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Top 10 X-Men Universe Superpowers

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Jamie Leslie. Blessing or curse, the mutants of the Marvel Universe have some pretty sweet powers. Some of those powers are simple, like shape-shifting or regeneration, and others go so far as to be able to control the weather or other elements. We are looking at the mutants of the Marvel Universe, both superhero and villain, and ranking the powers they possess and not the character themselves. So join as we count down our picks for the top 10 X-Men universe superpowers. Special thanks to our users Janelle Saucedo, Ackalata, Keenan Wilson and ThisIsTheEnd for suggesting this idea on our suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest.

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Script written by Jamie Leslie.

Top 10 X-Men Universe Superpowers

Blessing or curse, the mutants of the Marvel Universe have some pretty sweet powers. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our Top 10 X-Men Universe Superpowers.

For this list, we’re looking at superpowers found by the mutants of Marvel Comics, both good and evil. We’re ranking these powers based on overall usefulness as well as potential and not ranking the heroes themselves.

#10: Intangibility - Shadowcat

Out of all the mutant superpowers, having the ability to totally disregard the laws of physics always comes in handy. Shadowcat, possess not only the ability to pass through solid matter, but she can also allow for the passage of other people or objects as long as she remains in contact with them. Using this ability tactically is key to Shadowcat’s success, and she has gotten very good at thinking outside the box.

#9: Thermokinesis - Iceman

With this mutant's ability to lower his body temperature to obscene levels, combined with the ability to freeze and manipulate moisture in the air grants him limitless possibilities. While bringing his own body to a crystallized icy form, Iceman’s severe temperature levels can freeze almost anything around him. It doesn’t matter how strong you are when frozen in a block of ice. Using his power both defensively and offensively, this power is always a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

#8: Weather Manipulation - Storm

The power to control the weather may come with a few caveats, but there is no denying the potential to Storm’s power. With quite literally no limitations, Storm has to exercise extreme control over her power, and over her own emotional state, as it and her powers are directly linked. With this power you could summon up things like devastating lightning storms, can raise or lower temperatures and manipulate the environment itself.

#7: Energy Absorption - Sebastian Shaw and Bishop

While most people tend to avoid taking hits in a fight, this mutant power allows for some serious repercussions to anyone who attacks them. Kinetic, radiant and conductive energy directed at mutants like Sebastian Shaw or Bishop can be absorbed and utilized against their opponents afterwards. In the case of Shaw this includes physical blows such as punches or projectiles, where Bishop can absorb energy like Cyclops’s optic blast. The more powerful the energy that hits them, the more devastating their counter-attack.

#6: Healing Factor – Many Mutants

One of the most common powers in the X-Men universe, a healing factor makes those who possess it almost impossible to kill. Accelerated healing provides staying power mid battle, and wolverine in particular has pushed this ability farther than anyone else; even surviving being ripped in half by The Hulk. The power doesn’t come with a higher tolerance to pain however, and any damage the mutant takes still hurts them as much as it would hurt the next guy, so having nerves of steel is a necessity.

#5: Teleportation - Nightcrawler

Bamf! Like intangibility, the power of instant teleportation makes Nightcrawler almost untouchable. This power can be performed with just a moment's thought, and allows Nightcrawler to excel in almost any fight. While Nightcrawler's scope of travel is limited, he's been able to teleport up to two miles from his initial position; and as simple as the ability may seem, this power actually sends him to another dimension during the brief transition from place to place. His mastery of the skill and spatial awareness allow him to avoid teleporting into solid objects.

#4: Power Absorbtion - Rogue

While most are confined to their individual power, the ability to ‘borrow’ another mutant's power leaves Rogue with no limitations. With simple skin-to-skin contact, Rogue can absorb the powers of not only any mutant, but many non-mutants as well. On occasion Rogue has even been known to store powers for later use, and unleash multiple powers at once. Controlling this power is almost impossible, making it as much curse as it is gift.

#3: Impersonation - Mystique

This mutant power is living proof that imitation is the best form of flattery. This power gives the user the ability to transform into anyone they want, straight from memory; even their voice. There are a few mutants besides mystique that has this power, and it is most often used for nefarious purposes, such as infiltration and sabotage. The sheer amount of chaos this power can cause is incalculable, as in clever hands, it can turn hero against hero.

#2: Magnetism - Magneto

Give a mutant the dominion over all things metal, and the results may be hellish. Magneto's power allows him to move, bend, and contort this material at will. With metal being so readily accessible, this power is always useful. The extent of this power varies from story to story, and sometimes Magneto can perform huge feats such as pulling a submarine out of the ocean. His offense also works as his best defense with his ability to summon a magnetic force field, and levitate himself above the ground.

Before we unveil our pick for Top X-Men Universe Superpower, here are a few honorable mentions:

Cyclops – Optic Force Blast

Gambit – Manipulation of Kinetic Energy

Quicksilver – Super Speed

Pyro – Pyrokenisis

#1: Telepathy - Professor X, Jean Grey and Emma Frost

Let's face it, don't we all wish we could read the minds of others? Reading other’s thoughts is only the tip the iceberg when it comes to telepathy. Depending on the strength of the telepath, this power allows one to communicate over great distances, pinpoint the location of specific people through this consciousness and even control the actions of others. While the skill is fairy common, shared by Jean Grey and Emma Frost, no one has yet been able to exemplify the power as well as Professor X.

Do you agree with our list? What mutant ability do you think is the most badass? For more awesome Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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