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Top 10 Video Game Graveyards

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by C. Nuan Although most people avoid them in real life, when you come across a grave yard in a video game you know there’s something good in there. Join as we countdown our picks for the top 10 video game graveyards. Special Thanks to our users "MikeyP" for suggest this topic on our website WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by C. Nuan

Top 10 Video Game Graveyards

Although most people avoid them in real life, when you come across a grave yard in a video game you know there’s something good in there.

Welcome to, and we're counting down our picks for the top 10 video game graveyards.

#10: Spooky Cemetery
“Conker's Bad Fur Day” (2001)

On his way home from the bar, Conker is sidetracked by a series of misadventures and shady money-making schemes. Late in the game, when Spooky Cemetery’s resident reaper offers our squirrely friend a shotgun and points us towards the graveyard, Conker happily takes up the challenge. Here, our hero mows down hordes of cuddly, flesh-hungry, zombie vermin among epitaphs that would make any twelve-year-old proud. This is one point in the game where the dark humour actually matches the grim scenery.

#9: Golgotha Cemetery
“May Payne 3” (2012)

Jobless and wanted by the local mobsters, Max has little to live for in New Jersey. Nothing's sacred in the world of Payne, and the destructible nature of the graveyard here reiterates that point. Nothing’s ever quiet for long in this world, as Max’s heartfelt visit to his wife’s grave soon devolves into fittingly brutal shootout. Headstones become cover, stairways ambush points, and a villain lurks behind every angel. Golgotha is a gritty reminder that Max is a man never far from death.

#8: Memorial Gardens
“BioShock Infinite” (2013)

Columbia is one balloon that’s got to pop, but doing so is harder than it looks. When Booker and Elizabeth broach the cemetery, seeking the helping hand of the deceased Lady Comstock, they find more than they bargained for, as the good Lady’s ghost is less than cooperative. As our heros soon discover, the lady Comstock drives the armies of Columbia to fight in the afterlife as well. In a unique dose of introspective commentary, the sequence concludes with the Lutece siblings digging their own graves.

#7: Burial Grounds
“Diablo II” (2000)

Thing did not go well for the protagonists of the first Diablo. Case in point, here, players reunite with an incarnation of the Rogue, who has now taken on the name Blood Raven and fights for the evil she once stood against. Using the graveyard as her personal supply of soliders, Blood Raven scampers around raising zombies and skeletons faster than you can put em’ down. But, defeating her results in a spectacular light show accompanied by the destruction of any remaining undead. The quest is an nice tie-in to the first game, and serves as a great first of many epic boss fights.

#6: Kakariko Graveyard
“The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” (1998)

Although graveyards are a staple of the series, with the one in Twighlight Princess coming to mind, the repeat trips to this particular site make it that much more memorable. As a child, this is where Link meets Dampe, the gravekeeper. When you come back as an adult, you can find Dampe again, this time in ghost form, hidden under one of the graves. Completing the trial he subjects you to wins you the world famous hookshot. On top of that sweet acquisition, if you explore the Royal Family Tomb you might get that ever so useful sun song.

#5: Stage 1
“Ghosts 'n Goblins” (1985)

In one of the sauciest graveyard scenarios, our hero is a half-naked knight lounging about with a princess in a cemetery after dark. '80s slasher movie rules has Satan ruin the date, but the boyfriend's left alive to pursue his lady love in true platformer fashion. Headstones make for an interactive background, and notable enemies include a flock of morbid buzzards anticipating the inevitable. This one remains a fan favorite and continues to top lists due to its unique life mechanic and hair pulling difficulty.

#4: Mad Monster Mansion
“Banjo-Kazooie” (1998)

Deep in the depths of Gruntilda’s Lair lies the Halloween inspired nightmare of this creepy abode. Here, the Witch Gruntilda's private plots are manned by living headstones that have a severe vendetta against our bird-toting bear. Aside from the malicious grave-markers, the level is better known for an infamous bit of dialogue spoken by the nearby flower urns. Developers, and even the voice actor responsible, are keen to emphasize the pots are saying "thank you" and not providing a naughtier response, possibly more in line with Grunty's goons.

#3: Seth Missions
“Red Dead Redemption” (2010)

A gritty game like Red Dead Redemption is sure to feature a gritty cemetery, and it sure does deliver. A very gritty haze indeed coats the church, weathers the tombstones, and provides a layer of sun protection for the habitual cemetery denizen. Although maybe not enough protection, seeing as grave robber Seth Briars brings a whole new level of crazy to the “prospector” trope, what with the grave robbing and all. Further demonstrating the game's novel use of atmosphere, the “Undead Nightmare” DLC is fueled by Seth's antics and inundates the map in token graveyard desolation.

#2: Saint Roches Cemetery
“Left 4 Dead 2” (2009)

“The Parish” campaign finds Survivors dodging Infected and chasing after the final evacuation point in the land of the not-so-buried. Based on the actual cemetery of St. Roch in New Orleans, the graveyard features a soundtrack of chirping frogs and crickets alongside the groans of the undead. Densely clustered crypts and mausoleums lining narrow pathways create an “Quake” like feel, yet the smoldering city in the distance, scrawled messages on the walls, and raving hoards of zombies still leave you planted firmly in the apocalypse.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Halloween Town Graveyard
“Kingdom Hearts 2” (2002)

Arlington National Cemetery
“Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots” (2008)

Raccoon Park Cemetery
“Resident Evil 3: Nemesis” (1999)

Cemetery Mystery
“Pocky and Rocky” (1992)

#1: The Graveyard
“Altered Beast” (1988)

Proclaiming the immortal catchphrase, “Rise from the grave,” Zeus sets his hero on a mission to rescue the kidnapped Athena. As the recently resurrected centurion, players undergo shirt-bursting, Hulk-like transformations. There, they’ll face down slouching hordes, tombstones that burst from the earth, and a boss of somewhat epic copy-paste proportions. Between the flashing graphics and very Harryhausen backdrop, the game's cemetary is a beloved relic of '80s gaming nostalgia.

Did you agree with our list? Which graveyards get your skin crawling or leave you laughing? For more blockbuster top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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