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Top 10 Superheroes With Physical Disabilities

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Jamie Leslie. Superheroes may be immune to a lot of things, but some superheroes go the extra mile and fight for justice despite their physical limitations. Whether it's a physical limitation they were born with or a disease they fight to overcome, we’re looking at superheroes that suffer from some kind of physical disability, be it a physical deformity, permanent injury, disease and so on. We’re ranking these characters based on how debilitating their condition is and how well they have overcome their physical limitations.

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Script written by Jamie Leslie.

Top 10 Superheroes With Physical Disabilities

Physical impairments can be a huge hurdle to overcome, but they sure as hell don't stop some of today’s most inspirational superheroes from kicking some major ass. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Superheroes with physical disabilities.

For this list, we’re looking at superheroes that suffer from some kind of physical disability, be it a physical deformity, permanent injury, disease and so on. We’re ranking these characters based on how debilitating their condition is and how well they have overcome their physical limitations.

#10: Cable – Nathan Summers

The product of an evil, fittingly convoluted scheme hatched by Mister Sinister, Cable came to exist in a world inhabited by a techno-organic virus. Becoming infected, Cable's left arm and eye have taken on a cybernetic appearance, although his whole body has become infested with the virus, making him more machine than man. This has granted the time-traveling mutant superhuman strength and dexterity, however as the virus continues to deteriorate his body from the inside his life is a constant struggle against the virus.

#9: Puck – Eugene Milton Judd

This hero made quit an effort to capitalize on his shortcomings. Once a 7 foot tall, handsome and fearless adventurer, Puck was mutated with dwarfism while fighting the ancient sorcerer Black Raazer. Along with reduced stature and altered appearance, Puck gained a greatly enhanced lifespan, but the vain, virile explorer considered this a curse. Puck would join the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight, and soon recognized his small stature allowed him exceptional acrobatic and combat skills.

#8: Jane Foster – Thor

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Jane took up residence in Asgard as Earth’s representative. When Thor Odinson found himself unworthy of wielding the hammer Mjolnir, it was Jane Foster who found herself the only one able to lift the powerful hammer. Mjolnir bestowed Jane with the power of Thor and Jane took up the mantle as the new God of Thunder, not as Ms. Thor, or Thorette, but Thor. The power of the hammer conceals her identity, but also increases the spread of her cancer and the more Jane uses her powers to help people, the weaker she becomes and the faster her cancer spreads.

#7: Oracle – Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon once accompanied the Dark Knight on his midnight crusades as the infamous Batgirl. However, a horrific surprise attack by The Joker would change all of this forever. Making an attempt on her life, Joker shot Barbara, lodging a bullet in her spine that would leave her permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Confined to a wheelchair, Barbara now fights crime with her resources and intellect by providing crucial intel to the Birds of Prey and Batman.

#6: Winter Soldier – Bucky Barnes

Formerly a capable U.S soldier and Captain America's right hand man, Bucky Barns was lost in action in a high stakes mission against Baron Zemo. After being recovered by the Russian General Vasily Karpov, Bucky's memory was wiped and he was brainwashed into becoming the Soviet's secret assassin, Winter Soldier. He was also implanted with a new bionic left arm, giving him superhuman capabilities. While this does give him a huge advantage on the battlefield, Bucky’s true strength comes form his determination to undo the evil he unwittingly committed as a Soviet Assassin.

#5: Captain Marvel Jr. - Freddy Freeman

This unsuspecting newsboy found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time during a heated battle between Captain Marvel and Captain Nazi. Caught in the crossfire, Freddy was critically injured and unable to walk. To help rectify this, Captain Marvel takes Freddy to the wizard Shazam, the one who bestowed Captain Marvel himself with superpowers. Freddy adopts the powers of Shazam, and is transformed into Captain Marvel Jr., but is unfortunately reverted to his crippled state when he leaves his superhero form.

#4: Echo – Maya Lopez

Being born deaf didn't stop this heroine from maximizing her other key senses. Initially believed to be mentally disabled, Maya's uncanny mimicking ability was soon recognized when she was able to replicate a complete piano song after witnessing it being played only once. She was soon sent to a school for gifted children where her photographic reflexes could be honed. Mastery of reading and predicting her opponent's movements makes her a formidable combatant, but this same skill leaves her helpless in dark areas.

#3: Cyborg – Victor Stone

One inter-dimensional experiment gone wrong would turn Silas and Elinore Stone's son into a walking-talking super weapon. Victor became horribly mutilated after an accident during on of his parent’s experiments at STAR Labs and his dream of becoming a professional football player was over. In a desperate attempt to save the life of his son, Silas outfitted over 70 percent of Victor's body with robotic prosthetics. While his cybernetic appearance may have made him an outcast from society, it gifted him with a multitude of physical enhancements. Enhancements such as super strength, speed, sight and durability, which he uses in his new carrier as a superhero.

#2: Daredevil – Matt Murdock

Now here is a hero who embraced his disability, and uses it to the fullest potential. Matt Murdock was permanently blinded after being exposed to a radioactive waste material during a car accident. The traumatic event gifted Matt with mutagenically heightened senses, allowing him to experience the world in a completely unique way. His acute senses give him a superior understanding of his surroundings, and Daredevil has become one of the most iconic heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Before we unveil our pick, here are a few honourable mentions:

Nick Fury


Dr. Midnite

#1: Professor X – Charles Xavier

Being confined to a wheelchair hasn't stopped this telepathic mutant from becoming one of the greatest minds on the planet. While Charles Xavier has been depicted as a paraplegic since his comic debut in 1963, the cause of his paralysis have long been shrouded in mystery. There have been numerous reimaginings and different variations to the character’s past, but every version of Xavier’s condition has been through some form of tragedy. Never letting his disability stop him from advocating and supporting human/mutant coexistence, Xavier has become one of the most important and influential characters in the Marvel Universe.

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