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Top 10 Actresses Who Could Play Doctor Who

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean If our favorite Time Lord were to ever to regenerate into a Time Lady, these are the faces we want to see! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the top ten actresses who could play Doctor Who. For this list, we’ve chosen female actors who could easily play the next incarnation of the Doctor while also putting their own unique spin on the iconic character.

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Top 10 Actresses Who Can Play Doctor Who

If our favorite Time Lord were to ever to regenerate into a Time Lady, these are the faces we want to see! Welcome to MsMojo and today we are counting our picks for the top ten actresses who could play Doctor Who.

For this list, we’ve chosen female actors who could easily play the next incarnation of the Doctor while also putting their own unique spin on the iconic character.

#10: Lara Pulver

We all know that the Doctor has no problems when it comes to the art of seduction, albeit sometimes without the object of his affection even understanding the concept. Should Ms Pulver inherit the keys to the TARDIS, she would bring a sultry and sensual side to the Doctor that would make Captain Jack blush. Of course, it’s not always all work no play, and since the Doctor’s rage can fill a whole galaxy, this new incarnation would have to be able to not only entertain but also terrify audiences. With roles such as Irene Adler and Isabella under her belt, Ms Pulver has already proven she can entice and devastate at the tip of a hat.

#9: Miranda Hart

For all the serious moments that the Doctor has had over his many regenerations, there’s no denying that there will always be a part of the character that’s an excitable doofus. Who better to capture that than the adorable queen of awkwardness herself? Famous for her semi-autobiographical sitcom, Ms Hart has proven she has no trouble throwing herself into crazy situations where she comes across as the butt of a joke. However, if you’ll forgive the pun, she’s also shown to have a lot of heart in shows such as “Call the Midwife.” If you want a Doctor who will make you laugh with her oddball personality as well as cry with her loving nature, Miranda is the one for you!

#8: Tamsin Greig

Refined, graceful and beautiful, this actress would have no problem portraying the motherly attitude that a female Doctor should show towards her assistant and others. If her performance in “Black Books” is anything to go by, she could easily bring the Doctor’s signature humor to life while remaining completely deadpan in the face of danger. Of course, for all her composure, she can pull off mental breakdowns and dry wit like no other, as she demonstrated alongside Matt LeBlanc in “Episodes.” We have a feeling that should she take the Doctor’s mantle, the Daleks would in for a rather stern scolding.

#7: Michelle Dockery

You may recognise this fair young lady from her time in “Downton Abbey” as the strong-willed but ever so posh Lady Mary Crawley. The character’s enthralling time spent discovering her path to womanhood and true love showed that she was capable of great stubbornness and had an almost visceral tongue on her, which are two qualities well associated with the Doctor. She may be more upfront when threatened, but as we have seen, she can also show the vulnerability that permeates each of the Doctor’s regenerations. Ms Dockery would truly put the lady into Time Lady should she assume the role.

#6: Felicity Jones

As she’s set to dominate the screen alongside Tom Hanks in “Inferno”, while also taking on the Empire in “Rogue One” in 2016, wouldn’t it be fitting for her to add Time Lord to the mix? Felicity Jones has already shown her penchant for all things supernatural with her early role in “The Worst Witch” as well as her emotional range in “The Theory of Everything.” Since the Doctor is burdened by the constant loss of companions and romance, we feel that Ms Jones’ can sympathize and demonstrate this thanks to her performance as Jane Wilde Hawking. Not to mention the fact that she would joining the exclusive list of actors that have already starred in “Doctor Who” before going on to assume the mantle.

#5: Ruth Wilson

Everyone knows that the Doctor has a dark side, but unless he has good people to stop him, sometimes even he can go too far. Who better to portray that than someone who played a beautiful psychopath in the hard-hitting drama “Luther”? Ms Wilson left us terrified as Alice Morgan with her total lack of empathy, and left us conflicted with the morally grey character of Alison in “The Affair.” Don’t worry though, she’s also played her fair share of wounded heroes as well, as Queenie from “Small Island” demonstrates. If anyone can bring the fury of the Doctor to life as a femme fatale, it would be her!

#4: Helena Bonham Carter

Though she’s famous for her roles in Tim Burton flicks, she also has plenty of range that she’s showcased in other director’s films. And as such, we have no doubt that this veteran actress could display every facet of the Doctor, since she’s captured them already in her huge canon of work. Want adorable and goofy? There’s the Fairy Godmother. How about bizarre and threatening? Hello, Bellatrix Lestrange. Morally conflicted? Here comes Mrs. Lovett. Heck, we’d even take her incredibly over the top voice from “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”! Along with some of her more serious performances such as Queen Elizabeth in “The King’s Speech,” there’s no doubt in our minds that Ms Bonham Carter would be a Doctor to remember.

#3: Hayley Atwell

She’s already portrayed one iconic fictional character in the form of Marvel’s Agent Carter, but we would be more than happy for her to assume another. As shown from her time spent with Captain America, she can more than hold her own, whether it’s in the face of prejudice or when she’s being shot at. With other poignant roles in shows such as “The Pillars of the Earth,” Ms Atwell has more than proven that she can add both a sense of fun and gravitas to any role she plays. And this is something that every actor needs to have in abundance before he or she can think about getting his or her own sonic screwdriver.

#2: Emma Thompson

Just one look and you know this actor could command the role of the Doctor. With so many accolades and diverse roles to her name, Ms Thompson’s potential as a future Time Lady is about as large as the TARDIS itself. Her being a veteran of Shakespeare ensures that any monologue she delivers will leave others stunned. Intense dramas such as “Howards End” and “Wit” show that she can carry and convey sorrow like no other, and let’s not forget about just how fun she can be as seen with her roles in “Nanny McPhee” and “Harry Potter.” She’s a prime candidate whose acting prowess could encompass all that the Doctor ever was, while leaving plenty of room to put her own spin on the character.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Rachel Hurd-Wood

Natalie Dormer

Suranne Jones

Olivia Colman

#1: Tilda Swinton

No matter how close to humanity the regenerations seem to get, the Doctor is above all else an alien whose burdens cannot be comprehended by human understanding. Ms Swinton has shown that not only can she portray the everywoman, but she can also inhabit characters who are for all intents and purposes far removed from humanity, which would make her perfect for the role. Whether it’s the passive anger of the White Witch, the clownish persona of Mason, the otherworldly beauty of Eve, she’d be able to capture everything wonderful but also everything broken about the Doctor. And so she’s our first choice should the next reincarnation of the character were to take on a more female form.

Do you agree with our list? Which actress do you think should play the next Doctor? With entertaining top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo!

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