Top 5 ARK: Survival Evolved Videos - Let's Play Countdown!

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
The Hunger Games on Dinosaurs!
Failed Viking Marriages!
And poop! (So. Much. Poop.)

All this and more as we count down our picks for the Top 5 ARK: Survival Evolved Let's Play Videos on YouTube!

On today's installment of Let's Play Countdown, we're looking at our favorite videos from both ARK: Survival Evolved and its follow up spin-off Ark: Survival of the Fittest.

Thanks and congratulations to today's featured video creators: VanossGaming, Mr Moon, FrankieonPCin1080p, KingDaddyDMAC, and Sl1pg8r - Daily Stuff and Things!

Top 5 ARK: Survival Evolved Videos

Welcome to WatchMojo’s Let’s Play Countdown, where we count down our favorite Let’s Play videos in a specific category. On today’s installment, we’re looking at our favorite videos from ARK: Survival Evolved and its follow up spin-off Ark: Survival of the Fittest.

#5: Survival of the Freaks & Dinosaurs! (Ark Survival Evolved Funny Moments)

Channel: VanossGaming

Rather than continue with a lengthy ongoing series, this clip is actually more of a standalone compilation of highlights. Seeing as it’s currently the most popular ARK video out there on YouTube, I guess that strategy worked rather well.

The first few minutes become pretty hilarious pretty fast, as each player meets up on the beach and discovers that they’ve all been equally silly with the strange proportions you can give your avatar in the character creator. Man, I’d kill to be able to build mass like that on my calves… Hey, at least now you know why they labelled this video “survival of the freaks”, right? Seriously though these guys are so weird looking it’s almost hard to watch.

From there things get a bit shitty: literally. One of the players takes it upon himself to gather up all of the excrement his fellow players are dropping - creating quite a collection for himself in no time. I’m sure it’ll all come in handy when they get to the poop dungeon.

You think it’s all fun and games? Well watch how giddy they get planning to murder a friendly traveller they’ve come across. Holy crap that was violent...I think that Delirious guy needs help.

This video makes a good first entry since Evan and co are just discovering the game. When Let’s Play videos of ARK: Survival Evolved started showing up last summer, they all had a distinct “What is this game? I have to punch trees??! Let’s play with poop!" kinda feel to it. But as you’ll see from some of our other entries, now we’re seeing organized tournaments with really skilled players… It’s like they’ve evolved.

#4: JUNGLE SNIPER! - Ark: Survival Evolved - Ep.2


This video opens up with quite a bang. After his friend runs a fowl of another player’s Dinos, Frankie makes a heck of a shot to save him. Crazy bird lady never saw it coming.
What makes these sandbox type games the most fun sometimes, especially the early access ones is when the world kinda breaks in funny ways - like when Franky misses a jump, falls off a cliff and lands next to a megalodon fighting a stegosaurus... in the water Or when he’s trying to drag his friend’s lifeless body through a darkened cave and he accidentally...falls through the world.

But the strength on this video, like the best Frankie’s videos, is the epicness of the adventure he gets up to. Near the last “act” of this clip, he and a few buds try to raid a base full of flying creatures that’s perched atop a tower-like rock formation. As the owners come back to protect their loot, Frankie desperately tries to literally hack his way into the base in order to get at the goods. After getting in, check what happens as they try to go back outside: it looks pretty epic. Frankie then finds a discarded RPG on a corpse, uses it to blow up the remaining supply crates in the base, fills up on loot and then base jumps off of the edge. Sure it looks Glitchy, but that’s undeniably cool.

#3: Mr. Moon: "The Blackrock Vikings" - Ark Survival Evolved

Mr Moon

A common complaint of let’s play videos is that they’re too random, irreverent or just dumb. Nobody is taking anything seriously, everyone is just giggling their asses off. Yeah we’re looking at you Vanoss– we love ya, but we’re looking at ya. Well, if that’s your opinion, we’re about to show you the other end of the spectrum. Unfortunately it is no less silly. We already have an episode about Roleplaying playthroughs of certain games - namely Bethesda RPGs - but it seems like we may have overlooked Mr. Moon’s forays into Dino Land, because, playing the role of the mad King Frostheave, he goes full Viking in this video.

Mr. Moon’s trademark style is on full display here: the cinematic opening, distinct editing style, admirable improv skills, the crazy devotion to the theme: they’re all here, and it’s hilarious to watch. Apparently joining the Blackrock Vikings requires quite the grilling interview.

A ton of stuff goes down here. The vikings try to plan a wedding. They try to make some poor sap walk the plank. They hold an impromptu Q&A session in a schoolhouse. They kill the bride from the wedding because they think she’s a lizard...and it goes on like this. All in all, the whole thing is an hour long; pretty impressive for something you’ve got to stay in character for. But you can hear that Moon has got a grin on his face most of the time– he’s taking the roleplay just seriously enough for it to pay off comedically. Mr Moon’s content is all like this, so if you like it, be sure to check out his channel: some of his Day Z stuff landed him on our Day Z countdown. Spoiler alert, it involves cannibalism.

#2: ARK: Survival Evolved - TAMING GIGANOTOSAURUS SOLO - Lvl 200 GIGA !!! [Ep 59] (Server Gameplay)


Before we get into it, I gotta say that what’s nice about KingDaddy DMAC’s content is that, aside from the fact that he’s a likeable host, his videos are really well labelled and focused. I know that sounds kinda boring, but I’m sure you too have come across videos that have a catchy, cool sounding title, and then the video turns out to be a too-random mish mash that has little to do with the title. Heck, even Frankie’s video that we just saw is guilty of this - he didn’t spend all that much time sniping, relatively speaking.

That’s not the case here: this clip is about taming a Giganotosaurus, just like the title says. That simple focus builds anticipation and provides a clear start and end point. What you see, is what you get. And what you get is a huge friggin Dinosaur.

Actually, you get more than one. KD runs into a Giga pretty early on. Then stumbles across a second one. THEN, as he’s contemplating trying to tame them both, he finds a third - this one an enormous lvl 108 to boot. Naturally, that’s the one he takes. When he finally gets the big sucker in a spot that he wants him, he’s gotta settle in - cuz it takes more than a few tranq darts to put her down. You’d better settle in too actually, cuz this whole sequence takes about 2 minutes - even with parts clearly cut out.

What’s fun about this video is how authentically stoked DMAC seems to be throught. He’s genuinely excited about the whole thing - especially once he finally takes his newly christened “Gigatron” for a spin.

#1: ARK: Survival Of The Fittest - SURVIVOR LEAGUE! (Series)

Sl1pg8r - Daily Stuff and Things!

So, when you search for ARK videos, there is one channel that dominates the category: Slipgater. You’d be forgiven if you couldn’t figure out how to say the name, but it’d be hard to miss just how much Ark content this crazy guy posts. We’ve picked one of our favorite clips for this countdown, but really it’s the whole channel we’re honoring here - we’ll get back to that in a second.

Tons of people organize their series into playlists, but Slipgater produces so much ARK content that he has to break it down into seasons. A quick look at his recent videos - at the time of writing - shows that he’s at season 3, episode 84, and THAT’s just his regular Survival Evolved content. He’s also got clips for modded versions of the game, cool stuff he’s found, and - our personal favorite - a series on the new Survival of the Fittest PVP mode. While he doesn’t only do ARK centric videos, he posts about 3 clips and day, and most of that is Ark related.

Basically what we’re saying is, if you need more ARK videos E-VE-RY-DAY, then he’s your man. How he maintains that ecstatic level of enthusiasm, we’ll never know, but on this channel you can be sure to find it on full display, several times a day.

If you’re looking for a place to start, I’d take a look at episode 1 of his Survival of the Fittest “Survivor League” series, where teams compete in a Hunger Games style battle royale. Slipgator and his teammates have an easy and entertaining rapport between them as they start out with nothing, and methodically craft weapons and armor and tame an army of beasts. It’s a great showcase of the newer mode, and the competition gets pretty intense, particularly in later episodes.

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