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Top 10 Super Villain Team-Ups

VO: Dan Paradis
If there's one thing more entertaining and deadly than a super-villain hell-bent on mayhem and revenge, it's several. Whether a comic is from Marvel or DC, or any other, team-ups between the big baddies is inevitable and a major thrill as it ups the stakes. Join and today we’re counting down our picks of the top 10 super villain team-ups. For this list we’re looking at duos or teams of super-villains. The length of their association will be factored in as well as their impact on one another.

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*Script written by Matthew Thomas

Top 10 Super Villain Team-Ups

Working together isn’t just a trick the good guys use. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks of the top 10 super villain team-ups.
For this list we’re looking at duos or teams of super-villains. The length of their association will be factored in as well as their impact on one another.

#10: The Kingpin & Bullseye

An untraditional boss and employee relationship to say the least, this crime boss and professional assassin have a relationship of mutual respect, but lack any affection for one another. Most famous for their roles in the death of their common foe, Elektra, the two super villains brought their unique dynamic to the big screen. The two most notable enemies of the man without fear, these two devious criminals embody street-level super-villainy, perfected.

#9: The Juggernaut & Black Tom Cassidy

Having a few relatives in common can go a long way. Juggernaut, the step-brother of Charles and Black Tom, the cousin of long standing X-man Banshee found kindred spirits in one another. Scheming together in comics for decades, up until Juggernaut finally switched sides, these two will forever be linked in the nightmares of the X-men and the minds of comic-book fans everywhere.

#8: The Masters of Evil

During the 1960s, when the decision was made to bring together the Marvel Universe’s mightiest heroes to form the Avengers, it was going to take one hell of a group to serve as their mightiest foes. Thus the Masters of Evil were brought together in the sixth issue of the ground breaking series. Comprised of the many of the Avenger’s most fearsome enemies, the masters of evil’s extensive roster is a who’s who of B-team super villains from the Marvel universe.

#7: Venom & Carnage

A father and son in a manner of speaking, the Carnage symbiote is the offspring of Venom and the two’s relationship has been volatile from the beginning. More likely to come to blows than work together, these two have found themselves uneasy allies from time to time. Forever synonymous with one another, Venom and Carnage make one nasty and effective duo when the time and circumstances are right.

#6: The Injustice League

Brought together to oppose the Justice League, this team is the perfect perversion of the values their foes fight to uphold. Quickly expanding to include multiple iterations and a roster big and powerful enough to be called an army, these guys and girls are not to be trifled with. A fearsome group of murderers and evildoers, there is little doubt that if it weren’t for the combined powers of the Justice League, the citizens of the DC Universe would be quivering under their thumbs today.

#5: The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Debuting in 1964 and remaining a thorn in the side of man-and-mutantkind almost ever since, The Brotherhood sometimes includes “Evil” in their title, and with good reason. Seeing humanity as a lower life form that they need to dominate, Magneto brought together other mutants and even his own children to form a team that would attempt to bring that vision to fruition. Though the master of magnetism’s involvement with the group is known to wane, other mutants like Mystique or Toad inevitably take his place and the legacy of destruction carries on.

#4: The Joker and Harley Quinn

Even psychopathic clowns get lonely every now and again. Created for Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn became a protégé of The Joker but soon became so good at being bad, she may just teach her madman partner a thing or two. A palpable threat to anyone that is unlucky enough to find themselves in their crosshairs, these two maniacs are capable of any sadistic act and will more than likely laugh whilst doing it.

#3: Suicide Squad

Unlike the other characters chosen for this list, these super-villains technically work for good when they team up. The fact that their good deeds are coerced out of them with promises of shortened prison sentences does nothing to dampen the effectiveness of these vagabonds when their efforts are combine. Whether their acts are actually for the greater good or not ultimately comes down to who’s pulling the strings at the time, but they are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with no matter what.

#2: Apocalypse & Mister Sinister

It’s a true marvel how these two X-Men villains have been working together since the 19th century so effectively, all the while looking to stab each other in the back at any moment. When their association was initially formed, Apocalypse turned a scientist named Nathaniel Essex into the fearsome Mister Sinister so the two could mold the future of humanity’s evolution. Since then, both have seen each other as necessary means to an end who they must eventually cast aside, but their work together has forever altered humanity in horrific ways.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Lex Luthor & The Joker

Thanos and Darkseid

The Crime Syndicate of America

The Frightful Four

The Rogues

#1: Sinister Six

Most Marvel Comics fans would agree that the heart and soul of the universe and the character that serves as the average Joe’s view in a world of magnificent characters is none other than Spider-Man. So when you get a group of powerful and hated villains working together as a team to do whatever they must to destroy this teen aged hero it certainly ruffles a lot of feathers. They may not get along but their hatred for the web slinger brings them together over and over again.

Do you agree with our list? What your favorite super villain team-up? For more dastardly Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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