Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes



Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes

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When did Halloween become our hottest holiday? Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes. For this list, we're taking a look at the most common Halloween costumes that people typically give an erotic spin.

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Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes

When did Halloween become our hottest holiday? Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most common Halloween costumes that people typically give an erotic spin.

#10: Cowboy / Cowgirl

Whether you’re a man or a woman, few things are hotter than somebody that can rock an old western hat, a bandana, and a pair of boots. Cowboys and cowgirls are adventurous types that have appeared in numerous sexual fantasies, not to mention strip clubs. They know how to handle a gun and are even better with a lasso, making leeway for plenty of kinky costume accessories. Whether they’re dressed in all white or in all black; we’d love to ride off into the sunset with a wild buckaroo.

#9: Devil

Now here’s a costume that’s as sinfully delicious as a bag full of chocolate goodies. The devil can be an alluring force. Although we try to resist him or her with all our willpower, sometimes we can’t help but give into temptation, especially on Halloween night. There are numerous variations on the sexy devil costume. No matter what, though, the costume will likely involve a pair of horns and the color red. Also, don’t be afraid to get creative with a pitchfork if you really want to heat things up.

#8: Firefighter

Of course if you’re looking for another smokin’ costume to heat things up, a sexy firefighter outfit should be more than hot enough for ya. This steamy ensemble works for men and women alike. Just make sure you have experience working a fire hose. With some suspenders, yellow boots, and a helmet, you’ll set off the sprinkler system the second you enter a room. Perhaps that’ll cool things off a bit… or maybe it’ll just make things even hotter. Either way, everybody will be stopping, dropping, and rolling for you.

#7: Vixen

For some people, Halloween is an excuse to dress up as something scary. For others, it’s an excuse to dress up as a total slut. We’re going to be polite as use the term, “vixen,” however. Typically involving black leather and a corset, a vixen costume can make almost anything sexy, from bunnies, to cats, to even mice. If your daughter dresses as a vixen for Halloween, it’s a clear sign that daddy’s little girl is growing up. Of course, sometimes daddy’s little girl may grow up too fast.

#6: Cheerleader

Even if you never bagged a cheerleader in high school, maybe you can bag one at a Halloween party. Unlike some of the other costumes on this list, the cheerleader uniform doesn’t really need to be further sexualized or exaggerated. It’s already perfectly stimulating as is. Just grab a short top, an even shorter skirt, and pom poms, and you should be good to go. Of course if you know any cheers or dances, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to show off what you’ve got.

#5: Schoolgirl

In the same vein as cheerleaders, this risqué costume will appeal to any guy longing to recapture his youth with a naughty little girl. Okay, that actually sounds kind of creepy. But then again,Halloween is supposed to be scary, right? With a plaid skirt, white stockings, eye-catching glasses, and pigtails, you’ll be the hottest girl on campus. Giving the schoolgirl look an anime twist is also welcome. We don’t recommend wearing this ensemble to your actual school, however. You’ll break every rule in the dress code and get suspended.

#4: Pirate

Jack Sparrow proved that pirates could not only be cool, but they can also be dead sexy. Sure, they may be hairy, sweaty, and generally unsanitary. Admit it, though, that kind of turns you on. The sexy swashbuckler look is popular with both genders, whether you want to be a burly sea captain or a smelly pirate hooker. For one reason or another, we’ve all dreamed of being a pirate and Halloween is the perfect night to live out that dream. Just go easy on the rum.

#3: French Maid

If pirates are too dirty for you, a French maid might be more up your alley. Keep in mind they can also get pretty dirty, though. As a matter of fact, whoever originally designed the French maid uniform must’ve gone out of their way to make it explicitly sexy. Accentuating one’s legs, breasts, and fanny, this costume leaves little to the imagination. It tickles us in all the right places, especially when it comes with a feather duster. We’d gladly let one of these maids clean our house any day.

#2: Cop

Nobody wants to get picked up by a police officer. That is unless it’s Halloween. Cops are perhaps the most dominating figures on this list, calling out to anyone who likes it rough while role-playing. The costume comes complete with clubs, handcuffs, and just about anything one could need to get freaky. Don’t forget to also show off your badge and gun. Arresting everyone’s attention, who doesn’t love a man or a woman in uniform? Looking this sexy should be a crime.

Before we undress our top pick in our minds, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Witch
- Superheroes / Superheroines
- Princess
- Toga
- Mermaid / Merman

#1: Nurse

There’s a reason why nurses are the subjects of so many male fantasies. Aside from their tight skirts and seductive red lips, nurses also know exactly how to make you feel comfortable and get you into bed. In that sense, nurses are attractive on both a physical and emotional level. This easily makes the naughty nurse uniform the sexiest costume to wear on Halloween night. If you eat too much candy, be sure to seek out a nurse to nurture you back to health. Now that’s a real treat.

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