Top 10 Comedy Trilogies



Top 10 Comedy Trilogies

VOICE OVER: Richard Bush
Script written by Richard Bush

Sometimes, laughs come better in threes. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Comedy Trilogies. For this list, we're looking at iconic comedy threesomes that have earned a name for delivered laughs throughout the years.

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Script written by Richard Bush

Top 10 Comedy Trilogies

Sometimes, laughs come better in threes. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Comedy Trilogies.

For this list, we’re looking at iconic comedy threesomes that have earned a name for delivered laughs throughout the years. We’re ranking these trilogies based on their quality and how funny they are. Franchises that have encompassed vastly different genres throughout, such as “Evil Dead,” which started with a horror installment, didn’t make the cut. And though “Toy Story” is often considered a trilogy, its immense success has led Pixar to announce a fourth instalment for 2018, so unfortunately we’ve had to exclude it too.

#10: “Hangover” trilogy (2009-13)

Ever wake up to find a tiger in your bathroom? Well, these guys have. Each of the films in this comedy trilogy focuses on the consequences of imbibing a little bit too much of certain substances and dealing with the fallout the next day. Starting off in Sin City, the Wolfpack encounters some of the seediest streets in Bangkok, Mike Tyson, giraffes, roofies and the “Three Best Friends” over the course of the films. Filled with awkwardly relatable and regrettable circumstances, the “Hangover” movies are a reminder of how something drunkenly disastrous can still be downright hilarious – at least on the big screen.

#9: “Harold & Kumar” trilogy (2004-11)

These stoner comedies follow the adventures of two buddies whose love for weed, women and White Castle have achieved much financial success at the box office – despite only mixed critical reviews. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! What’s not to love about these two friends who mean well but just can’t seem to stay out of trouble? Whether they’re off looking for fast food, escaping an infamous prison camp or just trying to have a merry Christmas - in 3D! - we just can’t get enough of Harold and Kumar.

#8: “Rush Hour” trilogy (1998-2007)

What do a by-the-book Hong Kong Detective Inspector and a loud-mouthed LAPD detective have in common? Well, nothing really, except the fact that they both hate bad guys. Although incredibly dissimilar to one another, Lee’s gymnastic abilities and Carter’s smart mouth make the perfect combination for foiling kidnappers, defeating money launderers and inciting laughs in these buddy action flicks. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker prove that the classic odd couple routine still works. Their rapport is electric, be it when they are jamming to “War,” kicking ass in a massage parlor or parachuting off the Eiffel Tower.

#7: “Ocean’s” trilogy (2001-07)

These are heist movies with swagger. The “Ocean’s trilogy” puts George Clooney in the driver’s seat as he assembles a crack team of con men, pickpockets, mechanics and a rather talented acrobat. This ensemble then sets out to rob renowned casinos like the Mirage and Bellagio. But it’s not only the elaborate ways they do this that make these films awesome. Each member of the star-studded cast can successfully and comically anchor the film on his or her own, be it Clooney’s conniving Danny Ocean, Brad Pitt’s slick sidekick Rusty or Matt Damon’s sneaky Linus and that’s why they – and we – kept coming back for more.

#6: “Back to the Future” trilogy (1985-90)

This series rewrote the book on time travel. Marty and Doc flit through history in an attempt to right a wrong and get Marty’s mom and dad back together. Along the way, this trilogy is full of fun ‘what ifs’, ambitious future technology and of course, plenty of laughs. Michael J. Fox is brilliant, making almost everything he does memorable. The supporting cast also impresses, be it Crispin Glover’s awkward George, Lea Thompson’s forward Lorraine or Christopher Lloyd’s eccentric Doc Brown. “Back to the Future” splices together two of cinema’s most loved genres - comedy and sci-fi – effortlessly.

#5: “Men in Black” trilogy (1997-2012)

The plot of “Men in Black” alone is enough to spark laughs. Aliens, living among us, some disguised as politicians – and Michael Jackson even? Yeah, right. Throw in a charismatic Will Smith and a stone-faced Tommy Lee Jones and you got yourself a hoot. As an alien-fighting duo working for the secret MIB agency, Smith and Jones make the perfect team. With Agent J getting mixed up with a talking dog and a giant worm named Jeff, and hard as nails agent K along for the ride, the “Men in Black” film series would even be funny on a whole different planet.

#4: “Three Flavours Cornetto” trilogy (2004-13)

Starring English comedians Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and friends, this trilogy is the black sheep of our list. It’s a series of three entirely separate non-sequential films that are only connected by references to Cornetto ice cream flavors. “Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz,” and “The World’s End,” also share a common director, Edgar Wright. He saw each of these partial parodies not merely as films with nonstop gags. Instead, they’re essentially relationship comedies that are thematically united through the highlighting of subjects like growing up and the dangers that come with acting and thinking in a childlike manner, but with different settings and subgenres.

#3: “Austin Powers” trilogy (1997-2002)

Austin Powers is the complete opposite of what you’d imagine a secret agent to be. A product of swinging ‘60s old school, free loving ideals, Mike Myers’ Austin gets sent to the future in order to fight off the rather aptly named Dr Evil, also played by Myers. The actor’s flamboyant portrayals of his characters are a brilliant satire on the James Bond routine and we can’t help but love even the most slapstick moments of the spy action comedies. You know, like the longest pee in the world, Will Ferrell’s invincible henchman and of course, the mole jokes…

#2: “Beverly Hills Cop” trilogy (1984-94)

Throw a Detroit cop into Beverly Hills and prepare to be entertained. Featuring Eddie Murphy at his peak, the trilogy does serve up some great action sequences, but it’s Murphy’s comedic chops in-between the flying bullets that really pulls them all together. Whether he is bouncing off other characters like Serge, or trying on one of his alter egos like Johnny Wishbone, you feel like you could watch him go on forever. Whoever thought going undercover could be so funny?

Before we reveal our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:
“Meet the Parents” trilogy (2000-10)
“Night at the Museum” trilogy (2006-14)
“Jackass” trilogy (2002-10)

#1: “The Naked Gun” trilogy (1988-94)

One of the most hilarious series ever has a very simple premise. Frank Drebin, played by Leslie Nielsen, is a dim-witted, accident-prone cop who somehow always seems to get the job done. In the film series, things like searching someone’s pockets, questioning a witness or disposing of important documents end up a farcical endeavor because of him. The movies are loaded with jokes, but it is the fast and flawless way they are delivered that really makes them special. In fact, you can re-watch each movie in the trilogy time and time again and still find something new to laugh at. While a possible reboot/sequel is being planned, we’re pretty confident that nothing will beat these original 3.

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