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Top 10 Xbox 360 Exclusive Games

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Max Lett Microsoft devotees unite. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Xbox 360 Exclusive Games. As the name might suggest, only games that were exclusive to the Xbox 360 home console made the cut, Mass Effect has to sit this one out as the games later did get PS3 ports, although games that also had a PC port are still fair game. Special Thanks to our users "Joeltheman" & "Alexander Bonilla" for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Max Lett

Top 10 Xbox 360 Exclusive Games

Microsoft devotees unite. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Xbox 360 Exclusive Games.

As the name might suggest, only games that were exclusive to the Xbox 360 home console made the cut, Mass Effect has to sit this one out as the games later did get PS3 ports, although games that also had a PC port are still fair game.

#10: “Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2” (2008)

Bright lights, trans music and crazy shapes shooting every which way. No, you’re not incredibly high, you’re playing Geometry Wars! One of the most popular games on Xbox live arcade, geometry wars is a fast paced, highly addictive multidirectional shooter. Like many of it’s predecessors, the game doesn’t rely on amazing graphics or narrative story-telling but instead engrosses players by putting them in increasingly crazy situations and rewarding them when all the carnage has ceased.

#9: “Fable II” (2008)

In the mythical world of Albion, players are given a medley of choices that will define the destinies of their character and make them heroes or villains. While the story follows a general outline, the player can choose to do good or evil and these choices will define world events, NPC reactions and even the physical appearance of the character making them either beautiful and haloed with light or vile and surrounded by a demonic aura. The game also gives players the choice to specialize in magic, firearms or swords or even a combination of all three. It may not have lived up to Peter Molyneux’s hype, but it was still solid.

#8: “Crackdown” (2007)

The sales pitch for most open sandbox third person shooter games starts with “imagine GTA but with—”and then you fill in the blank. Crackdown works because it uses a classic formula and injects it with some new elements like futuristic weaponry and super powers. The objective of the game, unlike GTA, is to eliminate all crime in the city and bring peace. Much like GTA players do that by ruthlessly murdering people with big guns and fast cars. Players can also strategically plan how they eliminate final bosses and are given the choice to face the baddies head on or slowly cripple them by taking out their ammunition and supplies and then delivering the final blow.

#7: “Mark of the Ninja” (2012)

As the title implies, ninja’s abound in this game where the player assumes control of an unnamed warrior who must discover the secret behind his mysterious mark and the murder of his clan. Mark of the Ninja is a 2D Stealth Action game where players must be as stealthy as possible while dispatching enemies and use their surroundings to blend in. Players can also cause confusion and fear and use the resulting chaos to escape or kill. Extra points are given for the swift concealment of bodies, and special completion bonuses encourage you to replay missions several times over.

#6: “Dead Rising” (2006)

Killing zombies isn’t a new idea when it comes to video games. Killing them with just about anything from Chainsaws to gumball machines however is a new twist. There’s nothing quite like that sense of accomplishment as you rush through a throng of zombies while halving them with a chainsaw. There is a story to this game but let’s be honest, you’re playing it because you can throw plates like ninja stars and cut up some of the shambling undead. It's also worth mentioning that we are aware of the remake for the Wii "Chop Till You Drop" but it's a different enough game rather than a straight up port.

#5: “Alan Wake” (2010)

As Alan Wake, players are dropped into a dark and dangerous world of shadows. Light is a tool as well as a weapon against monstrous beings enveloped in darkness. The protagonist uses various lighting implements to weaken and then kill creatures but flashlights must be replaced regularly. Players were introduced to this new gameplay system and this set Alan Wake apart from typical survival horror games, requiring more strategy based play to conserve power as well as ammunition.

#4: “Left 4 Dead” (2008)

Bored with your run of the mill shambling zombies? Left 4 Dead not only offers you the 28 days later type super fast climby zombies but a whole new set of enhanced zombies that can do things which include, but are not limited to, exploding and covering you with undead catnip goo, leaping from insane distances, catching you with super long tongues and just generally hulking out. Providing one of the best CoOperative experiences anywhere, Left 4 Dead proved that the apocalypse can be a huge amount of fun if you’ve got 3 friends to experience it with.

#3: “Forza Horizon” (2012)

Fast cars, awesome tracks and beautiful graphics, what more could a racing gamer ask for? The Forza series has provided its fans with a great balance of gameplay and intense racing that has made them so iconic. This spinoff entry in the series stands out for the detailed open world it let’s players explore, allowing them a considerable amount of freedom compared to other racing sims. If multiplayer shinanigans are your thing, Horizon also featured an amazing Cat and Mouse chase mode that could keep you going for days.

#2: “Gears of War 2” (2008)

Following the seemingly final events of the first game, those pesky locusts have returned and this time they’re even more angry. A more focused and emotional tale this time around, Gears of War 2 follows delta squad on their quest to find Dom’s wife amidst the worsening Locust war. Of course, all of the series’ best qualities were back and better than ever; from the intense cover mechanics to the overflowing machismo of it’s protagonists.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honourable mentions:

"Lost Odyssey" (2007)
"Dance Central" (2010)
"Trials HD" (2009)
"Iron Brigade" (2011)
"Shadow Complex" (2009)

#1: “Halo 3” (2007)

The Xbox has become synonymous with one of it’s most popular titles and with good reason. Since the first entry in it’s series all the way up to the 4th, players have lauded Halo as one of the best and most intense multiplayer games out there. It comes as no surprise that the 3rd such installment should be regarded as one of the greatest. A truly complete package, not only did #3 boast an end to it’s ambitious single player saga, but it also featured one of the most robust and feature laden multiplayer suites of any game on the platform. This is one case where the enormous amount of hype was warranted, as Halo 3 went down as a peerless powerhouse for the Microsoft brand.

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