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Alien vs. Predator Movie Franchises

VO: Dan Paradis
Script Written by Matt Wende. The ultimate showdown of extraterrestrial hunter/killers. Join as we pit two of the most popular Sci-Fi movie franchises against each other: Alien and Predator. For this list, we’re evaluating the movie franchises based on specific categories to see how they measure up against each other. Both franchises have great original entries, with good and bad sequels, so we’re trying our best to focus on the positive aspects of each. Special thanks to our users Jordan Albers, nathi, Rvdxtreme1, slayer666, Emily Hepworth, Dennis Edgar and Coby Allen for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script Written by Matt Wende.

Alien vs. Predator Movie Franchises

The ultimate showdown of extraterrestrial killers. Welcome to and today we’re pitting two of the most popular Sci-Fi movie franchises against each other: Alien and Predator.

For this list, we’re evaluating the movie franchises based on specific categories to see how they measure up against each other. Both franchises have great original entries, with good and bad sequels, so we’re trying our best to focus on the positive aspects of each. So grab your pulse-rifle and roll around in the mud, because no matter which side wins, we lose.

Round 1: Heroes

The Alien franchise introduced us to one of the world’s strongest female characters in cinematic history. Among a myriad of working class space travelers, Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley stood out for her no-bullshit attitude and will to survive. In the sequel, Aliens, Ripley’s character was developed further, as her instincts as a mother and savior came to define her.

Coincidentally enough, Bill Paxton has a role in both franchise sequels. His role in as Private Hudson in "Aliens" alongside '80s action movie legend Michael Biehn is much more memorable than his throw away character in Predator 2. Overall, the Colonial Marines are much more well developed and interesting than any of the secondary heroes in the Predator franchise.

On Predator’s side, Arnold Schwarzenegger puts up a hell of a fight as a tough as nails Special Forces commander Alan "Dutch" Schaefer. His dedication to his comrades is matched only by his lethality and ability to outsmart the cunning Predator. Unfortunately, Arnie didn’t return for the sequels, and Predator 2 instead gave us a forgettable Danny Glover and Predators left us with a very miscast Adrian Brody. Really? Adrian Brody?

While her role in further sequels may not have been as strong, Ellen Ripley’s unparalleled spirit and strength make her one of the best, if not the best female action hero of all time. Sorry Dutch, Ripley and the Colonial Marines take this round for the Alien franchise.

WINNER: Alien 1/Predator 0

Round 2: Classic Lines

Proving herself on par with the greatest of action heroes, Ellen Ripley has some great one liners. Other character have equally memorable and haunting lines like the captured colonist begging for death with a simple 'Kill Me'. Perhaps not as motivating or quotable as other movies, these are lines that we’ll never forget.

It is however, hard to compete with the king of one liners Arnold Schwarzenegger, who can seemingly turn any line into a memorable classic. Even without Arnie, other characters in the Predator series from the macho-man Blain, played by Jesse Ventura to the Predator himself have some truly chilling and unforgettable lines.

While supporting characters in Alien and Aliens have some great lines such as 'lets rock!' and 'in the pipe-five by five', out of context, the lines from the Alien franchise just don't quite stack up. This round is an easy trophy for Predator.

Winner: Alien 1 / Predator 1

Round 3: Suspense and Horror

In Predator, you figure there isn’t much that Arnie and his US special forces team can’t handle as they are seen blowing through waves of armed soliders with ease. However, when the Predator shows up and starts tearing them to pieces things get pretty frightening. Unseen and unheard, the Predator not only kills our heroes, but keeps their skulls as trophies, making the violence as sinister as it is malicious in its intent.

The original “Alien” brought fear to a whole new level with its claustrophobic, nowhere to run space setting. More than just a superficial change to the horror genre, the space setting and creates a dark and sinister atmosphere aboard the Nostromo, where the character truly have nowhere to run. However, the tonal shift from straight horror to horror-action in the later ‘Alien’ films does alleviate the stress and tension somewhat, and the individual Xenomorphs do lose a little of their bite, as we see them die in greater numbers.

That being said, there is just no topping the flawless horror of the first Alien film, and while the later films don’t quite recapture the fear and claustrophobia of being trapped on a space ship with an acid blooded Xenomorph, Alien remains the most suspenseful and horrific.

Winner: Alien 2 / Predator 1

Round 4: Action and Kills

“Alien” saw characters struggling to forge makeshift flamethrowers and other basic weapons to fight the Xenomorph. The results were a lot of very one-sided battles as the Alien effortlessly picked off the characters one by one. In “Aliens,” the action really picks up, as this time a group of bad-ass marines accompany Ripley and bring actual firepower to the table. Alien: Resurrection also took on more of an action style, as the characters have little to no fear of the Xenomorphs, and aren’t afraid to duke it out.

Predator is, appropriately, all about the hunt. The action in this kill or be killed romp begins with Arnie’s team raiding a South American warlord’s guerrilla camp in a hip firing bad guy exploding action scene worthy of the best 80s action films; and it only gets better from there. Cunning, traps and mass deforestation via mini gun all lead to the final climactic showdown between Dutch and the Predator. The sequels continued the action, ramping the kill count up further and further.

While the Alien films brought plenty of excitement to the table, were giving the edge to the Predator as it fights its way to the top.

Winner: Alien 2 / Predator 2

Round 5: Creatures

Here it is, the main event:

Referred to in the expanded universe as the Yautja, the Predators comes from an intelligent race that hunts other intelligent races for sport and honor, claiming its foes’ spines and skulls as trophies. The hunters are equipped with a powerful arsenal, from arm mounted blades, to a high powered laser gun and, in the event of humiliating defeat, an over the top self destruct system. Their hunting is also improved by their suits' ability to cloak and their masks which give them thermal vision, and more. They are tough, albeit rather ugly.

Designed by the one and only H.R. Geiger, the Xenomorphs of the Alien franchise are horrific monsters brought to life on the silver screen. While the official origin of the species hasn’t been fully explored yet, what we do know about the aliens is enough to give even the bravest men and women nightmares. Every weapon the alien has at its disposal it was born with, including a powerful but nimble body, razor sharp claws, acid blood and an extending mouth inside its mouth. Not only that but EVERY alien is born by ripping itself out of its hosts body. Every. Single. One. Think about that for a second.

Both are creatures born to hunt and kill, the Predetor uses technology, cunning and experience where the alien hunts with animal instinct and terrifying ferocity. Both are iconic both on and off the big screen, but we are giving this round to… The Alien franchise.

Winner: Alien 3 / Predator 2

The battle was long and well fought, but in the end, the Xenomorph stands victorious as the ultimate killing machine and the ultimate movie franchise.

We’ve picked a clear winner but feel free to continue the fight in the comments section below, and for more versus lists and Top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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