Another Top 10 Movie MILFs



Another Top 10 Movie MILFs

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They might be moms we'd like to flash... They're possibly moms we'd like to follow... They're definitely mom's we'd like to, well, you know. Join as we count down our picks for another top 10 movie MILFs! For this list, we're classifying a 'MILF' as an adult woman with kids. If you didn't see a mom you thought should be on the list, be sure to check out our first list of the Top 10 Movie Milfs.

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Another Top 10 Movie MILFs

They might be moms we’d like to flash... They’re possibly moms we’d like to follow... They’re definitely mom’s we’d like to, well, you know. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for another top 10 movie MILFs!

For this list, we’re classifying a ‘MILF’ as an adult woman with kids. We are not counting ‘young adults’ with kids, and are instead looking at the more mature lady. For this reason, Natalie Portman’s performance in “Where The Heart Is” has not been included. If you didn’t see a mom you thought should be on the list, be sure to check out our first list of the Top 10 Movie Milfs.

#10: Jade
“The Hangover” (2009)

You know you’ve had a good night when you wake up with a tiger in your bathroom.... You know you’ve had an excellent night when you wake up romantically linked with Heather Graham! Despite his long-term partner, the mean-spirited Melissa, Stu has laid waste to Las Vegas, and has become entangled with an attractive ‘adult entertainer’. This “Hangover” is especially hard to take, but this MILF is one of its high points!

#9: Edie Stall
“A History of Violence (2005)

It’s the tale of the past coming back to haunt one man – but we’re too wowed by his wife to notice! Played by Maria Bello, this beauty is mother to Jack and Sarah and wife to Tom, a man who gains for killing two burglars in self-defense. Though Mrs. Stall is hardly sexualized, Bello’s a glimmer of positive energy in a movie that’s a full-on downer. Edie’s also a mom who can still wear her high school cheerleading uniform with pride. Give us an M, give us an I, give us an L, give us an F – what does that spell? Well, you get it.

#8: Lorraine Baines-McFly-Tannen
“Back to the Future Part II” (1989)

We may know she has problems with nostalgia and alcoholism when she’s all grown up, but the DeLorean does wonders for Lorraine McFly’s MILF status! In the nightmarish alternate version of 1985, Marty’s mom is shown to be transformed into a bombshell – plastic as she may be – much to her son’s awkward displeasure! As it does with most things, “Back to the Future” bends the rules a little to land Lorraine onto our list. The perm and boob job look will always turn heads, and there’s no doubt left that filthy rich Biff appreciates MILFs like the rest of us.

#7: Molly Fawcett
“Cyrus” (2010)

Molly certainly is a mom we’d like to fool around with, but rarely has the first letter of the acronym in question proven this problematic! Marisa Tomei plays the delectable Molly, while Jonah Hill plays her demon-son Cyrus. The two share a closer than average mother/child relationship... Which is really messing things up for the man in her life! Tomei tempts and teases throughout much of this movie, while Hill schemes and succeeds in slowing things down. It’s funny, but so, so frustrating!

#6: Trish Piedmont
“The 40-Year-Old Virgin” (2005)

If you are this movie’s title character, then it’s probably the case that most moms stir a sexualised something within you! But Trish is an especially tantalising prospect! The apple of Andy’s inexperienced eye, she’s someone with whom Steve Carell would like to copulate... But she’s more than a virginal fantasy! Played by Catherine Keener, Trish is an everyday woman with a little something extra. It’s hard to explain exactly what’s extra... But that’s the secret to many a MILF!

#5: Debbie
“This Is 40” (2012)

After catching our attention as a supporting character in 2007’s “Knocked Up,” Leslie Mann made everyone happy when she reappeared in the film’s standalone sequel, “This is 40”. As the title would suggest, her character has reached a slightly riper, slightly older age than last time out... But that only increases the appeal! She’s a little frustrated, she’s a little bewildered... But she’s a lot beautiful! Paul Rudd’s Pete should be pleased as punch, because his wife wows!

#4: Erin Brockovich
“Erin Brockovich” (2000)

Next, a lady as inspirational as she is insatiable! Julia Roberts plays Erin Brockovich, filling a great woman’s shoes with sincerity, style and sex appeal! A single mother of three children, Brockovich has a full-time job on her hands to begin with! However, somewhere in her schedule she finds time to take on one of America’s leading energy companies! And with all that on her plate, she still looks perfect! A mom we’d like to firmly shake by the hand... and maybe more!

#3: Emily Weaver
“Crazy, Stupid, Love” (2011)

If any adjectives summed up the feelings found in this movie, then they are ‘crazy’ and ‘stupid’. The film is a rollercoaster of romantic ties, which prove consistently difficult to predict. One thing remains unchanged, however - Emily Weaver’s attractiveness! Played by Julianne Moore, Weaver is the woman around which much of the madness occurs! Another Steve Carell love interest, that guy has a good eye when it comes to script selection!

#2: Erin Grant
“Striptease” (1996)

The second stripper mom to make our countdown, Erin Grant swaps her usual podium for ours, as she scoops a scantily-clad silver medal! Played perfectly by Demi Moore, Grant works at the ‘Eager Beaver’ to raise money as she looks to regain custody of her daughter. What her punters don’t know, however, is that their dancer is ex-FBI! A woman in uniform who regularly takes her uniform off, Moore’s MILF credentials are very nearly second to none!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Sharon Charles
“Obsessed” (2009)
- Nancy Huff-Doback
“Step Brothers” (2008)
- Grace Searing
“Hall Pass” (2011)
- Ellen Griswold
“National Lampoon’s European Vacation” (1985)
- Suzie Barnes-Eilhauer
“The Five-Year Engagement” (2012)

#1: Queen Olympias
“Alexander” (2004)

Ogling the older woman just doesn’t get any better than this! Angelina Jolie appropriately takes our crown as Queen Olympias in “Alexander”! The mother to the movie’s title character, as she assumes this particular role, Jolie is truly an epic MILF! We’re not sure what the phrase for her would’ve been circa 300 BC, but in the modern world, she’s the very definition of this list’s common denominator! A mom we’d all like to have fun times with, Queen Olympias reigns supreme - in the sexiest way possible!

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