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Top 10 Sexy Movie Foreign Exchange Students

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Fred Humphries They may not be in the country for long, but the impression they leave lasts a lifetime. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Sexy Female Foreign Exchange Students in Movies. For this list, we're going with a pretty simple criteria: the ladies just need to be sexy students that do not hail from the country where the film is taking place. Special thanks to our user Andrew A. Dennison for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Sexy Movie Foreign Exchange Students

They may not be in the country for long, but the impression they leave lasts a lifetime. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Sexy Female Foreign Exchange Students in Movies.

For this list, we’re going with a pretty simple criteria: the ladies just need to be sexy students that do not hail from the country where the film is taking place.

#10: Mieke
“EuroTrip” (2004)

Her name may be vaguely boyish, but she is anything but. This German student starts out the film as pen pal to Scotty, forced on him as a project for German class. But the two become friends, and when he realizes that “Mike” is actually a girl, she turns into a conquest. The confused American decides he has feelings for this foreign girl, hence the EuroTrip of the film’s title, as Scotty travels across the sea to find the blonde beauty who sends him funny videos and does it with him in a confessional booth. The end of the film is when she officially becomes a foreign exchange student, however, and Scotty’s dorm roommate.

#9: Maggie O’Hooligan
“Caddyshack” (1980)

Although actress Sarah Holcomb’s career spanned just five films she certainly left an impression that would last far longer than her acting career. In “Caddyshack,” Maggie O’Hooligan is in a relationship with caddy Danny Noonan who almost gets her pregnant and then proceeds to cheat on her. Although it was never mentioned in the final cut of the movie, Maggie is a student on exchange from Ireland – hence the accent. And while that accent might sound strangely Scottish, that’s part of her appeal. Maybe she’s not the hottest girl in the film, she is certainly adorable and brings some Celtic charm to this popular golfing comedy.

#8: Anna Gardner
“Like Crazy” (2011)

Anna is a British exchange student studying in Los Angeles whose blossoming relationship with Jacob is hindered when she overstays her visa. Felicity Jones, who also played a foreign exchange student in 2013’s “Breathe In,” is stunning; it’s absolutely clear why Anton Yelchin’s Jacob is so keen to make the long-distance relationship work, as she is not only alluring to the eye but is fiercely intelligent and has a brilliant sense of humor. Add in that lovely British accent and you’ve got what many would consider the perfect girl. Too bad their courtship turns out to be anything but perfect.

#7: Dominique
“D.E.B.S.” (2004)

For someone so quiet and seemingly unassuming, Devon Aoki’s Dominique is a serious badass with a rebellious edge. She frequently has guys over when she’s not supposed to and will often be caught with a cigarette in her hand. In a spy film full of gorgeous girls with a title that stands for “Discipline, Energy, Beauty and Strength,” this French stunner with supermodel features stands out as she effortlessly destroys bad guys in an impossibly short skirt. She knows she kicks ass, and she doesn’t need to tell you.

#6: Anna-Maria Mazarelli
“Summer School” (1987)

Before she was Alotta Fagina in the first Austin Powers film, Fabiana Udenio was busy winning the hearts of teens everywhere in this ‘80s coming of age comedy. Italian student Anna-Maria looks magnificent in a bikini and is willing to humor movie nerds about “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” making her especially irresistible to horror-movie devotees Dave and Chainsaw. Gorgeous, exotic, alluring and a fan of pop culture – the perfect teenage crush. The film was made in 1987 old but Anna-Maria remains a timeless beauty.

#5: Monique Junet
“Better Off Dead” (1985)

You could say that the other women on this list only elicit shot-term passion from guys. But this French girl will make you want to fall in love. Rather than the type that strives for supermodel perfection, she is the adorable girl you would happily take home to meet the parents. She’s good with cars, funny, caring, likes baseball and is an amazing skier. Our only criticism? We wonder how many lovesick guys bought a one-way ticket to France, only to find that girls like Monique only exist in films.

#4: Areola
“Not Another Teen Movie” (2001)

You have to be pretty hot to be cast in a role that requires you to be naked for the duration of your scenes, and actress Cerina Vincent certainly meets that criteria. Sure, Areola is lacking in personality and character development. But for raw physical attraction, she has no equal. Clearly a parody of film foreignexchange students, she doesn’t have a lot of screen time, but she makes the most of what she has. Her toned physique and flawless figure add zest to a largely lackluster film about movie clichés.

#3: Gretchen
“100 Women” (2002)

Although she’s sexy in a less mainstream way than some others on this list, Gretchen is the ex-girlfriend of main character Sam and is undeniably a bit of a bitch. But that may add to her attractiveness, because who doesn’t enjoy a little abuse every now and then, amirite? Seriously though, this Russian art student often favors a “bra only” dress code, which allows her to show off her multitude of piercings and the odd tattoo.

#2: Genevieve LePlouff
“She Gets What She Wants” (2002)

Technically, the amusingly named Genevieve Le Plouff isn’t really a French foreign exchange student – she’s only pretending to be as part of an elaborate charade. Oh, spoiler alert we suppose. Still, audiences were definitely fooled long enough to fall in love with her. In a film alternately named “Slap Her… She’s French,” Genevieve is a trickster who slowly steals another girl’s life – but you can see why people were so easily deceived. Her smile is mesmerizing and she has an abundance of wit and charm. No one could blame you for allowing her to take over your life.

Before we take a look at our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:
- Cindy ‘Ching-Chong’
“Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd” (2003)
- All of Them
“Foreign Exchange” (2008)
- Swedish Student
“Cashback” (2006)

#1: Nadia
“American Pie” (1999)

She is perhaps the quintessential foreign exchange student in film and no one else on our list has a scene quite as memorable as hers. If you haven’t seen it, we’ll try not to spoil it too much for you, but needless to say it involves the pretense of studying for a history exam – but it’s more like an anatomy lesson. This Slovakian exchange student’s lack of English is adorable as she instantly became the crush of many teens who loved this coming-of-age comedy. Her role has been parodied to death, but for many Nadia will forever be ‘the’ movie foreign exchange student.

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