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Top 10 How It Should Have Ended Videos - TopX Ep.34

VO: Dan Paradis
Welcome to the thirty-fourth episode of TopX, the show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! You can vote on future episode topics here: http://WatchMojo.comtopx Today we're ripping apart your favorite movies with our picks for the Top 10 How It Should Have Ended videos.

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Top 10 How It Should Have Ended Videos

For this list we're taking a look at the best videos to appear on the How It Should Have Ended channel. We ranked our picks based on a mix of popularity, views, votes from our users and personal preference.

#10: Spider-Man 3 How It Should Have Ended

Since Spider-Man 3 is a pretty old movie, we’re naturally starting our list off with one of the oldest HISHE videos there is- it’s an oldie, but a goodie, I promise you.
Clearly the guys were still on point way back in 2007, cuz they hit all the major notes and even point out a few things you may not of thought of while you were focusing on how terrible Topher Grace was as Venom. Everything from Spidey inevitably getting his mask ripped up to the infamous emo-strutt, it’s all here.
What’s funniest about this video is how they not only pointed out a problem with the original spiderman trilogy, but they also fit in a joke that works even better as a criticism of the rebooted franchise as well. [Soundbite of MJ saying “you cry too much”]. Wait till you see the Reboot MJ - aren’t you glad you weren’t it tho? [Shot of G.Stacey biting the dust]

#9: How Toy Story 3 Should Have Ended

It’s always easier to rip on a bad movie than it is to rip on a good movie, but the gang at HISHE are clearly up to the challenge, up next is their take on Toy Story 3.
Actually, seeing as Toy Story 3 is a pretty airtight tear jerker, they clearly didn’t have a huge amount of fodder for their videos. But they still manage to pull off a pretty solid “what if scenario”, one in which Andy can’t bear to part with his toys, and then they scare the hell out of him by revealing that they’re alive.

#8: How To Train Your Dragon 2: How It Should Have Ended

Another animated movie, this one slightly less heartbreaking and allllmost as successful, up next is How To Train Your Dragon 2 Should have ended.
Long story short, it should have ended with more violence. Granted you don’t get the kitchy-peaceful resolution thing, but hey, a lot of problems can be solved by just whacking off a guy. I mean whack a guy off...I mean.

#7: How Guardians of the Galaxy Should Have Ended

Our next entry kicks off with one of the greatest missed opportunities for a joke i’ve ever seen. [Give a shit scene soundbite]. Seriously, how could Drax not misinterpret that? I know it would have ruined the speech but come on!
So, if you go over and watch the last 2 entries, you’ll see that they’re pretty short, clocking in at about 2 minutes a pop. Clearly they didn’t have a huge amount of plot holes to work with for those movies...which was clearly not the case with Guardians of the Galaxy - this clip clocks in at over 6 minutes, cuz there’s plenty to work with here…
By far and away though, the best observation they make here is the one we were all thinking. Why doesn’t one of the soldiers just shoot during that Yondu whistling scene. I’m glad somebody finally said it!

#6: How Frozen Should Have Ended

Yes it seems that even the most successful children’s movie in the history of ever is still fair game for HISHE crew, but I guess even they couldn’t ...LET IT GO.
The premise of this one is pretty simple: Elsa’s parents just don’t get it - and they really don’t. But it wouldn’t have been much of a movie if they did now would it?
A not so funny story about this clip; this is actually an edited version, because apparently they had a let it go parody in the first version that was flagged as a copyright violation. They manage to throw in a little tongue and cheek reference to that as well in the end of this version though.

#5: How Man of Steel Should Have Ended

From a movie that everyone loved to one that people are deeply divided over, up next is their take on How Man of Steel should have ended.
Now, if you ask the eternally butthurt, the biggest flaw in Man of Steel was the massive amount of destruction Zod and Supes lay into Metropolis during the conclusion. You know, this part [show clip from Man of Steel’s destruction heavy ending]. Of course these guys have thought of a much more painless solution - check it out.

#4: How The Avengers Should Have Ended

Switching gears now from a “meh” superhero movie to one that was almost universally loved. HEY! HEY YOU! STOP IT. YA YOU, ABOUT TO COMMENT ABOUT HOW MAN OF STEEL WAS BETTER THAN AVENGERS. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. JUST DELETE THAT COMMENT. YOU’RE WRONG. Cut it out…
This actually is a bit of a treat for fans of the series. Those who watch HISHE know by now that almost every episode features batman and superman talking over coffee - so cramming the rest of the avengers into the table with them is definitely fan fiction heaven.
Remember what I said about Avengers being more successful? Well this did not escape the HISHE guys either

#3: How Lord of The Rings Should Have Ended

Jumping back from current blockbusters to...well, not quite so current blockbusters, all the way from the HISHE vault, we have How the Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended from 8 years ago! See if you can tell if this is an older clip…[Opening shot]
This is another case of HISHE using a huge plot hole that many people have pointed out over the years. I doubt they were the first to do it, but they do have a point: why DON’T they just use the eagles? WHY DON’T THEY?!

#2: How The Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended

It may be a pretty awesome flick, but if everyone who’s thought about it for more than a minute can tell you, there are plenty of pretty glaring plot holes or possible resolutions to the The Dark Knight Rises - and none of them seems to get past these guys,
Of all the things they point out, by far and away the best is telling commissioner Gordon that it miiight not be a good idea to send all of the cops into the sewer at once. That really doesn’t make any sense at all now does it?
Lastly, I feel like this clip ends with one of the best setups for the HISHE running gags - I mean, it really does fit the context here doesn’t it? [“Because I’m Batman!”]

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HM3 Avatar - How It Should Have Ended

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HM6 How The Social Network Should Have Ended

#1: How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

Topping off our list is another ultra successful movie adaptation of another ultra successful fantasy book series: our number 1 pick today is How Harry Potter Should Have Ended.
Right off the bat, they get major points for addressing something that always bothered me when I read the books and watched the movies - namely, why would any parent in their right minds send their kids to Hogwarts??
All kidding aside, this actually a super elaborate scenario - one that’s deserving of the top spot for ambition and creativity alone. It’s almost too much to get into here, or as Snape puts it [Final line of main skit: “It’s a long story”]


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