF Doom

One's a 2013 Hip Hop Rookie of the Year nominee and the other is old enough to be his daddy. No, it’s not your typical hip-hop mashup, yet there’s undeniably a touch of MF Doom to the rap aesthetic of one Earl Sweatshirt.  Could MF learn something from Earl? Well, possibly, but wouldn’t it be something if Mr. Doom summoned Earl to his lab and unveiled a beat to end all beats, complemented by one of those bizarre verses from the young Sweatshirt? The result wouldn’t exactly be Top 40 production, but it would certainly be a major event for the genre.

#6: Adele and Sam Smith

For this collaboration, both British singers would have to feed off each other with different verses, because weall know that an extended blend of their powerful voices would simply be too much for some fans. So, that’s why a gentle ballad is in order, maybe something for the movies, and while the two wouldn’t necessarily be singing to each other - for obvious reasons - they could present a musical narrative that everybody could relate to. Just imagine: a call and response anthem featuring two of the most prominent names of pop music.

#5: Grimes and M.I.A.

Two artists with an international sound and two women that don’t play by the rules. If such a collaboration was ever to commence, we want in on the front row. Obviously, a music video featuring both women would surely veer towards the surreal, but with each providing such unique artistry, and each bringing something different tothe mic, it’s not hard to imagine a feminist anthem emerging from the studio… an all out dance track for the ages.

#4: Rihanna and Sia

Ok, so this one works on various levels, as Sia could not only write a track for Rihanna and provide a monster hook, but vice versa as well. If anything, a collaboration between the two would be crazy sexy, but considering all the possibilities and angles, it might not hurt to just go ahead and release a full album while they’re at it. There – we said it. Rihanna and Sia need to pull a Kanye and Jay-Z, the female version of Watch the Throne.

#3: Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking…. Bad blood, right? But c’mon Taylor and Katy, you’re both adults - just quit the cat fighting and give the people what they want. Give us an epic collaboration featuring both of you as your best musical selves. Who knows, maybe Calvin Harris can lend a beat for something timely and fresh. But don’t rap. Please don’t rap. And yes, we’re talking to you, Taylor. We’re suggesting a truce, so now it’s upto both artists to heed our advice.

#2: FKA Twigs and Kendrick Lamar

Now this…would be.. the definition… of pure fire. If you’re not familiar with FKA Twigs, just know that she’s an English trip hop musician that’s been tearing it up over the last few years overseas, kind of like Kendrick Lamar’s been doing stateside. A joint between these two would surely result in something aesthetically pure, allowing both to further elevate their art and set an example for the music industry. Whether it’s a banger or something entirely revolutionary, Kendrick and Twigs could also extend their collab to a visual medium, as FKA even has a hand in directing most of her own solo productions.
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
Vampire Weekend and Paul Simon
Bon Iver and Sigur Rós
Bruno Mars and Gwen Stefani

#1: Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding

Look at these two. Each are masterful musicians in their own right, blessed with angelic voices, and they’ve even been connected in the tabloids at times. But we’re not interested in the personal lives of Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding, we just want them to hit the studio together. You know, for something worthy of wedding day playlists. Of course, Eddie has already released the anthemic “Thinking Out Loud” for new couples, but maybe he and Ellie could unite for something about all the bachelors and bachelorettes of the world. What do you think?
So, do you agree with our selections? What musical collaboration would you like to see? For more instrumental Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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